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    Can I Fix Error 5010F on Mac?

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      Summary: Yes, you can fix error 5010F on your Mac. Read this article to know what you should do if your Mac throws the error. If you lose data during the troubleshooting process or otherwise, recover your lost data using Mac data recovery software. Download free trial!

      “Hi, recently, I tried reinstalling macOS through the Internet Recovery mode. But, my Mac didn’t boot into this mode and threw ‘error 5010F.’ Can I fix error 5010F on Mac? If yes, then please share an easy method. Thanks for your help.”

      Your Mac has an excellent Internet Recovery feature that allows you to reinstall macOS without the need for installation files, technical knowledge, and manual effort at your end. All you need is an active Internet connection. Now, start or restart your Mac and immediately press and hold Option + Command + R hotkey. Your Mac will boot into the Internet Recovery mode, and you could easily reinstall macOS. Reinstalling your macOS fixes system issues, removes malicious programs, and makes your machine run just like new.

      Sometimes, your Mac won’t start into Internet Recovery mode and throw the error code 5010F. This error stops you from accessing the Utilities window and performing the macOS installation process.

      Reasons for the 5010F Error

      • NVRAM settings issue
      • Poor Internet connection

      Read the next section to learn how to fix error 5010F on Mac. And, if you lose your data, use Mac data recovery software to recover it.

      Methods to fix 5010F error on Mac

      1. Reset NVRAM on Mac

      The NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) on your Mac stores: startup disk selection, screen resolution, speaker volume, time zone, and kernel panic information and preferences. So, if you reset the NVRAM on your Mac, all the stored preferences are set to their default value.

      If you have a Mac with an M1 chip, restart the Mac to reset NVRAM. For those who own a Mac with an Intel processor, perform the following steps on macOS Ventura or earlier to reset NVRAM:

      a) Start or restart your Mac and immediately press and hold Option + Command + P + R hotkey.

      Press Command + Option
      Image: Press Command + Option + R

      b) Release the key when the Mac boots for the second time.

      Once you’ve reset the NVRAM on your Mac, reboot your computer and retry the Internet Recovery process. Hopefully, you can access the macOS Utilities window and reinstall macOS without running into the 5010F error. If the issue persists, proceed to the next troubleshooting method.

      2. Fix Internet Connection on Mac

      The error code 5010F can occur if the Internet connection is poor. Try to reconnect your Wi-Fi and keep your MacBook Pro/Air in a place with good connectivity. You can even try using a different Internet connection.  Or else, use an Ethernet connection to get uninterrupted Internet access. Now, reboot your Mac and proceed to the Internet Recovery mode. If the solution didn’t work, continue to the next troubleshooting method.

      3. Reinstall macOS and Restore Data Using Time Machine

      When you have a Time Machine backup of your Mac, restore the backed-up data using Time Machine. The steps in macOS Ventura or earlier are as follows:

      Warning: Time Machine restoration requires reinstallation of macOS that can prompt you to erase the drive. So, manually back up the newly created files from your Mac to an external drive to prevent their loss due to drive formatting.

      a) Make sure the Time Machine backup hard drive is connected to your Mac.

      b) For Mac with an M1 chip, start the system by pressing and holding the Power button until Startup Manager appears. Click Options, then click Continue.

      c) For Mac with Intel chip, start or restart the Mac, then press and hold the Command + R hotkey until the startup screen appears.

      Press Command + R
      Image: Press-hold Command + R

      d) In macOS Recovery mode, click Reinstall macOS from utilities, then click Continue. Perform the on-screen instructions to install the macOS stored on the recovery disk.

      Reinstall macOS
      Image: Reinstall macOS

      e) In Migration Assistant, select Transfer from a Time Machine Backup, then click Continue

      Migration Assistant
      Image: Migration Assistant

      f) Select the restore date and time, then perform the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration task.

      If you don’t have a Time Machine backup and you have reinstalled macOS to fix the 5010F error, proceed to the next method to recover your lost data.

      Recover Your Lost Data Using Mac Data Recovery Software

      If you’ve lost data during the troubleshooting procedures, or otherwise, use a Mac data recovery software to recover it. The steps are as follows:

      a) Download and install the free trial of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

      Stellar Data Recovery Drive mac

      b) Watch the following video on how to recover your data from a non-booting Mac.

      The free trial of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac allows free scanning of storage media and free file preview. And to recover files, the software needs activation. Also, the tool has a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case. Read More


      Now you know how to fix error 5010F on your Mac. First off, reset NVRAM and check whether the error exists. If it does, then try using a different Internet connection. If you have a Time Machine backup, reinstall macOS to fix the error 5010F altogether, then restore Mac data using the backup drive. And when you don’t have a Time Machine backup and reinstalled macOS, use Mac data recovery software to retrieve your data that got lost during the troubleshooting process. The software supports macOS Ventura 13 and earlier.

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