Simple Solutions to Handle Access Database Error 3218

Summary: Handling the recurrent MS Access database error 3218 can be a pain. However with the right knowledge of the exact reasons triggering the error and the help of an appropriate tool like Stellar Repair for Access, resolving Access error 3218 – “could not update record locking” becomes extremely straightforward.

In this post, we’re focusing on the Access database error 3218 and using it as an example to highlight how messy things can get without proper rescue measures.

Reasons: Access database error 3218 

When working with MS Access, one fine day you could abruptly come face to face with an error message that looks something like this:

Access Database Error 3218

Error 3218 “Could not update; currently locked.”

Receiving this error out of the blue could be problematic, but if you know what is causing it, you can figure out a way to resolve it quickly. Here are the probable reasons behind Access database error 3218:

  • A particular record has been locked by a user and Microsoft Access or another user is attempting to modify that record
  • A user action for executing VBA code has opened a record set but there is a lock on a record in that record set
  • Two or more instances of the Microsoft Access application are running on the same system
  • MS Access application is using page record locking and has exceeded the 4K limit (2K limit for Jet database engine version 3.5x and earlier)
  • The back-end application resides on a Novell Server and the maximum record locks have been exceeded
  • There is a corruption in your MS Access database

The first thing to do is try to rule out which of the above causes isn’t triggering the error in your particular case. Once you’ve done that, take a full backup of the Access database in its current state so that any solutions that you try out don’t worsen the damage on the database files (ACCDB and MDB). Next, try out the fixes mentioned in the subsequent section one by one and verify after each fix if the error has gone.

Solutions: Access Database Error 3218

  1. Check if there are any unsaved records in the database and save them. For this, in MS Access go to Home -> Records and click on Save
  2. Refresh all records present in the database; this could set any discrepancies straight. For this, in MS Access go to Home -> Records and click on Refresh All
  3. If the above two fixes don’t work, try the following quick tricks one at a time:
    • Split the database into a backend and a frontend
    • Place the frontend software to every users local computer
    • Allocate a frontend MDE instead of an MDB
    • Don’t requisite data entry forms to a multi-table query
    • Reorganize tables to decrease the size of the records particularly Memo and OLE fields.
    • Avoid run update queries on records that the users are at present modifying.
  4. If the above list of fixes also fails to resolve error 3218 in Access database, it is indicative of severe corruption within the ACCDB and MDB files. In such a case you need to carry out extensive repair and recovery procedures on your Access database.

1. Manual Method

To try to manually fix Access database corruption, follow one of the below-mentioned fixes:

  • Use JetComp to restore the damaged database files
  • De-compile the frontend software as well as the backend data file and repair them
  • Create a new blank database and import objects from the previous database into the new one

While the above mentioned manual fixes may sound simple enough for an experienced professional, they actually present quite a challenge. Thus, to fix Access database error 3218 in an extremely convenient and efficient manner,  User can try Access repair application. And in our opinion, the best software for this task is Stellar Repair for Access.

2. Using Access Database Repair Software

Stellar Repair for Access is a professional product that can fix corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access database files (ACCDB and MDB) and save the repaired database files to their default or a user-specified location through a simple 3-step procedure. The software allows you to carry out a non-destructive repair on Access database files and restore all components like macros, modules, tables, queries, reports, forms, indexes, as well as deleted records to a new database. Easy to download and install, this product comes with a demo version that lets you scan database files and preview recoverable objects for free.

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Every application faces its share of troubles now and then. But if users know what is causing errors and have the right tools and techniques handy, they can combat such troubles easily. We hope the manual fixes we have mentioned above will help you eliminate error 3218 in Access database. But if you’re having a hard time with manual fixes, remember, you can save a lot of time and effort by placing the job in the hands of expert Access repair software, Stellar Repair for Access.

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