How to Fix iTunes Error 26?

Summary: Getting iTunes error 26 when trying to update iPhone via iTunes. Learn how to fix iTunes error 26 and update your iPhone without any issue.

‘I tried to update my iPhone via iTunes. But it gave me error 26.  I tried again to restore iPhone, this time with Recovery mode. But still it resulted in error 26. Any other idea how to resolve the iPhone error 26 issue?’

iTunes error 26, also known as iPhone error 26 usually occurs during a restore or update of iPhone via iTunes. There can be several reasons for the iTunes error 26 such as improper hardware or network connection, outdated iTunes version, or any third-party software on your system.

Here we bring you the best solutions to fix the iPhone restore error 26.

Solution 1: Check your hardware and network connections

iTunes error 26 is generally due to the hardware issues. So before moving on to real troubleshooting, first be assured all the hardware and network connection are working fine.

Things to check:

  • iPhone USB cable and port are properly connected
  • Network connection is secure and reliable. You can also try with another network.
  • Use an Apple USB port and certified cable
  • USB cable is properly connected to the computer
  • USB port is not damaged. Try with another USB port

Solution 2: Update to latest version of iTunes

iTunes updates fix existing bugs. If the iPhone error 26 during restore is due to old version of iTunes, installing the latest version can fix the error.

How to update iTunes to latest version?

For Windows users:

Launch iTunes on your PC. On menu bar, click Help > Check for Updates and follow the given instructions to update to latest version. After update is completed, reboot your computer and check if the iPhone error 26 is fixed.

For Mac users:

Launch iTunes on Mac. On Menu bar go to iTunes > Check for Updates and follow the on screen instructions to update iTunes. Next, reboot your computer and check if the error 26 problem is resolved. 

You cannot see ‘Check for Updates’ option?

If ‘Check for Updates’ is not visible in the Help menu, it means you downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store. In such a case, you do not need to download the latest iTunes version. iTunes update automatically when new versions are released.

Solution 3: Disable your third-party software

Any third-party application or security software on your computer can prevent iTunes from connecting to Apple servers, thus, resulting in error 26 when you try to restore iPhone through iTunes. Disable the third-party software, if any, to fix the error.

To disable your system’s antivirus: At the lower right-side of the screen, right-click on antivirus icon and disable it.

Solution 4: Disable the proxy server

It could be a Proxy server that is interrupting the iTunes while connecting to the Update Servers, giving error 26. So try once by disabling it.

To disable proxy server

  1. Go to Window Start search box type msonfig. Press Enter
  2. Click Services tab in the System Configuration dialog box
  3. Check the Hide all Microsoft services at the bottom
  4. Follow by clicking Disable all > Apply > OK > Restart

Solution 5: Factory Reset your iPhone

Factory reset is a solution to most of the iPhone errors including error 26. Before doing factory reset, have a backup of your iPhone data as it will lead to complete loss of iPhone data.

To Factory Reset follow: Settings > General > Reset> Erase All Content and Settings. Next enter your passcode and click on Erase iPhone.

Unfortunately if you forget to backup or else somehow lost your iPhone data, use iPhone Data Recovery Software by Stellar. This software safely retrieves lost or deleted data from your iPhone, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup. It can even recover lost iPhone backup files once saved on your Windows PC or Mac system. Try the demo version now:

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

Solution 6: Contact Apple Support

Tried all the above troubleshooting methods? Still seeing the iTunes error 26? Contact Apple Support on phone or chat. You can also contact a local Apple Authorized Service Provider for help.

Tip: Update iPhone using Another Computer or Network

Unable to update your iPhone due to error 26? Often unidentified issues within system or network stop iTunes from communicating with the Apple server.

Try to restore iOS on another computer with a different Internet or network connection.

Wrapping Up

Factory Reset is considered to be the last choice as it deletes complete iPhone data, however there are ways to recover data after Factory Reset too. Whenever you encounter iTunes error 26, check your hardware and network connection first. Ensure you are using the latest version of iTunes. Disabling security software also helps iTunes to connect to the Apple server. Factory Reset should be the last choice as it deletes complete iPhone data.

Were these solutions helpful? How were you able to fix iTunes error 26? Let our readers know in the comment box below.

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