How to Repair Corrupted Raw Files on Mac

Summary: Repairing photos is always a task; you cannot just about use any method to repair your precious pictures. When it comes to RAW photos, they are extra sensitive because of the high-quality uncompressed version, which makes them best to edit but not so easy to repair.Here, you can learn how to repair corrupted RAW photos in your MacBook.

How to Repair Corrupted Raw Files on Mac

‘I took about 100 shots in RAW using my Nikon D500 on a 4GB SD card. The pictures were fine on camera. But when I tried to see NRF files on my Mac after transfer some of them showed a blank screen. I can’t view the pictures in program.’

RAW is the favorite format of photography enthusiasts. These high-quality uncompressed photos are best to edit, correct, and enhance creatively.

But, losing them to corruption can really irk. The image files can get broken, pixilated, show black screen errors, or random colors etc.

Why do RAW files get corrupt?

There can be various reasons. Your storage drive or media may have virus, abrupt system shutdown while transferring/downloading files from camera to computer, or a Mac crash etc.

How to Repair Corrupted RAW files on Mac

Ideally, an efficient photo repair software is the best way to repair corrupt RAW camera files. However, you may try Apple’s Photo Repair tool or photo editing programs to fix certain types of corruption in photos.

Methods to repair corrupt RAW files on mac

  1. Mac Photo repair software for RAW camera files
  2. Use Apple Photo Repair tool
  3. Fix with photo editing software
  4. Use Plugins

  1. Mac Photo repair software for RAW camera files

Get a photo repair software that works on uncompressed RAW file image formats. Remember not all photo repair tools can fix RAW files on Mac computers. Ensure the chosen software is secure, supports your camera file format, and is available for Mac machines.

One such commonly used software is Stellar Repair for Photo. It efficiently repairs corrupt or damaged RAW photos shot with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus and other brands of DSLRs and digital cameras.

You can easily repair NEF, CR2, DNG, ORF and other RAW files that are grainy, pixelated, have grey bands, broken etc. The software also fixes the RAW images displaying errors or not opening at all.

Steps to repair RAW files by using Stellar Repair for Photo

Repair RAW files by using Stellar Repair for Photo on Mac

  • Download and launch Stellar Repair for Photo on Mac

Stellar Repair for Photo on Mac - Add File

  • Click Add File to add RAW photos
  • Preview and Save at your desired location

Stellar Repair for Photo on Mac - Save files

Note: The software saves the repaired RAW camera files in JPEG. If the photos are severely corrupt, it extracts its thumbnails.

To evaluate the capabilities of Stellar Repair for Photo, download its free demo version and preview the repaired RAW files. However, to save the repaired files, buy the software through the secure payment gateway.


2. Repair RAW files with Apple Photo Repair tool

Are your RAW camera files stored in Mac’s Photos Library display as grey triangle or show error? It may be due to some Photo Library issue.

Fix your Photo Library on Mac by using Apple’s Photos Repair tool. The tool detects the problem in the photo app and fixes it. This will automatically repair the corrupt RAW camera images stored in the folder.

Note: Before you use Apple Photo Repair, update macOS to the latest version.

Steps to repair corrupt RAW files by using Apple Photo Repair

  • Click to follow Photos > Quit Photos
  • Press Option-Command. Double-click Photosicon in the Dock
    If you have multiple photo libraries select the right one that needs repair.
  • Click Repair in the Repair Library window

The process may take time, depending on the size of your Photo Library and network speed.

  1. Fix corrupt RAW files in Photo editing software

Photoshop, Lightroom, IrfanView etc., are popular photo editing software that have noise reduction features. Use these editing platforms to fix grains, spots, and other color-related issues in your RAW image files.

However, unlike in the case of Stellar Repair for Photo, you should be proficient in the photo editing program. Beginners may find it hard to fix noise RAW images in editing tools.

  1. Use Noise reduction Plugins

Plugins can be another option to repair corrupted RAW files, but only if you are a professional photo editor.

You may use Photo Ninja, Noise Reducer Pro, Neat Image, Topaz DeNoise, Noise Ninja, and other plugins to fix RAW photos on Mac.

To Sum Up

The easiest and quick method to fix corrupt RAW files on Mac is with the help of Stellar Repair for Photo.

Like, photo editing programs, you don’t require to be an expert in using the application. Even a novice can use Stellar Repair for Photo and quickly fix any type of corrupt RAW image file.

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