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How to Repair Corrupt Videos after Importing from Canva?

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    Summary: Are you unable to play project videos downloaded from Canva? It can happen if the videos get corrupted due to some reasons. Follow this article to know how to repair your Canva video not working after import.

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    Canva is an excellent graphic design tool, free for everyone. For any design element you want to create, be it invitations, flyers, social media posts, meeting boards, or office presentations, Canva provides professionally designed templates for them. In addition, Canva is replete with easy-to-use features for anyone. You don’t have to be a Photoshop or video editing geek to do graphic designing with this tool. 

    After reading the brief, you might think Canva is the ultimate graphic design tool that can never go wrong. But sadly, that’s not true. Like every other software or online application, Canva, too, can experience glitches from time to time. For example, there are instances where users try to download their Canva projects or export videos after completion, only to find that those videos have become non-playable. Then they encounter a black screen or a situation like their Canva video has no sound after import. Users also report that re-downloading the video doesn’t help in such cases. 

    So why do Canva videos get corrupted? More importantly, how can you repair corrupt videos after importing them from Canva? Let’s find out in this article.

    Reasons behind Canva video not working after import

    Faulty Drive

    A common factor behind video corruption is bad sectors on the storage drive. If you store a video on a storage drive with bad sectors, its file header may get damaged.

    Interrupted download process

    When downloading videos from the internet, if the process is interrupted by an unstable internet connection or by any extension of your browser, it can corrupt the video.

    Viruses or malware 

    Virus or malware infections may interfere with your system’s reading or writing process and damage any new video file you store on it.

    Browser not supporting Canva download

    There could also be a problem with your browser as it may not load the Canva website properly, resulting in an improper download of the video file.

    How to repair corrupt videos after importing from Canva

    Trying the following methods that can help you overcome the Canva video not working after the import problem.

    1. Use a different browser

    As the problem could be with your web browser, you should try and use a different browser for accessing the Canva website and then attempt to download your video from it. Other than Google Chrome, you can try Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge on Windows devices. For Mac users, there is already a great option in the form of the Safari browser, but they can also use Firefox or Brave. 

    You can also try to download your Canva video via mobile devices. However, if your mobile phone’s built-in browser is not good enough for downloading, you can use Chrome, Opera, or UC browser, as these are considered best for any smartphone. 

    If you don’t want to use another device or browser for security reasons or because your video file is huge, the following method can help you more adequately.

    2. Use the VLC media player

    If your system’s media player cannot play your corrupted Canva video, then using the VLC media player is the best thing to do. VLC is a media player that supports nearly every video format by automatically downloading the required codecs for a video file. Additionally, VLC can also fix damaged or corrupted files to some extent. It has a built-in index repair feature, enabling it to play videos instantly while repairing its corrupted parts at the backend. 

    But there is one catch here. This VLC feature works only to fix files in AVI format. Given that, Canva, by default, exports videos in MP4 format only, you will first have to change your video format to AVI for this method to work. 

    Follow these steps:

    • Right-click on the corrupted Canva video file you imported.
    Repair Corrupt Videos using VLC Media Player
    • From the list opened, click on the Rename option.
    • Now change the MP4 format to AVI format and hit Enter.
    Repair Corrupt Videos using VLC Media Player - Rename
    • After this, go to the VLC media player, and click on the Tools option at the top bar.
    • From the list opened, click Preferences and then switch to the Input/Codecs window.
    Repair corrupt video using VLC Media Player- Input/Codecs
    • In this window, expand the Damaged or Incomplete AVI File option.
    • Select the Always Fix option from the list, and click Save.
    Repair Corrupt Videos using VLC Media Player - Always Fix

    At last, try to play your Canva video that you converted earlier to AVI format.

    If you’re still unable to play the video, you can try transcoding your video file with VLC. Transcoding will repair corrupt videos after importing from Canva and make them playable on VLC and other media players. 

    Follow the below-mentioned steps for this:

    • First, go to the VLC player and click on the Menu option in the top-left corner.
    • From the list opened, click on the Convert/Save option.
    VLC player
    • In the window that opens, select the File tab and then click on the Add option to choose the file you want to transcode. 
    • After selecting the corrupted Canva file, click on the Convert/Save button.
    • In the next window, set the file name and location and choose the desired codecs from the Profile list.
    VLC Media Player- Repair Corrupt Videos
    • At last, tap on Start, and you’ll have a new video file without any damaged sections.

    After successfully transcoding your Canva video file, try to play it on different media players to check if it is working now.

    3. Use video repair software

    If the above two methods don’t work, you can opt for a reliable video repair application. A good video repair tool can quickly fix the corruption in your imported Canva video file. Stellar Repair for Video stands out among the best tools available on the internet.

    This video repair tool can fix corruption issues in more than 17 video formats and works smoothly on both Windows and Mac devices. The software can select any video problem, including no sound, flickering, sudden pause, or a black screen, in no time.

    Follow these steps to repair your Canva video with Stellar Repair for Video:

    • Download and launch Stellar Repair for Video software on your PC.
    • Next, click on the Add File icon in the center of the screen to attach the corrupted video file.
    Stellar Repair for Video- Add Files
    • After selecting the Canva file, click Repair to begin the process.
    • Wait until the Repair is done; you can check the progress by the green indicator.
    • After completing the process, you can preview the video to check if it is working fine.
    Stellar Repair for Video- Save Repaired Files
    • At last, click on the Save Repaired File button to save the video in the desired location.

    Now you can play your Canva video on any media player seamlessly. 


    There is no doubt that Canva is a very efficient tool for graphic designing. But sometimes, it can experience issues that result in corrupted files when you import your project video. In such cases, you can try the above methods to fix the error at your end. If nothing else works, you can also use Stellar Repair for Video to repair the Canva video not working after import.


    Q. Why is the Canva video not playing on my device after import?

    A. There could be different reasons for this, such as a faulty drive, a faulty browser extension, or something else. However, the reasons are explained above in this article.

    Q. What is the format of videos imported from Canva?

    A. Canva allows its users to download video projects in MP4 format.

    Q. How can we fix the corruption of Canva videos quickly?

    A. All the easy methods to fix the corruption issue of Canva videos are given above in this article. You can try them according to the level of your problem.

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