How to Fix Email Headers Corruption in PST File

Summary: Are you looking to resolve header corruption in PST file? Do you want a quick and effective repair method, to fix the issue? This tutorial will assist you on how to fix the “email header corrupt in PST” error.

Header corruption in PST file is usually caused by a damage or corruption to the hosting Outlook file (PST). This can be caused by various reasons, ranging from malware attack to system error. And depending on the level of damage, fixing the error could be very complex or quite simple.

In essence, without fixing the header corruption in PST, you would lose access to relevant email contents (in PST). And if the issue is left to linger, the corruption could spread and affect the entire PST file, putting you at the risk of losing all your Outlook files, including emails, contacts and media files among others. Hence, the swift repair and recovery of the corrupt PST becomes imperative.

Steps to Fix Corrupt Email Headers in Outlook PST:

Method 1: Fix Header Corruption in PST File Using the Inbox Repair

The scanpst.exe tool is the built-in repair tool, designed for fixing various forms of PST corruptions, and it is also applicable in this case. Hence, if you encounter header corruption in PST file, the first repair method to attempt is the Inbox Repair tool (scanpst.exe).

To fix “email header corrupt in PST” using the Inbox Repair tool, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Log out of your Outlook account and exit the program.
  • Go to your system’s file manager or Windows Explorer.
  • Select “drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 folders” (Depend on the Outlook version you are using)
  • Locate “scanpst.exe” and double-click on it.
email headers corruption outlook
  • In the designated search box on the displayed window, type-in the name of the corrupt PST and click “Browse”.
email headers corruption outlook
  • On the displayed options, select the PST file associated with the header corruption.
  • Initiate scan by clicking “Start”.
  • This action will bring up the issue(s) that requires repair.
  • Proceed with the repair by clicking the “Repair” icon.
email headers corruption outlook
  • Once the repair process is complete, the header corruption in PST file should be fixed. And you can now recover and access your Outlook emails without hassle.
email headers corruption outlook

If, after running the PST Inbox Repair scan engine, the “email header corrupt in PST” issue remains unsolved, it means that the damage/corruption is severe, in which case, a durable (optimized) PST repair engine (third-party repair solution) is required.

Method 2: Fix Email Header Corrupt in PST Using Stellar Repair for Outlook

Stellar Repair for Outlook is a trusted file repair/recovery solution, which can be employed to fix PST corruptions that are too complex for the Inbox Repair tool to fix. It is like the last resort for fixing and recovering corrupt PST files.

Therefore, if you encounter header corruption in PST file while trying to open your Outlook account, the ultimate solution would be to adopt this repair program to fix and recover the corrupt PST.

Stellar Repair for Outlook is fairly easy to use, and the whole repair process has been simplified in the short step-by-step outline below:

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  • Launch the repair tool and go to the “Select PST file for Repair” section. Click the section’s icon.
  • Select the affected file (associated with the header corruption in PST file).
email headers corruption outlook
  • Initiate the repair process, simply by clicking the “Repair” button.
email headers corruption outlook
  • After the repair process, navigate to “Home”.
  • Then, select “Save Repaired File”.
  • On the “Save Options” dialog box, select “PST” as your output file format.
email headers corruption outlook
  • Click the “Browse” button, and choose a new file path, to save the new (recovered) PST file.
  • Import the repaired PST and launch your Outlook, with the account/profile associated with the repaired PST.
  • And you are all set!

After running the Stellar Repair for Outlook program, the header corruption in PST file should be fixed, and you can now recover and view your email headers (including body contents) as you see fit.

However, on rare occasions, when the Stellar Repair software doesn’t fix the issue completely, don’t bother trying any other third-party repair solution more repair solution, since the corruption is too severe and such PST is beyond recovery.


Microsoft Outlook PST files are prone to various forms of corruptions. This is why there is a built-in repair option (scanpst.exe), designed to fix and recover PST, if and when such corruptions occur.

One of the errors commonly encountered by MS Outlook users is the issue of “email header corrupt in PST”. And we have described how (and when) to use the Inbox Repair tool (snanpst.exe) and the Stellar Repair program to fix the error.

Hope you find this helpful!

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