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60% off on Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Mac – Titanium Edition

Stellar Phoenix Mac photo recovery - Titanium Edition is the prolific combination OS X software that includes Mac Photo recovery, JPEG repair and Video repair utilities. With this edition, you can recover as well as repair JPEG/JPG, MOV, MP4, FLV, M4A, 3GP etc. files on Mac OS X. The software is compatible with OS

Free Ways to Repair Damaged or Corrupt Hard Drive Partition Table in Windows

Damaged partition table and MBR are the major factors that cause Windows boot issues. Microsoft provides a free utility for recovering your corrupt MBR of hard drive partitioning. The tool will let to repair the damaged master boot record (MBR) or the Boot Configuration Data (BCD). If you are facing boot problems in the

Top 5 Problems Outlook Users face and How to Fix Them

Today, MS Outlook is the world’s most widely used email client and there are reasons for it – a simple to use interface, advanced features and efficiency being the main ones. However, Microsoft tools often face the brunt of users’ frustration for hidden glitches and MS Outlook is no exception to this. As crucial

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is use to recall or recover data from any type of storage media facing data loss disaster. Data recovery works in situation of accidental deletion, hard drive accidental formatting, Windows reinstallation, partition loss, system booting failure and many more. It also refers to a situation of recovering specific information which becomes inaccessible

What to do if a 3.0 external hard drive not recognized on a Windows 8.1 PC?

External hard drives are a boon for all. They prove to be extremely useful as backup destinations, for temporary data storage and as portable libraries. As such, you would hardly find a user without an external drive in possession. However, like all hardware, external drives are often hit by problems. These include hardware failures,

How to Repair Microsoft Access Database File and Recover Data

If you’ve used the Access database, you know that it’s Microsoft’s proprietary Database Management System (DBMS). And just as Microsoft’s other applications, it’s efficient as well as very user friendly. MS Access has a relational MS Jet Database Engine with development tools running at the back and an easy to grasp user interface at

Mac can’t repair hfs hard drive. How to resolve?

It could be nightmarish, if you have got the below message through Disk Utility, while repairing HFS formatted internal or external hard drive. Error: Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files. The above message doesn’t show up in

Hard disk Making Clicking Noises and Inaccessible, How Do I Recover My Files?

Nowadays, with the increasing development in technology, hard drives are also improving, including storage capacity, speed, compact size, etc. However, due to the higher frequency of usage, these storage drives show issues at times and clicking noise is included in one of those major issues. Normally, these computer storage drives are quite and steady,

How to Verify & Repair OS X Yosemite Drive

If your Mac feels too tired to give the performance you’re expecting it to and you’ve tried everything you could think of to pull it up, drive verify and repair could be the solution for you. However, don’t go rushing to this solution every time you’re too lazy to find out the actual cause

USB Drive is Corrupted and Unresponsive, How to Recover my Files Back!

A USB flash drive stores all its data in the memory similar to a hard drive. The operating system can later on fetch this data when required to be accessed. There can be various issues that may turn your USB drive data inaccessible. Such as if the drive is un-mounted improperly from the port