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    Steps to Recover Data after Power Outage

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      Summary: Sudden power outage or power failure is a critical issue and may lead to data loss situation due to system failure. It’s always suggested to keep a backup of your data. But what if there is no backup? Alternatively, the lost data can be recovered in a no back up situation, with Stellar Data Recovery software.

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      Please help. I have accidentally lost my important documents and presentations. All this happened due to a power outage. I have searched everywhere in the system, but none of the folders shows the required files. These files and folders are very critical. Please suggest a way to recover lost data after the power failure.

      ….. Jacob Smith Thames

      Every data loss situation is not the same, as there is no defined cause for it. The factors may vary and can be system corruption, formatting, Shift + Del operation, sabotage, or a power outage. However, whatever be the reason, the requirement is a data recovery call.

      Causes of data loss

      Power outage, also known as power failure or blackout, is a short or long term loss of electric power that results in computing system failure and subsequent data loss. In order to prevent the short-term power outage, use of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is recommended. On the other hand, for protecting systems against long-term power outage, proper power backup is mandatory. In the absence of any preventive measures against power outage, data loss is inevitable.

      Backup: An Easy Solution to Recover Lost Data

      The best option to recover the inaccessible data is back up. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to recover data from the backup:

      • Click on the backup folder
      • Select the files and folders
      • Drag it back to the desired location

      However, the things get trickier, if there is no backup.

      Data Recovery Software Alternative to Backup Recovery in Data Loss

      You can even recover the lost data in a no backup situation. You just have to trust an Editor’s Choice Data Recovery Tool like Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows. The only step of consideration here is not to write anything on the hard drive. This is because no software works on an overwritten data.

      Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows is a comprehensive all-in-one tool to recover lost or deleted data in all cases of data loss. This ultimate software recovers inaccessible files from Windows system with utmost ease. Using this DIY tool, you can restore Documents, Emails, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDFs, Videos, Photos, Audio, etc.

      The tool also recovers files from various storage devices like USB device, pen drive, external drive, etc. and most importantly, it is compatible with all Windows operating system versions.

      Why Choose Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows?

      • Easy-to-use interface
      • User-friendly design
      • 100% data integrity
      • Secure and reliable
      • Fast and efficient

      How Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows Helps to Recover Data in Power Outage?

      The overall processing of the software is effortless and straightforward. You have to follow the recovery wizard to bring back the lost, deleted, or inaccessible data with great ease.

      Steps to Recover Data after Power Outage

      • Download, install and Run the software.
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      • Select the desired data type from the “Select What to Recover” interface.
      • Select the drive from where you want to recover the data from the “Recover From” screen.
      • Click Scan
      • Launch preview of the scanned files and folders.
      • Click Recover.
      • Specify the destination location and click Start Saving to save the recovered data.

      Tips to Remember

      • Use UPS to shun unexpected power surge.
      • Always backup your data.

      To Conclude

      Power outage is a critical issue and leads to system failure and data loss. It is always advisable to have data back up to avoid the data loss in such scenarios but if you forget to take the backup then go for data recovery software to get back the lost data in an efficient yet facile manner. You can download the trial version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows and recover data easily.

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      About The Author

      Isha Rikhi

      Isha is a technical blogger and data recovery expert. She has experience in Windows data recovery. She writes about technical tips and tutorials.


      1. First of all, thanks for the article; I was unaware that a power outage leads to system failure and data loss. I always prefer data backup to avoid data loss.

      2. Till now I am using the Desktop PC without UPS and totally unaware that 25% of data loss cases arises due to power outage. Thanks for the article.

        1. Hello Patricia,

          I hope the affected machine/hard drive is immediately closed after data loss.

          As far as no data is overwritten you can easily recover using Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software.

          Below is the download link for your reference Download Link

      3. Unfortunately, data power outage happens very frequently in our laptop. I already lost my lovely wife pictures due to this in past. At that time I am unaware about these data recovery software. So I never try to recover it. I hope the same story doesn’t happen with anyone.

        Pro Tip: Immediately stop using the drive after power outage and stop a trustworthy partition recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery.

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