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Solved: YouTube Videos Won’t Play on MacBook Pro

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    Summary: If your YouTube videos are not playing or showing loading errors, here’s a guide to fix all kinds of video problems on Mac. This post covers 6 best solutions to tackle the YouTube video not playing problem on MacBook Pro.

    ‘My MacBook Pro keeps crashing when watching YouTube videos not playing. Sometimes, the screen freezes or behaves abruptly, forcing me to restart the system. Is there any solution to fix YouTube videos won’t play on Macbook problem?’

    YouTube is one of the most popular video sites, which works well in all browsers like Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. However, while trying to watch YouTube or other online videos, you face issues like MacBook crashing, Safari unable to play YouTube, slow downloading, or interruption during buffering, etc.

    This problem can occur due to various reasons, including poor internet, conflicting extension/plugin or outdated version of macOS or web browser. Or, if you are trying to play 4K high-resolution videos of the VP9 format in Safari, which only supports H.265 videos.  

    So, if you can’t play YouTube videos, follow this tutorial to learn how to fix YouTube videos won’t play on MacBook Pro.

    How to Fix the Problem of YouTube Videos Not Playing on MacBook Pro?

    You can always repair and play corrupt videos saved on your Mac, SD card, or any other storage media using video repair software like Stellar Repair for Video .

    Download for Windows Download for Mac

    However, when YouTube or other websites videos do not play on MacBook Pro, it requires a completely different approach to fix the problem. To begin with, you should be aware of the three basic requirements to play any YouTube video:

    • Use latest web browser version.
    • Updated Adobe Flash Player.
    • A continuous high-speed internet connection.

    All the fixes to resolve YouTube videos not playing issues are spun around the above three necessities.

    Ways to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on MacBook Pro

    1. Fix your internet connection
    2. Reinstall Adobe Player
    3. Disable Plugins in Safari or the browser you are using
    4. Update Safari to the latest version
    5. Enable JavaScript in Safari

    There are some other simple hacks too, shared later in this post that you can use to fix the issue of online YouTube videos not playing on MacBook.

    Way 1: Fix your internet connection

    A slow internet connection or unstable network can prevent high-quality YouTube videos to play smoothly. Some YouTube videos, such as TV shows, live events, and movies require high-speed internet connection with 1+ Mbps for streaming. To watch other smaller online video clips, make sure your internet connection is at least over 500 Kbps.

    Alternatively, you can also choose to watch videos in lower quality. To do so, follow the below steps:

    • Open the YouTube video.
    • Click on the Settings gear icon at the bottom right corner of the video.
    Fix your internet connection
    • Tap on the Quality and select your desired low-quality view like 360p to 480p.

    Read more: Methods to fix bad quality videos

    Way 2: Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

    Although YouTube has moved from Flash to HTML5 player, some users still try to the play videos using Flash Player in their browser. When playing YouTube videos, if you see a message stating that Adobe Flash Player is required to play the video, try updating it to resolve this problem.

    For this, first uninstall the Adobe Player on your MacBook Pro followed by reinstallation.

    • To uninstall, follow the steps mentioned here.
    • Next, to reinstall Adobe Player, follow the given link: Read More

    To Enable Flash Player in Safari: Go to Preferences > Websites > Plugins > Adobe Flash Player (click the checkbox). These steps are applicable for Mac OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, High Sierra 10.13, macOS Mojave 10.14, and macOS Catalina & above.

    Way 3: Disable Plugins/ Extensions in Safari or the browser you are using

    Plugins and extensions are one of the reasons that can interfere with your browsing experience and stop you from having seamless experience with YouTube. In that case, try disabling the Plugins and uninstalling the extension from your browser.

    Steps to disable Plugins in Safari

    1. Go to Safari > Preferences > Security.
    2. Deselect Allow Plugins (Turns off all plug-ins for all websites)
    Disable Plugins in Safari or the browser you are using
    Please note that you should only remove the unnecessary plugins.

    Steps to uninstall Extension in Safari

    • Go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions.
    • Choose an extension and then click on Uninstall to remove that extension.

    Way 4: Update Safari to the latest version

    To update Safari to latest version, you need to first get the most recent version of the macOS. Follow the below steps to update it:

    • Go to the Apple menu > System Settings.
    • Click on Software Update.
    • If there are any updates, click Restart Now to install them or click More info to read about the update.
    • Once your MacBook Pro has updated, Safari too will be up to date.

    Way 5: Enable JavaScript in Safari

    JavaScript is essential component that help create dynamic and interactive web pages to offer best browsing experience. If your videos won’t play smoothly on YouTube, check if the JavaScript is disabled for security reason. If that’s the case, re-enable JavaScript in Safari by following the below steps:

    • Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy section > Content Settings
    • In JavaScript Section, select Allow sites to run JavaScript
    • Click OK and refresh your Safari

    Other hacks to fix YouTube videos not playing on MacBook Pro

    • Close all browser windows while watching YouTube videos.
    • Clear caches and cookies from the browsing history along with temporary files.
    • You can also use other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera by simply logging in to your MacBook Pro as a Guest user. This way you can watch YouTube videos in ‘Safe Mode’ rather than using an unsafe wireless network connection.
    • Refresh your browser window by pressing the F5 or the Command + R keys.
    • Allow sites to run JavaScript by clicking on the Settings icon > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy section > Content Settings

    To Wrap-up

    By updating your Mac browser, MacOS, and flash player you can solve the MacBook crash issue while playing YouTube videos. However, it is recommended to attempt the above mentioned simple hacks too before moving to rigorous upgrading process. Who knows, your YouTube videos start playing with least efforts!


    1. Why are YouTube videos not playing on your Mac?

    There may be various reasons why your YouTube videos are not working on Mac:

    • Low or poor internet connection.
    • Video resolution may cause loading errors.
    • Running older versions of Flash Player.
    • Mac running low on storage or resources.

    2. How to troubleshoot video playback issues on Mac?

    If your Mac is unable to play videos: online or offline, it can be due to many reasons, such as using an outdated browser, weak internet connection, corrupted video files, etc. Moreover, read this guide to fix videos not playing on Mac.

    3. How to repair corrupt video files on macOS?

    If videos on macOS show black screen error, flickered, jerky, distorted visuals, or don’t open at all, then they might be corrupted. Read this article to learn the best tips to repair damaged, corrupted, or unplayable videos on Mac.

    4. How to Fix ‘An Error Occurred Playback ID on YouTube’?

    There are few ways to fix ‘YouTube – an error occurred Playback ID error.’

    • Restart your network device.
    • Clear cache and data of your web browser.
    • Disable browser extension.
    • Flush DNS cache.
    • Use Google DNS.
    • Reinstall the web browser.

    5. How do I fix YouTube not playing videos on Safari browser?

    There are a few ways to fix the YouTube not working or playing videos on Safari:

    • Check your internet connection.
    • Try different browser.
    • Disable VPN.
    • Remove any ad blocker apps for Safari.
    • Disable content blocker.

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    About The Author

    Sumona Chatterjee linkdin

    Sumona is a tech blogger, avid photographer, & technogeek with vast experience in writing about media file recovery tips and tutorials. She has over 10 years of experience in media file recovery/media file repair technology. She is passionate about Photography, Creative Designing, Music, and Exploring lesser-known destinations.


    1. I also face the same issue. Youtube videos that didn’t Play on my MacBook Pro. maybe my browser safari can’t verify the identity of the website. I visit your blog and gather a lot of information. It’s really helpful for me.

    2. Nice work on an interesting tool and a great ways to fix YouTube videos on mac. I recommend your software. Thanks!

    3. Hi Sumona,
      Mine is a MacBook Pro, a new machine. YouTube movies won’t play. They show very rapid forward, and no video clip play normally. I tried to install chrome also. It was totally unresponsive on chrome. Please advise. I have already tried to uninstall and re-install the flash player. But no effect.

      1. Hi Ling, Please follow the given steps:
        1. Keep your system software up to date.
        2. Open System Preferences from the Apple drop down menu then select Software Update > Scheduled Check.
        3. Select Check for updates. Select Daily from the pop-up menu.
        4. Select Download updates automatically.
        Also, if still, the problem persists then might be any preexisting software is causing this issue due to software incompatibility. Try to remove that software and then restart your system.

    4. Hi, I following your blog sometime, I had an issue with YouTube Sudden it’s not working on safari browser. What should I do? Any help would be appreciated!

      1. Hi Tara, Please follow the below steps:
        1. Open system Preferences>Flash Player then select the Advanced tab.
        2. Click Delete All under Browsing Data and Settings
        3. Not empty the Safari cache.
        4. Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Advanced tab.
        5. Select: Show Develop menu in menu bar
        6. Now click Develop from the menu bar. From the drop-down menu click Empty Caches.
        7. Turn that OFF, quit and re-launch Safari to test.

      1. Hi James, This error occurred on your browser when the browser already cached the request from the server. The solutions are clearing cookies and caches in your browser and restart it.

    5. It’s happen to me in the past week. The video will play fine using Google Chrome, but not Safari. Thanks for describing the ways to fix this issue. Thanks a lot!

    6. I had an issue with MacBook Pro in the past week, YouTube videos won’t play in Safari. Now what to do? Any advice will be appreciated.

      1. Hi Dayna, Most Youtube content requires the flash plugin. Please follow these steps:
        1. Uninstall the previous plugin reinstall the new flash plugin then quit and relaunch Safari.
        2. Restart your Mac, try a video
        3. If you getting problems
        4. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.flashplayer.installmanager
        5. Move the Cache.DB file from the com.adobe.flashplayer.install-manager folder to the Trash.
        6. Quit then relaunch Safari, try a video.
        7. Safari extensions can prevent some video from streaming. Go to Safari > Preferences then select the Extensions tab.
        If you have any installed, switch to OFF, quit then relaunch Safari, try again.
        If you have ClickToFlash installed in ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins, move that plug into the Desktop. Quit then relaunch Safari to test.

    7. I had the issue like Safari unable to play YouTube Video, I reinstalled safari and the same this occur again. After reading this blog I resolved my problems. Thanks!

    8. I had the same issue in a couple of weeks ago. The video will play fine using Chrome or Mozilla, but not Safari. Thanks to defining the ways to fix YouTube videos not playing on MacBook Pro.

      1. Hello Wayman,

        Thanks for kind words. Please subscribe our facebook and twitter accounts for more latest updates and offers.

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