How to Permanently Delete Videos from an SD Memory Card

To permanently delete videos from an SD card, you typically use the device’s user interface to which the SD card is connected or connect it to your PC and use the File Explorer to delete all private videos. After deletion, you may think the files are gone but they are not. The files still remain on the drive even after permanent deletion.

Here’s How File Deletion Works

File deletion works by removing the pointer or address to the file, not the actual file. Therefore, when you delete videos from your SD card — whether using an Android interface or the built-in delete option in the device (e.g. camera), to which the SD card is connected — the files still remain intact.

Just that they become inaccessible because the Master File Table (MFT) — used by the device’s OS to track the record of files and folders — no more holds the address to the file.

In simple words, you must erase the videos, especially if they are confidential and private, to get rid of them permanently.

For erasing the videos, you need a specialized data erasure software such as BitRaser for File, which is capable of destroying videos and all other selected data from your SD card or any other storage media permanently, and beyond the scope of recovery. To accomplish the erase task, the software comes equipped with 17 international data erasure algorithms such as DOD 5220.22-M, NATO, etc.

Further, to meet regulatory compliances and satisfaction of the user, the software provides a Certificate of Erasure (certified by Stellar Data Recovery) comprising information about the deleted files, and it guarantees that the files destroyed using BitRaser for File software cannot be recovered even with forensics tools!

How to Permanently Delete Videos from SD Card?

Follow these steps to permanently delete videos from your SD card and destroy them beyond recovery:

  1. Download, install, and run the BitRaser for File software
  2. Connect the SD card to the system using SD card adapter, or use a USB cable to connect the device with SD card to mount it on your Windows PC
  3. Go to File Explorer and check if SD card is accessible
  4. Go to the BitRaser for File software and click the ‘Tools’ tab

  1. Select the Data Erasure algorithm and verification method from the respective dropdown (as preferred)
  2. Click ‘the ‘Home’ tab and then, click ‘Erase Now’ button in left Pane
  3. On the right, the connected/mounted SD card volume is displayed. Expand the volume
  4. Further, expand folders and choose video files that you want to destroy. You may also use the ‘Search File’ option to locate the video files
  5. After selection, click ‘Erase Now’ button at the bottom-right
  6. When prompted, click Yes
  7. After the erasure task is finished, the software asks you to reboot the system. Click ‘No’ as we have erased files from an external storage, not from internal.

At this stage, you have successfully destroyed your private and confidential videos, and now the securely erased videos cannot be recovered with any software or service including forensics.

Besides, you can also use the BitRaser for File software as a privacy-safeguarding tool and a data erasure utility for your daily needs. The software offers inbuilt options to securely erase your internet activities (logins, passwords, transactions, etc.), system traces, and application traces that might contain sensitive information.


Using the Shift+Delete command or other inbuilt OS options to delete files in your smartphone, camera, and other devices do not permanently remove the files, but just remove the addresses to those files.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a secure data erasure software such as BitRaser for File to ensure that your confidential, sensitive, and private data is permanently removed, beyond the scope of recovery.

More so because BitRaser for File employs specialized data erasure algorithms such as DOD, NATO, and Gutmann, etc. to sanitize your device.

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