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How to completely erase your old electronic devices before discarding them

They say change is the law of nature and to survive, we must keep adapting to the new. The same logic applies to technology. Each day new gadgets and electronic media are launched with better features and enhanced purposes. As such, we as users keep hopping from old devices to new ones frequently. But

Windows, Mac and Linux data recovery with 1 toolkit

Tech-based companies can be seen as store-houses of some of the best minds and state-of-the-art tools. Not only do they develop software, they also use niche technology and proficient applications to solve various problems. Moreover, since such organizations keep experimenting with data and equipments while working, they are prone to several issues such as

Recover Deleted Pictures in Photos App for Mac OS X

All of us have innumerous photos stored on our Macs sorting which, we keep deferring to another day. And then one fine day when the Mac’s storage shouts for help, we end up quickly scanning entire folders and if nothing of interest catches the eye, we simply select everything and hit delete. While such

Repairing corrupt Excel 2013 files

While MS Excel is widely used as the calculating, record-keeping and tracking tool by professionals and organizations, there are many instances when it tends to get on the nerves. Excel macros and formulas have a bad reputation of going haywire and jumbling everything up or worse, corrupting all information within the sheet. And what’s

Recover deleted BootCamp partition from Mac hard drive

You deleted NTFS BootCamp partition in a hassle but now wants to recover important files from it? Or may be your BootCamp partition is intact on Mac however you have permanently deleted few files from the ‘Windows C drive’, which you now want to recoup. Either way i.e. deleting files from the BootCamp disk or

7 Tricks to Recover Data from Scratched CD

CDs and DVDs are quite robust storage media however, with time they’ve lost their significance to flash drives, external hard discs and USBs. Nevertheless, there are a lot of tasks where CDs still play a vital role; typically installations or specific music or movies. But it is common knowledge that with continued use, CDs/DVDs

Recover Vacation Photos from Corrupt Lexar 800x 32GB CF card

Invention of digital cameras has made photography very interesting, inexpensive and easy. Loading film rolls manually and spending huge amount of money to get them developed have become tings of the past. Continuous development in the electronics world has made everything we do in life easier and less expensive. Gadgets like Memory cards, USB

Everything you need to know about Outlook for iOS and Android

When earlier in January 2015, Outlook for iOS and Android was announced, everyone wondered how the app will change the email process on phones. Till date, users usually opt for the in-built email and calendaring options present in the device. Be it an Android phone, a tablet or an iPhone, users always preferred the

Recovering data from Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11

The 12th major OS X release from Apple, OS X El Capitan hit the markets on September 30th 2015. In addition to the usual excitement that comes with an OS X launch, El Capitan has managed to grab quite a few eyeballs and create a nice buzz owing to under-the-hood performance improvements, updated apps,

A Year In Review: Stellar Data Recovery’s Top 10 Software Of 2015

Congratulations!!! Your search for best and most popular data recovery software of 2015 ends up here. We bring you the complete list of Stellar Phoenix file recovery applications for iOS, Windows & Mac that made news in 2015. These data recovery software just not only recover the deleted files but also reclaims people’s lost