How to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

Updated on December 31st, 2021

Rohit Arora

Summary: TikTok popularity has significantly increased in the last couple of years, and it continued to surge. Have you ever thought about what will happen to your videos created through TikTok getting deleted or lost? Don’t worry! This post will help to get your deleted TikTok videos back.

Owing to TikTok’s surging popularity, an increasing number of brands are showing willingness to collaborate with TikTok influencers. So, if you are an influence there is a high probability you may get approached by them.

Whether you are looking for brand partnership, or enjoy having a huge fan base with a good number of likes and comments on your TikTok videos, you need to be ready for the inevitable.

What if on one fine day you have accidentally deleted your TikTok videos?

Now, before you dwell on the misery of losing your TikTok videos, check out the methods discussed below that may help you get back your deleted TikTok videos.

Method 1 – Restore Deleted TikTok Videos from Backup, if Available

The first place you should look for deleted TikTok videos is in the backup. It may seem obvious, but we often overlook checking the backup files. Probably, you may have set your phone to automatically upload videos to default photos app, such as Android’s Google Photos app or iOS Photos app.

If you haven’t backed up your videos, try using the next method to recover deleted TikTok videos.

Did you know that Skype archives your chats and stores them locally in your computer (if you activate the option)? Even if you delete these messages from your computer, they can still be recovered by data recovery software.

Method 2 – Recover Your Liked Videos on TikTok

NOTE: This method will only work on your liked videos on TikTok. Keep in mind, since only the videos set to Public (visible to everyone) can be liked. You cannot recover Private videos.

Follow these steps to restore your liked videos on TikTok:

Step 1 – Open your TikTok application.

recover your liked Vidoes on TikTok

Step 2 – Open your TikTok profile, by clicking the person icon placed at the bottom right corner of your application.

Open you TikTok Profile

Step 3 – On your TikTok profile, you will see a “Heart” icon. Click the ‘Heart’ icon to open your liked videos on TikTok.

Click heart icon on TikTok

Step 4 – From the screen that appears, click on the deleted video.

Click on the Deleted Video

Step 5 – Next, tap on the three dots (highlighted in the screenshot below) in the top right corner of your TikTok profile page.

Tap the Three Dots of your TikTok Page

Step 6 – Click on ‘Save video’ option. You will now be able to see your deleted TikTok videos in your device’s gallery.

Save Video

Method 3 – Stellar Photo Recovery to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

If you had saved your TikTok videos in an SD card, and accidentally deleted them, you can easily recover deleted videos by using Stellar Photo Recovery. The software helps recover digital multimedia files including photos, videos, and audio clip from SD cards, Micro SD cards, Mini SD cards, etc.

Stellar Photo Recovery software recover all kinds of videos lost by accidental deletion, corruption, formatting or inaccessible SD cards.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card by using Stellar Photo Recovery Software

A word of caution: Stop using the SD card immediately after a data loss incident (such as video deletion) to prevent permanent data loss and video file corruption due to potential overwriting.

Step 1 : Download, install and launch the trial* version of Stellar Photo Recovery on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Connect the mobile phone’s memory card to your computer.

Step 3: Run the Stellar Photo Recovery software.

Step 4: Select the SD card volume under ‘Connected Drives’ from where you want to recover your lost videos, and click Scan.

Stellar Photo Recovery Standard

Step 5: Once the scanning process is complete, a list of recoverable video files is displayed on the left pane.

Stellar Photo Preview Screen

NOTE: If you cannot find the needed TikTok videos in the list, switch over to the Deep Scan function by using the toggle switch at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7: Select the video files you need to recover, and click Recover.

Step 8: Next, browse and choose the desired location other than source location (SD card) to save the selected TikTokvideo files.

Step 9: Click Save. All the video files are saved at your specified location.  

*The trial edition scans the media and shows preview of all the recoverable videos. Once you are able to ascertain the effectiveness, you can save the recoverable files by activating the software.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac


This post clearly explained how you could easily restore your deleted TikTok videos from the backup. Or, you can simply get the videos back from your TikTok’s profile page, but, this solution has a limitation as you can recover only the liked videos.

If you’ve accidentally deleted your TikTok videos stored in your phone’s SD card and there’s no backup, using Stellar Photo Recovery software can help you restore the deleted TikTok videos in a hassle-free manner.

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Sumona Chatterjee

Sumona is a tech blogger, avid photographer, & technogeek with vast experience in writing about media file recovery tips and tutorials. She has over 10 years of experience in media file recovery/media file repair technology. She is passionate about Photography, Creative Designing, Music, and Exploring lesser-known destinations. 

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  1. Hi i edited my video by bad luck instead of keeping it to the draft i clicked post i need my full video how can i recorver it

    1. Hi Fatma, if your video was stored in your phone’s SD card before or after editing, our software can easily recover it. In case, the video is stored in your android phone, you can try another software such as Stellar Data Recovery for Android, which will help you recover lost video files from your android phone’s internal storage. Thanks!

  2. I accidentally uninstalled my Tik Tok app. Thereby all my videos which I posted all are deleted. Now I want that back how can I get them back?

    1. Hi Rohan
      Reinstall the app on your Android using the same account. It should get back your Tik Tok content.

  3. Hi, I was trying to fix the notification problem that I am not getting and I cleared TikTok data from the storage settings. Not only that it did not fix my notification problem but also deleted all the drafts. Can I get back those drafts?

    1. Hi Sampoorna,
      As mentioned in this blog you can restore deleted TikTok videos from backup, if you have one.
      If the videos were saved in SD card of your mobile phone, try our Stellar Photo Recovery software. Public videos liked by you can also be be recovered by the above shared steps.

    1. Hi Kaif
      If you have enabled back up of your chat data data to Google Drive, restore chat from there. Else you may try Stellar Android Recovery software.

  4. Hi Sumona, I’m a musical instructor and I was just a fan meeting and did Tiktok. Then I suddenly deleted Tiktok and all videos are gone. What should I do to recover?

    1. Hi Jasmyn, you can reinstall the Tiktok app. But the private videos won’t come back. If you have previous videos in the backup such as the android Google app or iOS Photos app. You can easily restore deleted Tiktok videos. Thanks

  5. I have uninstalled my tiktok app which happens to contain draft videos which I have not posted in tiktok. Tell me how can I be able to recover my draft videos on tik tok?

    1. Hi Devaraj, Please find the below steps: –
      1. Select the ‘+’ icon to capture video as you usually would.
      2. Select Upload at the bottom right of the screen.
      3. Select the video from the Gallery you want to use.
      4. Arrange the video in the timeline as required and click Next.
      5. Edit or add captions if required.
      6. Change privacy to Public or Friends Only and hit Post.
      Your video then goes live, and your chosen audience will be able to view it as usual. There isn’t a way to recover a deleted draft from the TikTok app. For More information, you can contact our support through email support[@] or call +1-877-778-6087. Thanks!

  6. I had deleted my account from TiKtok and saved videos in my memory card. But due to some reason I didn’t know what happen exactly memory card videos not play. Please help

    1. Hi Frank, We would like to inform you that you can try our software demo version if our demo version shows the repair files then Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software works. That means the files will be repaired in the same manner as you were able to see them in the preview window after the scanning is complete.

  7. I had accidentally deleted my videos and photos from my galaxy note 5 want to be recover. Please help?

    1. Hi Maegan, There are lots of ways to get back the videos and photos. I would like to suggest 2 easy solutions:
      1. If you sync your phone with Gmail. Go-to google photos and restore.
      2. Remove the SD card from your phone and put it into the PC through the card reader. Use our software demo version and see the preview of your deleted videos and photos. For more information, you can contact our support through email at support[@] or call at +1-877-778-6087. Thanks!

  8. I had missing couple of videos from my PC and I checked the recycle bin all videos are gone. Please help me to get back my videos.

    1. Hi Nasim, I would like to suggest, you can try our software demo version and see the preview of your recovered videos. Thank you very much.

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