A Complete List of JPEG Errors & Their Solutions

Summary: Photo restoring applications and image editors are ubiquitous these days, the reason being, users face a lot of issues regarding corrupt image files, and JPEG files to be precise. Read in this post, the Complete List of JPEG Errors & Their Solutions.

 There are JPEG repair tools and a wide range of possibilities to repair damaged JPEG files.

Our world revolves around digital technology as we have explored ways of using technology to simplify our living. There is an upsurge in digital stock photos and owing to this fact, we, sometimes face some errors while viewing JPEG files.

JPEG repair tool

Figure illustrates percentages of websites of various image file formats

Source: (https://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/image_format/all)

There are some probable reasons for JPEG file errors; with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

Major reasons behind corrupt JPEG files:

  • Incomplete JPEG scan
  • Errors in JPEG code and description
  • Broken or corrupt header files
  • Bad sectors in the storage device or the portable media
  • Virus infected digital media also corrupt JPEG files
  • Taking pictures on low battery

As there are different reasons for corrupt/damaged JPEG files, errors are different as well. The following JPEG errors list highlights some of them.

List of JPEG errors 

  1. Invalid value for Registry error:

This error generally occurs while upgrading Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10. The Registry contains information of all the programs and instructs the system when a particular program is called or if some parameters are passed. When you access JPEG files, then the Registry instructs which program is to be used to complete the action, and if the path is unknown to the program, it returns the error.

How to fix it?

Install the latest drivers and update the installed image viewer program. Delete all the outdated entries and key, and restart the program.

It is recommended to manually change the registry settings only if you’re 100% sure about the process, else you can opt for a Jpeg repair software.

Invalid value for registry error

Figure illustrates Invalid value for registry error


  1. JPEG error #53:

Generally, JPEG error #53 occurs when the Windows operating system is corrupt. If your system lags, freezes, or has slow response time, then it will run JPEG error #53. Other probable reasons are RAM or hardware failure, excessive start-up entries, installation of redundant and unnecessary programs, etc.

How to fix it?

Open the JPEG files in a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Paint, save the file in JPEG file format, and then try and access it. You should speed up your system to prevent JPEG error #53.

  1. Invalid marker:

If you’re facing “Invalid JPEG marker” error, then the probability is that you have not downloaded the images properly from the internet.  When you open the JPEG files on a browser, then this error shows up. Chances are that something may have lost during the encoding or decoding process.

Invalid JPEG marker type error

Figure illustrates Invalid JPEG marker type error

How to fix it?

JPEG does not support 16-bit, transparency or layers images and supports 8-bit RGB images without layers; therefore, ensure that your files are supported by JPEG. Also, you can leverage a Photo repair software and fix the error.

  1. Invalid JPEG file structure (SOS missing marker):

If you encounter Invalid JPEG files structure error, it may be possible that there is a disorientation in the Start-of-Scan.

The header of JPEG files are divided into segments, and each segment has a valid marker. A marker is a pair of bytes which identifies SOI (Start of Image) and EOI (End of Image) of an image, and if it’s missing, then it displays the error.

How to fix it?

As the JPEG files contain uncompressed data and use a specific format, you need another library to fix it.  Another good option is to opt for a JPEG repair software. 

  1. JPEG error #52:

JPEG error #52 usually occurs when the file is not a valid JPEG file. For instance, a BMP image file is being saved as image.jpeg.

 How to fix it?

The best way to fix this error is to check the file extension and then change it accordingly, or use an appropriate image viewer software to access the image.

  1. JPEG error #41:

JPEG error #41 occurs when you try to access a file which is not present anymore or that it has been modified. Sometimes it occurs when you put a file with renamed extension and then try to access the file. Another reason is that the JPEG file you’re trying to access is empty.

How to fix it?

Follow these steps to fix the error:

  1. Create a copy of the original image.
  2. Right click on it and uncheck the “Read-only” tab and save the JPEG file.

In this case, a reliable JPEG Cleaner application can be useful; however, there are cases when the files cannot be accessed through any software. 

  1. Bit error in a JPEG scan:

Bit and byte errors in JPEG scan is one of the common errors that users experience. This error occurs when the storage device is faulty or some pieces of data are lost during the transmission process.

A robust and the best Jpeg repair software comes handy to resolve this error. 

  1. JPEG file error code 0x80070522:

JPEG file error code 0x80070522 occurs when you try to modify a file which is not supposed to be modified. You might face some authorization issues while accessing JPEG files as you may not have the ownership of the file.

To fix the error, take the ownership of the file.

error 0x80070522

Figure illustrates error 0x80070522

To Sum Up

JPEG file format is a commonly used file format for digital photography owing to its Lossy data compression technique. It is used to reduce data size for storage, transmitting, and handling images on the internet.

JPEG files are susceptible to errors, speaking of which there are various JPEG errors with different solutions. If you are still facing any issue with your JPEG files like corruption or distortion then you can bang on Stellar Repair for Photo Software.

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