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External Hard Drive not Formatted, here’s how to recover data

Scenario: You’re on a sight seeing trip to a picturesque location and have a high-end DSLR with you. You love clicking pictures and at the end of each day your 16GB memory card is almost full making it impossible to continue the next day without transferring the photos to another device. So each night

How to format USB flash drive using FAT/FAT32/NTFS/exFAT

USB flash drives are the little stick-like devices that we carry along in our pockets as portable external storage. But these little devices pack quite a punch; they can double up as your portable movie library, photo collection, backup drive, OS boot volume, or just a way to transfer stuff from one computer to

Optimize slow Mac & recover lost data with one software bundle

As Mac users, most of us just work on our Macs for professional or personal reasons but quite often, we don’t bother ourselves with things such as cleaning up our mess on the machine. Ideally though, it should be a two way deal – the Mac should take care of our work, and we

Methods to Recover Photos from Corrupt CF card

Compact Flash Cards or CF cards are used as storage devices primarily on digital cameras and DSLRs. Most of the prized shots you capture using your camera are stored on these little pieces of technical brilliance. So if disaster strikes your CF card and you lose the pictures from it, you could end up

Handy Data Recovery tips for Permanently Damaged Hard Drive

Everyone uses spare hard drives these days; external storage devices that serve as the perfect backup destination. However, I doubt people realize the risks and threats involved with using hard drives to store crucial data. And when I say hard drives, I don’t mean just external hard drives; this includes the internal hard drives

Stellar Speedup Mac VS Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

When it comes to software comparisons, things generally seem to get ugly for one and beneficial for the other. But what do you do if both the products under the scanner are champions in their own league? What would your verdict be if you were asked to compare two versions of the same software

Data Recovery from Damaged RAID 5 Array

The term RAID stands for redundant array of inexpensive / independent disks, and it is a data storage visualization technology in which multiple physical disk drive components are combined into one logical unit to bring about and reap the benefits of data redundancy or performance improvement or both. Depending upon the required level of

Best Gift Ideas for Photographers on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated predominantly in the United States. It is also celebrated in certain parts of Canada and the world to give thanks for the harvest of the previous year. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. After

Stellar Launched Backup Recovery Software for Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7

The avoidance of enormous data loss can be done in numerous ways. One of those ways is by taking its backup. As the backup is an efficient way to protect data loss, still some conditions persist that can affect those backup files also. These factors are: Unrecognizable file format Runtime error CRC (Cyclic Redundancy

Best Hard Drive Recovery Software Free Download Full Version

Hard drives are an important source for storing data. As data has grown tremendously over the years and in every industry, there is a great demand of high capacity hard drives. Storage is the required responsibility of the hard drive that includes not just storing music and videos but also lengthy documents, pictures, programs,