How to Fix an iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo

Summary: Is your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo? Learn various methods to fix iPhone 'stuck on Apple logo' issue and recover lost data due to the problem.

In the present digitized realm, iPhone is the most in-demand smartphone. Users find it an epitome of perfection with a perfect blend of advanced technologies. Every individual has several inputs to justify why it is the most sold phone.

Despite being intuitive and having zillions of fans, occasionally it creates a hindrance for its prestigious users by creating issues, such as iPhone Stuck on the Apple logo. If you are an avid Apple iPhone user and stuck on the white Apple logo or indicating the Apple logo on a black screen when you try to start the device, then your search for a solution to the issue ends here. This blog is a sure-shot guide to resolve this challenge.

Prior to digging into how to fix the Apple Logo issue on iPhone, let us have a quick overview of the factors that cause the ‘iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo’ error.

Why iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo?

Several reasons due to which the ‘iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo’ error occurs are as follows:

  • Jailbreak of iPhone
  • iOS update
  • Attempt to retrieve iPhone data from previous iOS or backup
  • Software Conflict
  • Hardware issues
  • Accidental deletion of some iOS-related files
  • Expiry of beta version running on iOS

How to Fix an iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo?

Several troubleshooting methods are in used to fix this issue. Some of the approaches are:

Course of Action 1: Restart the iPhone

            How-to-Fix-an-iPhone-Stuck-on-the-Apple-Logo                                                             Figure: Restart the iPhone

It is the simplest way to fix the issue. Though the probability to resolve the concern is low yet in some instances, it helps.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Hold the Sleep/Wake button
  2. Next, let go of this Sleep/Wake button
  3. Now, shut down the iPhone by moving the Power-off slider from left to right.
  4. Now, again hold the sleep/wake button until Apple Logo appears
  5. Leave the button and allow the iPhone to finish booting up

Course of Action 2: Hard Restart the iPhoneHow-to-Fix-an-iPhone-Stuck-on-the-Apple-Logo

Figure: Hard Reset the iPhone

This other approach to restart the iPhone is a more inclusive restart type and is comparatively more powerful. On several occasions, this little trick helps to resolve the concern.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Hold Home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously
  2. Don’t skip the buttons even when the power-off slider appears
  3. Wait till the Apple Logo appears
  4. Let go to the buttons and allow the iPhone to reset

Course of Action 3: Recovery Mode


Figure: Recovery Mode

 Another potential approach to fix ‘iPhone stuck on Apple Logo.’ Issue. This approach is relatively simple and helps in most cases. When the device is in Recovery Mode, it makes iPhone connectivity with iTunes to either backup the data or let it restore iOS fresh installation.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button to turn off the device
  2. Power off the iOS device by swiping the slider to the right
  3. Next, hold the Home button
  4. Plug your iPhone into your system (make sure you have running iTunes on the system)
  5. When you see Connect to iTunes screen, choose the Update and release the Home button

Note: It does not work in jailbreak or hardware concern

Course of Action 4: Use DFU Mode


Figure: DFU Mode

If the issue is because of booting, then it is a great solution. Device Firmware Update mode allows you to communicate with iTunes without starting the bootloader. Using it, you can restore the iPhone from any stage. Always remember it wipes the complete iPhone and starts fresh.

Steps are as follows:

  1. On your system, launch iTunes
  2. Make a connection between your system and iPhone
  3. Turn Off the iPhone
  4. For 3 seconds, hold down the sleep/wake button
  5. Now, press the Home button along with the sleep/wake button for 10 seconds
  6. Next, leave the sleep/wake button and just hold the Home button for another 5 seconds
  7. If iPhone does not show anything, you are in DFU mode (if not, practice again)
  8. On successful entry to DFU mode, a pop-up will prompt under iTunes on the system and asks for restoration for the previous backup or restore iPhone to factory settings.

Note: It can erase all the data from the device thus, should only be practiced when you have a handy backup.

What if you still face the iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo issue? What if you don’t have backup and you have lost data in course of fixing the above issue?

Step-Forward Solution

In such scenarios, going for a professional solution like a third-party recovery tool is a great option. This solution being software-directed not only protects you from Data compromise and loss risk but also makes the recovery journey simple, fast, and efficient process. Also, it is completely free from manual intervention. The only point to take into consideration is to avoid challenges and ensure safe recovery selection as the online market has a plethora of solutions.

Well, to try, you can go for iPhone Data Recovery. Potent enough, this software allows you to recover data from iOS devices, iCloud backup files, and iTunes backup effortlessly. Using it you can easily regain your lost or deleted Contacts, Reminders, Voice memos, Safari Bookmarks, Call history, Notes, Messages, to Calendars. The best thing is it promises Data Integrity.

Figure: Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

The functioning of this software is very simple. You simply have to connect iPhone to your system, launch the software and follow the sequential steps for different Recovery options—Recover from iPhone, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup.

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

The Final Word

Apple iPhones are the most in-demand and widely used phones nowadays. Being electronic stuff, similar to other devices it sometimes too suffers from one or another issue. When you face such an annoying state as stuck on the Apple logo, there is a dire need to fix the issue without affecting the valuable data saved on it.

To overcome the issues, several hacks are discussed. You can choose any of them as per your need. However, if you need an easy, secure, and powerful sure-shot solution to recover lost data, then iPhone Data Recovery Software by Stellar is the perfect pick. It works like a wonder. Try it!

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