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How to Recover Deleted Photos after Running Disk Cleanup?

Accidental file deletion can happen to anyone and at any time in the most unexpected way. Take for instance this problem we came across on a technical forum: “While trying to better organize my PC’s storage and get rid of old files I ran Disk Cleanup. Though it did help my PC’s overall performance,

Keep Your Exchange Server Up & Running with Stellar Exchange Backup Tool

Stellar Data Recovery has launched its new software – Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup, which is one-in-all solution that comes with various modules to create Exchange backup & restore mailboxes including all the Storage Groups/Mailbox Stores from the created backup in case any disaster takes place. This newly launched software is a complete Exchange

Stellar Data Recovery Tools Compatible with Windows 10

Microsoft has officially launched Windows 10 and you might have been already started receiving upgrades (Windows 10 will automatically download in the background and asks you to install in your spare time). User’s running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 have started receiving the free update and have 1 year validity to upgrade PC. As

Windows 10! Best OS Microsoft Ever created. See Why?

Finally, Microsoft has officially released Windows 10 on 29 July 2015 and make it available in over 190 countries. This latest upgrade is freely available for existing users of Windows 8 & Windows 7. This final version of Windows (Microsoft use to call Windows 10 as the final version of Windows) brings plenty of

Facing Permanent Hard Drive Data Loss, See Why Data Recovery Services is So Useful

Being an avid desktop or laptop user, you may abruptly face weird hard drive related errors overtime. These errors are the consequences of improper uses of internal hard drive. Additionally, errors surfaced due to logical issues or physical corruption of the drive. These errors seems obvious in the beginning and supposed to be easily

5 Best Hacks to Create Strongest Passwords for Windows User Accounts

Data privacy and security is a key concern among all age groups of computer users. Nobody wants their data to be open to others or to be attacked by hackers & spammers. Besides the Windows user accounts privacy, you may also need to password protect files and folders stored on the system. Data encryption

How to safeguard Mac hard drive data from hackers?

Sorry to offend you but your Mac hard drive can be hacked at any point of time. Believe it or not, just like PCs, Macs are vulnerable to hackers. It needs only a proper motivation and, sophisticated programming for a hacker to penetrate your system. Your Mac hard disk drive may contain huge number

Recover Lost Data from Toshiba External Hard Drive

Today, the most reliable hard drives are manufactured by trusted vendors like Western Digital (WD), Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, and Toshiba. Toshiba external hard drives are widely used for backing up data, and they are often the preferred choice of users as computer hard drives since they are good at rebuilding multiple external partitions to

How to encrypt, decrypt and recover Mac hard drive?

Your data is too precious to be accessed by anyone else. With OS X Mac, you have every right to protect your important data from an unauthorized access. OS X provides couple of extremely simple method to password protects your OS X Mac disk drive. Not only internal hard drive but also you can

How to Permanently Wipe My Hard Disk Drive Data?

Don’t dispose your old or outdated storage drive yet!! There are points on which you need to rethink and act wisely to avoid data breaches. You might have stored crucial documents or extremely sensitive data on the storage device that you want to dispose or donate. Doing this may result in the stored data