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How to Recover Deleted Dish DVR Recordings

Prachi Sahu  | Updated on March 17, 2021 | Photo Recovery   | 16 Comments   | 5 min read

Summary: Did you accidently deleted your dish DVR recordings? Learn how you can retrieve those missing recordings with the help of Stellar Photo recovery software even after the recordings are deleted from trash.

How to Recover Deleted Dish DVR Recordings How to Recover Deleted Dish DVR Recordings

‘I love watching Lethal Weapon’ series. Thus, scheduled its video recordings on my Hopper so as not to miss any episode. But recently I found the older episodes have started to disappear from my DVR recorder. Really frustrated! How can I get them back?’
‘I deleted FIFA World Cup quarter-final match video from my Dish DVR. But now I want to retrieve it. Is there a way I can do it?’

It is frustrating to lose the recording of the shows that you enjoy watching. Whether your dish has Hopper with sling, Hopper Duo, TiVo Bolt, or else any ViP DVR model, loss of stored programs is a common problem faced many dish DVR users.

This post guides you how to recover deleted dish DVR recordings and the best ways to protect your favorite programs from loss or automatic deletion. To know the recovery process, it is important to understand how dish DVR recorders work.

How Does Dish DVR Work?

Dish DVRs provide your favorite and preferable video content in stunning 4K, ultra high-definition video resolution. Netflix movies, PrimeTime shows, events, or sports, Dish DVRs not only customize your TV preferences but also let you record the favorite shows to watch later.
Normally all dish DVRs have a built-in storage memory between 2-3TB. In case you run out of space you can add an external hard drive of 50GB to maximum 2TB.

Why Your Dish DVR Recordings Get Lost?

• Manual deletion by you
• Automatic deletion in Dish DVR after keeping for two days
• Automatic deletion of PrimeTime Anytime videos after eight days
• Corruption or formatting of external hard drive

How to Recover Deleted Dish DVR Recordings?

Your recordings are saved either in dish DVR in-built memory or else on an external hard drive. We will share how you can recover dish videos in both the situations.

Situation 1: Video recordings lost from dish DVR

Once deleted, the dish DVR videos are gone forever. However, if luck is on your side and you realise the video loss before 48 hours of its deletion, you can restore them from the ‘Trash’ folder in ‘My Recordings’ or ‘Deleted Recordings’ folder.

How to recover from Trash

Deleted dish DVR videos remain for 48 hours in Trash. After that, they are automatically removed.
To restore the videos from Trash, press the DVR button on remote. Select Trash > select the recordings > Recall.

Situation 2: Dish DVR recordings missing from an external hard drive

From DVR you transferred the FIFA world cup matches, movies, or Fox programs, in an external hard drive. But somehow, now unable to access the drive or the video recordings are missing in the drive. This could be due to a corruption or virus infection in the external hard drive.
However, do not get anxious. If you have lost the videos from the external HD, you can recover the same with a secure video recovery tool.
Recover dish DVR videos with Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery software is a safe tool that supports dish DVR multimedia files recovery. Once recovered you can play the videos on TV via dish DVR.

Note: You cannot play dish DVR recordings on a computer. They are supported to play only on TV.
The software is available for both Mac and Windows systems. It works in all kinds of situations including accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, or virus infection in the hard drive.

Want to evaluate before buying? Download the demo version here.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Steps to Recover Deleted Dish DVR Recordings:

Connect the PC and your external hard drive from which the dish DVR videos are missing. Download and run the software on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions or you can watch this video :

  1. Launch Stellar Photo Recovery Software.
  2. Select the location from where you want to recover. Click Scan to start the scanning processStellar Photo Recovery - Select the  Recoverable Disk
  3. A dialog box of ‘Scanning Completed Successfully!’ displays the scan results – number of files found and size of the data. In the left-pane of main window, all the recovered data is listed. You can preview them in the right pane.Stellar Photo Recovery - Scanned Process
    Note: If you do not see the required videos in the list, opt for Deep Scan option at the bottom.
  4. Click Recover. You can also choose to recover only the selective videos– select files that you need, right click, and click Recover.Stellar Photo Recovery - Preview of Recover Deleted Photos
  5. In the dialog box, specify the location to save the image files. Click Save. All the files get saved at the specified location.Stellar Photo Recovery - Save your recovered photos at you desired location

Stop your videos from getting deleted or lost?

Follow the below ways to protect your dish recordings from getting lost or permanently deleted.

1. Transfer your favorite videos to an external hard drive.
Go to My Recordings > Edit > Select recording > Transfer to External Drive.

2. Move the recording to a folder to protect it from automatic erasure.
Go to My Recordings > Edit > Select recording > Move to folder

3. Use ‘Protect’ option to save your programs from automatic deletion. To protect your videos in dish DVR follow:
My Recordings > Edit > Select recordings > Protect

PrimeTime Anytime videos getting lost! Save your picks

PrimeTime Anytime keeps the videos for eight days, after which it automatically deletes them. To keep your required PrimeTime programs, save them.Press DVR button on remote. Select PrimeTime Anytime > select recordings/ episodes > Save or Save Series. The episodes are saved to My Recordings partition of the DVR. They remain there until you delete them.


Dish DVR does not have any feature that auto protects your TV programs for long. Permanently deleted video recordings from dish DVR cannot be recovered. It is better to follow the above tips to protect your dish recordings. However, if you have lost those videos from an external hard drive, restore them through the most reliable tool Stellar Photo Recovery and play your favorite shows again on TV.

To assess the software capabilities you can download the free version here.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

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