How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Fujifilm Camera

Summary: Did you format your Fujifilm SDHC card and now you are in need of those pictures? Here's how you can use Stellar Photo Recovery software to retrieve your camera specific deleted photos.

How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Fujifilm Camera How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Fujifilm Camera

Susan was shattered after losing her precious photos taken from Fujifilm GFX 50S camera. They were stored in SDHC card, which was accidentally formatted by her.  The photos were memories of her first holiday with her husband at the Hudson Valley in New York after their wedding and want’s to retrieve deleted pictures from Fujifilm camera..

Some losses are irreparable. But thankfully not this one. Recovery of lost or deleted high-resolution photos is possible from formatted or corrupt SD cards or other storage devices. Here we bring the best approach you should take in situations of such important photos loss from any model of Fujifilm camera.

Have you Restored from Backup of Fujifilm Camera?

The first thing to do is to check your backup. Do you have a backup of Fujifilm camera photos on your PC, cloud or other storage media? Simply restore deleted or missing Fujifilm camera files from the backup folder.

Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Fujifilm Camera Recovery Software

A Fujifilm Photo Recovery Software that supports recovery from Fujifilm camera is the only solution to retrieve deleted pictures. You might have lost photos due to deletion, formatting of the media, corruption, or during file transfer etc. Good recovery software can restore photos in any situations.

To assess the software capabilities you can download the free version here.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac


Now Pick the Right Photo Recovery Software 

There are several recovery tools available online. Ensure you pick a photo recovery tool that meets the parameters for safe, easy, and optimum recovery. You may not want to regret later the whole recovery process. Your Fujifilm photo recovery software should:

  • Support Fujifilm camera photo file formats (RAF, JPEG)
  • Support recovery from your storage media – SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, UHS-I / UHS-II cards, hard drive, pen drive etc.
  • Retrieve deleted pictures without hampering the original quality
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Completely secure, free from malware or virus

One such software trusted by millions of users around the globe is Stellar Photo Recovery. The advanced algorithm of the software seamlessly recovers lost photos of high resolution from all models of Fujifilm cameras. The easy to use software works best in all situations of photos lost after formatting, accidental deletion, or corruption etc., from the high capacity SD cards, SDXC, SDHC, hard drive or other storage media.

Key takeaways from Stellar Photo Recovery are:

  • Supports RAW file recovery of Fujifilm cameras
  • Restores photos with original date, time, & name
  • Recover thousands of files in few minutes
  • Retrieve deleted pictures without depreciating the original quality
  • Recovers thumbnails of severely corrupt photos
  • Simple and self-explanatory interface
  • Available for both Mac and Windows users

You can try these Manual Methods to restore lost or deleted Fujifilm camera photos

You can try to restore photos from Fujifilm camera using some computer hacks in certain situations. But they do not guarantee recovery of photos from Fujifilm.

Here are the manual ways to restore lost photos from Fujifilm camera:

  • Perform command prompt
  • Assign a new drive letter
  • Reinstall the driver

Perform Command Prompt

  • Connect your camera SD Card via card reader to your PC
  • Press Win + Rand type cmd, press Command Prompt window opens
  • Type: chkdsk E: / fand hit Enter (Replace E with the drive letter of the SD card from which you lost photos)
  • Type:Y and hit Enter
  • Type:E and hit Enter again
  • Type: E:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*and hit Enter
  • A new folder consisting all recovered photos is created in your SD card. Copy them and save at a new location.

Assign a new drive letter

Use this method if you do not see the drive letter of your Fujifilm SD card in your PC.

  • Open Disk Management
  • Look for the SD card and right click on it
  • Select Change Drive Letter and Paths and apply the changes
  • Restart PC and connect your camera SD card again to access

Reinstall the driver

If your PC does not detect Fujifilm SD card, try once uninstalling and then reinstalling the PC drivers.

  • Go to My Computer and right-click on it
  • Follow Manage > Device Manager > Disk Drives from the list
  • Right-click on the name of your removable drive. Click Click OK

Next, restart your computer and connect your Fujifilm camera card to the computer to access the stored photos.


Stellar Photo Recovery is an efficient utility to recover camera specific photos from any storage media. So next time when you happen to lose any photos from Fujifilm camera, do not worry, you can rely on Stellar Photo Recovery to easily restore missing or deleted pictures from your Fujifilm camera.

You can download the free version here –

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

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