Bring Your Windows 8.1 based PC Closer to You; Personalize Start Screen and Desktop Background Settings

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 (not a major version) to consumers within a year of releasing Windows 8 in order to overcome the flaws and some mystifying features as per the feedback received from the consumers across the world, and the upgrade was provided to consumers free of cost. Windows 8.1, luckily, is much better and is proved a stable release of Windows OS after the predecessor Windows 7.

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft brings you the most exciting features and customization abilities that let you make your Windows 8.1 based PC closer to you unlike before. Well, I am highlighting the personalization capabilities of Windows 8.1 that allow you make your PC more and more closer to look the way you ever wanted it to. Since I am pretty much into creativity world, I like to personalize my surroundings as per my likings; I do sketching, painting, and love to customize my room in a way that whenever I step into, it welcomes me like anything. It must look all the way mine and I always look forward to make things around me belong to me, then why not the PC! Windows 8.1 lets me do it in my own way and I really want to share it with all of you.

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Why Stellar Data Recovery has Associated ‘Phoenix’ the Mythological Bird to its Name

Stellar Data Recovery has been in the business of developing software and providing specialized services for all cases of data loss since 1993. It has been more than twenty years; we have developed more than 100 data recovery and repair tools under the brand name – Stellar Phoenix. Our products cover almost all platforms (operating systems) and applications. More than 2 million customers across the globe have tried Stellar Phoenix range of products and benefited from them.

We hear from our customers, users, and reviewer & developers community many things about our products. Most of the users truly like, praise, and send us their testimony after they recover their lost data, which we love to preserve in our memory lane and portray across our web properties. Many others give us valuable suggestions that really help us bring in better products and services for you. Of course, few feedbacks are hard to digest and we just take the good lesson from them as well and move on with our motto, the motto to develop winning products and service offerings for our users.

phoenix bird

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Is Apple about to Release a Successor to Mac OS X Mavericks? – Rumor has it

After the successful release of Mac OS X Mavericks, Apple Inc. now is all the way ready for the release of another successor in the series – well, this is not what I have to say, but the speculation does. I am not even sure about the display name as well as the number they are going to assign to the newer version, as Apple has not yet publicized any such release in near future. Will the assigning number be Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 11, or Mac OS 11? Well, until the company officials publicize it, I only have to say, keep imagining how the newer versions will look like and when it is going to release to public officially.’

Apple logo

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World Backup Day Giveaway – Stellar Insta Backup Gold

World Backup Day 2014 has come again to remind us its significance and importance.

Every day we generate voluminous data at all levels, for personal use, office use, institutional, or government use. As evident our life, business, relationship, and everything else run and heavily depend on meaningful data. No one would ever dare to dream of losing a single instance of data generated.

So, what is the best resort?

Well, we all know it – ‘Always Create Backup of important data.’ If required, ‘Create a backup of the backup, even.’

With this motto, Stellar Data Recovery brings before you one of its kind ‘Give Away’ offer on the occasion of World Backup Day 2014.

install backup gold

We do understand and apprehend the urgency of taking backup and also have witnessed several cases how users usually struggle finding a better, quicker, and safer means to take automatic backup of their data.

This is why we have developed a very simple, user-friendly, affordable and automatic backup software for you – Stellar Insta Backup Gold.

And, now his tool can be your; entirely free of cost!

If you like our motto, loved this thought, please share this page with your friends, collogues, family members, and anyone you care for. Do like this page and put your comments. Share this page over any social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter, Google + and invite more of your friends to share the page.

Ten highly active, ‘Data Backup Patrons’, who have maximum shares and comments will get Stellar Insta Backup Gold absolutely FREE…

This is the ultimate chance to win your flagship data backup software free. Celebrate World Backup Day 2014 with us and win Insta Backup Gold free. So, do not wait, the offer is valid until March 31’ 2014.

However, we have customized more lucrative data backup deals for you on this occasion.

Take a look at these deals – What suits your need?



Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home (Regular Price – $49) Stellar Insta Backup Gold (Regular Price – $49Get Free)
Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair (Regular Price – $99) Stellar Mail Backup (Regular Price – $39Get Free)
Stellar DBX to PST Converter (Regular Price – $49) Stellar Mail Backup (Regular Price – $39Get Free)
Stellar MBOX to PST Converter (Regular Price – $39) Stellar Mail Backup (Regular Price – $39 Get Free)

Start participating at &

Happy World Backup Day 2014…

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Now QuickBooks Repair for Mac Available

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software in many parts of the world. The popularity of the tool has earned it immense acceptance among accountants and millions of small business. The Mac version of the tool has added more user base to the product. However, as inherent to every tool, users do encounter issues, and error situations while using QuickBooks due to a variety of reasons. This is very common both for the Windows as well as for Mac OS X users.

QuickBooks repair

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5 Tweaks to Make your Windows 8.1 Based PC Less Strange

Microsoft Windows, not actually a single but a series of operating systems, has been the first priority of every computer user. In fact, Windows based computers are preferred even in corporate to carry out different tasks. In order to make user experience better and pleasant, Microsoft periodically releases various system updates, but we often ignore them as if they are worthless. Well, taking the discussion to an upper level lands me to the Windows platform that has been serving us for many decades, and it now is available in its most recent version, namely Windows 8.1 that is a successor to Windows 8 (released in October 2012).

windows 8.1

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GIVEAWAY – Photo Recovery Software

Many a times, we come across numerous posts on various social media platforms, forums, and other discussions platforms that read extensively about sudden loss or deletion of our memorable photos, images, songs, videos from digital camera, SD cards, smartphones, camcorders, etc. Reasons can be anything, which include; accidental deletion, memory card formatting, virus infection, card inaccessibility etc. In most of the cases, it is the users’ mistake, for which the photos get permanently deleted from the storage media.

This Giveaway is Closed.

Photo recovery giveaway

But, what we think to be permanently deleted is not the exact case!

At a time of crisis, our primes concern is more about the ways to regain them, rather than brooding over how they were deleted. Many of us will be amazed to know that there are software to get back all your lost or deleted multimedia content from your digital camera or SD card or other similar device.

Hence, instead of just forgetting the case and cursing oneself for a while, does not solve. In fact, an efficient photo recovery software is the basic requirement that every photo enthusiast must have with his or her photography kit.

Photo recovery software is a real lifesaver. For photographers, for whom photography is their breath and blood, it can get them away from many urgent and troubled situation, when they cannot afford losing their days’ or weeks’ of hard work just to unprecedented deletion or loss.

The investment in a good photo recovery tool in comparison to its benefit is negligible. No one would ever want to lose the old memories captured in the form of digital images. The software runs smart algorithms that scan the storage media and find out all deleted and lost images for you.

With a view to spread awareness among all photo enthusiasts, Stellar Data Recovery has introduced Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Giveaway Contest. Five lucky winners will receive a lifetime license to our flagship Photo Recovery Software.

How to Participate

  • All you need to do is to Share this article from your facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile
  • Do comment describing any photo loss situation, you have encountered ever or have heard of. Also, narrate how you dealt with the situation to recover the lost memories
  • Submit your Comment to Us

Procedure of Participation

Ensuring the comments and sharing done through your profile, we would take your profile for lucky draw.

We request you to kindly post your comment in the following manner.

Photo recovery giveaway

Once you submit the comment, it will go into moderation. It will go live after we find it suitable for publishing. Please note that Stellar Data Recovery reserves the right to reject the comments those do not comply with the guidelines of the Giveaway.

The Giveaway offer will be valid till 2nd March 2014. So, Do Not Wait!

Share this Giveaway as many times as you may to your Facebook wall, Google+ profile, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile and leave your comments, thoughts on Photo Recovery Software & Data Loss.

5 lucky winners will be announced on 5th March 2014

Check out for the announcement.

Stay Tuned.

& Enjoy Happy Photo Recovery…

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Now PST to MBOX Converter is available for Mac OS X

PST to MBOX conversion on a Mac platform has long been a demand for our customers, who have been using our other data recovery, repair or converter tools for years. We already have the Windows version of the tool serving the users. The Mac version of the PST to MBOX converter makes it a holistic offer for Stellar as now irrespective of the platform they use, our esteemed users have the freedom to convert the PST file they have to the Apple Mail MBOX file.


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The Many Aspects of Cyber Crime and What We Must Do to Stay Safe

Macintosh is always considered to be robust and failsafe against virus and malware attack. Apple continuously upgrades its operating system with this view in mind. There has been more frequent upgrade to the Mac OS X as we can witness in the recent times. News is that Mac OS X 10.10 is on the cards. However, a constant and more frequent question that comes posing directly is whether Mac OS X is completely equipped for the modern day cyber crime and threat protection and whether the more frequent upgrade are targeted to address the variety of latest threats that is causing data loss on Mac.

cyber security

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Smart Finder Enables Recouping Disk Space by Deleting Duplicate Files on Mac

Even though Mac machines provide large space for data storage, they often need enhancement when users have a huge collection of their personal stuff, such as movies, photos, songs, and more. All such stuff eats up huge amount of space on the hard drive; and therefore, affects system performance adversely. Low disk space is also one of the primary causes of poor performance of a computer. Well, apart from the formal causes of performance downfall, such as massive storage, disk corruption, virus or malware infections, and accumulated system junk, duplicate files also are the one of the reasons of low disk space. Finder can help you find duplicate files on your Mac.

smart finder

Stellar Smart Finder: Displaying file & folder in Sunburst Chart.

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