How to Recover Calendar Items and Mails in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

Updated on May 14th, 2020

Kuljeet Singh

Looking to recover corrupt or deleted Calendars and emails in Outlook?
This how-to guide is for you! Here, we’ll be showing you how to recover calendar items and mails in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007 versions.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a component of the mailing platform, designed for setting and managing schedules, appointments and events among others. It is typically like a digital scheduler, which is designed to keep records of your schedules and engagements, and where necessary, initiates reminders.

However, like other Outlook items, Calendars and Emails are easily prone to data loss, which typically happens due to accidental deletion, PST corruption, virus attack, Outlook error and/or system damage. Normally, when any of these happens, Outlook – PST – files (including Calendar items) become corrupted and inaccessible.

Unable to find out the reason, why an application as efficient as Outlook

To recover deleted Calendar items or emails, we have come up with some solutions. Read on!

Recover Calendar Items and Mails in Outlook

Solution #1: Recover Deleted Calendar Items and Mails

If Outlook Calendars or emails are deleted unintentionally, there’s a fail-safe setup to recover such files. Normally, deleted items are sent to the “Deleted Items” folder (typical of the ‘Recycle Bin’ in Windows). And such files can easily be restored to their original location(s).

However, the “Deleted Items” folder, by default, removes its contents (deleted items) the moment you exit the application. Hence, to prevent this;

  • Go to the File pane: select Options > Advanced; and
  • Go to the Start and Exit section: locate and uncheck the Empty Deleted Items checkbox, and click OK.

Once this is done, you can proceed to recover the deleted Calendars or emails, as described below.

For Outlook 2016

  • Launch your Outlook and navigate to the Deleted Items folder.
  • Double-click the folder to display recently deleted emails, Calendars, attachments etc.
  • Select the Calendar item(s) or email(s) you want to recover and right-click on it.
  • Select Move > Other Folder.
  • Locate Inbox or Draft on the list of folders and move the emails or Calendars there.
  • Click OK to apply changes. Subsequently, the files would be restored in no time.

Note: This procedure is more or less the same in Outlook 2019.

For Outlook 2007 / 2010 / 2013

  • Ctrl + click on the folder location of the missing Calendar items (select the Inbox folder for mails).
  • Navigate to the menu bar and click on the “Tools” icon.
  • In the displayed options, select Recover Deleted Items.
  • Locate the file (Calendar or email) to be recovered, and click on the Recover Selected Items button

Solution #2: Recover Calendar Items and Mails using Inbox Repair Tool

Many times, files are lost or rendered inaccessible due to PST corruption or damage. When this happens, such files need to be repaired before any recovery can be made.

Microsoft Outlook hosts a built-in repair function known as “Inbox Repair Tool” (ScanPST.exe). This tool is basically used to fix minor PST corruptions, and recover affected files. If your Calendar items or emails become corrupted, you can easily employ the ScanPST.exe to repair and recover the files.

To use this tool, follow the guidelines below:

  • Click Win + E to open Windows Explorer.
  • On the Windows Explorer’s window, follow file path and locate the ScanPST.exe program under Outlook.
  • Select Browse; find and select the Outlook/PST file to repair (and recover).
  • Initiate scan: click Start.
  • After the scan, click Repair to finish the process.

Once this is done, the affected file (Calendar item or email) should now be restored.

In the event of severe PST corruption or damage, you may find it difficult to restore affected files (Calendar items and emails). To recover such files, an advanced third-party repair/recovery program is often required, and Stellar Repair for Outlook stands out in this regard.

Solution #3: Use Stellar Repair for Outlook

This is the ultimate solution, which can be employed to recovered corrupt or hard-deleted PST files (including Calendars and emails).

Follow the steps below to run the PST file repair/recovery program:

  • Install and download Stellar Repair for Outlook from official website.
Free Download
  • Launch the program, and go to the Select PST File for Repair tab.
  • Select the Calendar item(s) or email you want to repair/recover and click Repair.
  • The software scans the file and shows preview of all mailbox items including Calendar items and mails.
  • After the repair, go to the “Home” menu and click on Save Repaired File.
  • Choose a desired file format in the pop-up dialog box.
  • Click on Browse; go to a desired location and save the repaired file.
  • Follow prompt commands to finish the process.
  • Launch Outlook (with the profile associated with the repaired file).

Once the repair is done, affected files are duly recovered. Such files (calendar items and mails) should now be accessible.


Calendar items and emails are lost in Outlook either via deletion (hard or soft) or via PST corruption. In the case of accidental – soft – deletion, you can easily recover such files (within the standard 14 days retention period).

However, in the case of hard-deletion or PST corruption, you may have to employ a third-party repair program like Stellar Repair for Outlook to recover Outlook calendar items and mails as recommended in this tutorial.

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  1. My husband deleted my emails and calendar thinking they were backed up. Now i want to find my calendar items from before March. If i follow your directions, will it also restore all the emails that i really want deleted? That would not be good.

    1. Hi Niomi, If you face any problem please let us know. You can also contact to our support team for any urgent help.

    1. In a free demo, you can judge the result. If you want to save those emails, then go for the license version of the software.

      Sometimes, a freeware tool is a host of suspicious malware so be careful. We believe that data safety should be a top priority for all users.

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