How to Recover Multimedia Files from Seagate External Hard Drive

Summary: This post can help you recover multimedia files from Seagate External hard Drive through various methods. Also, learn how Stellar Photo Recovery software can help you retrieve your deleted/formatted multimedia files.

How to Recover Multimedia Files from Seagate External Hard Drive How to Recover Multimedia Files from Seagate External Hard Drive

Your digital library is precious and growing by each day. You choose fast, portable, high capacity Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive to save or backup numerous high resolution, 4k, HD photos and videos. The compact but spacious 4 TB or 5 TB Backup Plus Portable hard drive is your prized possession. But imagine one day you connect it to your computer and find that all the photos and videos stored on it are missing!

This may drive you crazy. But don’t panic. Media files loss from backup hard drives due to deletion, virus infection, formatting etc., is a bitter reality.

However, thankfully, the missing multimedia files from the hard drive is not a complete loss of stored data. Your valuable photos and videos are still recoverable from Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive. Just make sure not to use the problem Seagate Backup Plus hard drive to avoid overwriting the data.

Did you know that your multimedia files (or any file in general) can suddenly disappear due to reasons such as hard drive corruption, malware infections or program errors? Now if you are discarding your external hard drive that have these disappeared/corrupted files, you are exposing yourself to breach of data. Anyone who gets access to these hard drives can run a data recovery software and recover your data. Run a file eraser software like BitRaser File Eraser to comprehensively erase your data from external hard drives. Read More.

Restore your files from Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive.

The most assured and secure way to retrieve multimedia files from Seagate Backup Plus Portable hard drive is to use a media files recovery software that support Seagate hard drives, such as Stellar Photo Recovery.

Also, Seagate offers data recovery from its hard drives for a limited period to the customers who avail the Seagate Rescue Plan at the time of purchase. You can restore your lost files by utilizing this Seagate service.

Methods to restore files from Seagate external hard drive

  1. Recover from Seagate Rescue Service
  2. Recover with Stellar Photo Recovery
  3. Perform CHKDSK
  4. Reinstall the driver
  5. Recover from Backup

Method 1: Recover from Seagate Rescue Service

If you are using Seagate Backup Plus hard drive which is still under warranty, then you may have a complimentary Seagate Rescue Plan. Check your Seagate hard drive warranty card and the benefits under it.

The two-year plan offers data recovery in case you lose your files stored on the Seagate hard drive. Seagate recovers your videos, photos etc., from the drive and return to you via online cloud storage or in a new piece of the external storage drive.

Method 2: Recover with the Reliable Photo Recovery Software

The best and simplest way to recover lost or deleted multimedia files from high capacity Seagate Backup Plus Portable hard drives is through professional Stellar Photo Recovery.

It can retrieve your videos, photos of any file format lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection etc. Customizing your recovery process, the software allows you to scan and restore all media files from a specific section of the hard drive or volume. You can also choose file types to be recovered.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Step-by-Step to recover lost or deleted multimedia files:

  1. Launch Stellar Photo Recovery Software.
  2.  Select the location from where you want to recover. Click Scan to start the scanning process
  3. A dialog box of ‘Scanning Completed Successfully!’ displays the scan results –  You can preview them in the right pane.
  4. Click Recover. You can also choose to recover only the selective files – select files that you need, right click, and click Recover.
  5. In the dialog box, specify the location to save the image files. Click Save. All the files get saved at the specified location.

Method 3: Perform CHKDSK

If your Seagate hard drive is detected by the computer, try first by performing CHKDSK. Running CHKDSK in Command Prompt allows Windows to scan, fix, and recover files from hard drive. Follow the given steps to perform check disk on your computer:

  • Go to Windows Start option and type cmd in the Search box
  • Right-click cmd and select Run as Administrator
  • A command prompt opens, type chkdsk < SDXC card drive letter>:/f (e.g., chkdsk E: /f)
  • Hit Enter

Method 4: Reinstall the driver

If your computer does not detects the Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive reinstall the driver on your PC by following below steps:

  • Go to My Computer and right click on it
  • Follow Manage > Device Manager
  • Double-click Disk Drives from the list and right click on the name of your removable drive
  • Click Click OK
  • Disconnect your Seagate hard drive and restart your system
  • Reconnect the hard drive, the computer should detect it now

Method 5: Recover from Backup

If you have maintained proper backup including that of external hard drives, retrieve lost media files from the backup folders saved in either computer, external media, or Cloud Storage.

Wrapping Up

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive protects your digital life as a backup storage media. But sadly, irrespective of the hard drive you use, the storage media cannot be trusted for too long. Thus, in case of an unfortunate incident of media files loss from Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive, the safest way to recover media files is through Stellar Photo Recovery. The software will recover your lost media files at your desired location in no time.

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