How to Save .OLM File as PDF

Summary: PDF is the preferred file format when it comes to sharing information. Now you can convert your emails from Outlook for Mac .OLM file and save them as PDF files. You can then password-protect these PDF files to protect your sensitive information and share them with anyone you need. In this guide, we discussed two different methods to save emails from Outlook for Mac or .OLM file as PDF.

How to Save .OLM File as PDF

OLM is Outlook for Mac data file, which is used to back up the Outlook emails and other mailbox items on a Mac computer. Users can export OLM files in Outlook for Mac 2011, 2016, or 2019, and then transfer them to another Mac to access the emails from the OLM file. This allows users to migrate their emails from one Outlook profile to another with complete integrity.

Users may also convert the OLM file to PDF format using an OLM to PST converter software. PDF format is preferable when you need to share a few emails with someone.

It’s a portable file format that can be easily transferred and accessed through any device, such as laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. You can also password-protect a PDF file to safeguard your confidential emails from unauthorized access during and after a file transfer. Besides, PDF format retails all hyperlinks, text, images, and formatting.

Methods to Convert and Save .OML file as PDF

Below are a few workarounds and solutions to save emails from .OLM file as PDF format. You may follow any based on your needs. We recommend using an OLM to PST converter software, such as Stellar Converter for OLM. Read on to know more.

Method 1: Use Outlook for Mac Options

Instead of exporting all emails and other mailbox items to .OLM file format in Outlook for Mac, you can save individual emails as PDF files by using Outlook for Mac options. You may also open an .olm file in Outlook for Mac and save emails in PDF format. The steps are as follows,

  • Open Outlook for Mac and import the .OLM file via File > Import… option.
Export OLM File
  • Now open the imported OLM email folders and right-click on any email you want to save as a PDF file.
Choose Print Option
  • Select ‘Save as PDF’ from the drop-down.
Select Save as PDF From the Options
  • Enter the PDF file name in the ‘Save as’ box, provide a ‘Title’ name for the email, and then click ‘Save.
Save Email as PDF File
  • This will save the selected email from the .olm File to PDF format.
  • Similarly, you can select multiple emails while holding the Shift or Command key. Then right-click and choose ‘Print….
Save Multiple Emails From OLM to PDF
  • Enter the PDF file name and click ‘Save.
Saved Email Files


  • Requires Outlook for Mac. It does not work on Windows or when you don’t have access to Mac or Outlook for Mac.
  • Need to select and save individual emails one at a time to PDF format
  • Saves multiple emails in a single PDF file
  • You cannot save multiple emails to PDF from different folders at once

Method 2: Use OLM File Converter Software

An OLM file converter software, such as Stellar Converter for OLM, allows you to convert and save .OLM file to PDF without Outlook for Mac. The software works on Windows PC and can help you extract and save all or individual emails from an .OLM file to multiple formats, such as PST, PDF, HTML, EML, MSG, and RTF.

Besides, the software can also export the emails from .OLM file directly to Office 365 account. The steps to convert .OLM to PDF are as follows,

  •  Install and run Stellar Converter for OLM on your Windows PC.
Select OLM File
  • Click ‘Browse’ to choose the .OLM file and click ‘Convert.’ The software starts the scan and conversion process.
Converting OLM to PDF
  • After the scan, the software displays an enhanced preview of all emails in a three-pane preview window. You can click on any email to see its content and right-click to save the email as a PDF file.
  • To save multiple emails from multiple email folders in a PDF file, select the desired emails and click ‘Save Converted Mailbox.
  • From the ‘Save as’ dialog box, choose ‘PDF’ and click ‘Next.
Choose PDF and Click Next
  • In the Select Destination dialog box, click Browse to select a save location and click Save.

The software overcomes the limitations of the earlier method and converts the .OLM file to PDF with 100% integrity and precision.


  • Requires activation to convert and save .OLM file as PDF

WARNING: Although you can find a few web apps to convert OLM to PDF online, you should avoid them due to security and privacy concerns. The OLM file stores your emails, which may contain sensitive information. Uploading the OLM file gives the site administrator or a potential hacker access to your OLM file. They can access your information and use it for identity theft or hack attacks. Thus, it’s suggested that you use an offline OLM file converter tool, such as Stellar Converter for OLM, instead of an online OLM to PDF converter.

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Saving .OLM file to PDF is quite easy when you have access to Outlook for Mac. You can import the OLM file in Outlook for Mac and then follow our guide to save single or multiple emails from the imported OLM file as PDF. Later, you may password-protect the PDF files and share them with anyone through any online or offline medium.

However, if you don’t have access to a Mac or Outlook for Mac application, you can use an OLM to PDF converter software, such as Stellar Converter for OLM to convert .OLM to PDF. The software is easy to use, works on Windows systems and does not require Outlook for Mac or Mac systems to convert OLM to PST. Also, avoid online OLM to PST converter web apps or tools due to privacy concerns.

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