How to Repair Missing and Bad Frames in Video?

Summary: Are your videos jerky, broken, out-of-sync, or flickering? You are probably dealing with missing or bad frames problem in your videos. This article will guide you to deal with missing and bad frames in a video using both a manual approach and a professional approach, such as Stellar Repair for Video.

Are your videos jerky, broken, out-of-sync, or flickering? You are probably dealing with a missing or bad frames problem in your videos.

Missing frames and bad frames result in similar kind of video playing issues. However, there is a different approach to fix both types of video frames problem.

Here we guide you to the best solution to fix the missing or bad frames in your videos.

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Simple hacks to play videos that have missing/bad frames

In either of the case, bad or missing frames in videos, you should first try the following simple workarounds before moving to the troubleshooting methods:

  • Play in another player: A video that’s not playing properly in one player may play fine in another. For instance, if your video is not playing in VLC Player or Quicktime, try to play it in KMPlayer or DivX Player etc.
  • Download/copy your video again: Sometimes improper download or transfer of videos from one device to another may lead to audio lags, glitches or flickering issues. Try downloading your videos again.

How to Repair Bad Frames in Videos

When you play videos having bad frames, they will appear choppy, jerky, or broken. The frames in your videos can get corrupt due to a virus attack in the storage drive or an abrupt system shutdown.

Methods to repair bad frames in videos

  1. Repair bad frames in FFmpeg
  2. Use advanced video repair software

1. Manual method to repair bad frames in FFmpeg

FFmpeg can repair video files with corrupt frames. The free software project has a vast suite of libraries and programs, using which you can repair and edit your videos.

FFmpeg uses different command lines to fix the video issues. Thus, it may not be easy for beginners.

However, if you have the knowledge of the software, you can try out the below command line:

ffmpeg -i “video.ts” -force_key_frames “expr:gte(t,n_forced*3)” out.ts

It has worked for many users to fix the frame corruption problem in their videos.

2. Effective Video Repair Software to fix bad frames

A simpler and quick way to fix bad frames in your videos is to use a specialized video repair software such as Stellar Repair for Video.

The software does not bother you with the repairing process. Unlike FFmpeg, its advanced algorithms easily repair bad frames, making the jerky, broken, and out-of-sync videos well playable again.

The free demo version of the software is good enough for evaluating whether a video corruption issue can be resolved.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

Stellar Repair for Video supports common video formats such as AVI, ASF, WMV, MKV, FLV, DIVX, WEBM, MJPEG, MPEG, AVCHD, MTS, MOV, MP4, 3G2, 3GP, M4V and F4V.

Steps to repair damaged videos due to missing frames using Stellar Repair for Video

Step 1: Download and run the software on your computer.

Step 2: On the main screen of the software click on Add File.

Step 3: List of the added corrupt videos appears. Select the specific videos you want to repair or you can Select All. Click Repair. The repairing process begins. You can see that in the progress bars.

Step 4:  A dialog box appears on completion of the video repair process. Click OK to complete the repair process.

Step 5: Click Save Repaired Files. You can also Preview the repaired videos before saving them.

Once saved, a dialog box appears with Repaired files saved successfully message. Click OK to close the message box.

How to fix missing frame rates in videos

Any video with missing frames would mostly have audio glitches and lagging issues. Missing or dropped frames usually occur when you apply incorrect settings while shooting or editing the video. Often after exporting or rendering from a video editing software, you may witness missing frames, which lead to audio lag, screen split, and glitches.

Method to fix missing frames: Morphing

Morphing helps in seamless transition of one image to another in a video. The missing frames in videos can be overcome by using motion estimation technique of morphing software like Morph Man 2016 and Morph Age.

Plugins like RE-flex Morph are also available which you can use in Adobe After Effect or Premier Pro CC to resolve missing frames issues.


Missing, dropped, or corrupt frames are common complaints in videos. Missing frames are a bit tricky to fix through morphing process. However, you can easily repair the bad frames in your videos using the DIY Stellar Repair for Video software. The software is an efficient video repair utility that’s used by millions of people to fix corrupt or bad frames in their videos.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

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