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How to Repair Corrupt WEBM Video Files

Prachi Sahu  | Updated on February 4, 2021 | Video Repair   | 10 Comments   | 4 min read

Summary: Online videos are mostly of WEBM format. Several sites like YouTube, Skype, and Wikimedia use this format. Like any other file, WEBM files can also get corrupt due to various reasons. Learn how you can repair corrupt WebM video files.

How to Repair Corrupt WEBM Video Files How to Repair Corrupt WEBM Video Files

What causes WEBM files corruption

  • The web browser is not updated or corrupt
  • Flash is not enabled or installed
  • Server to stream the video is down
  • Incompatible media player
  • Improper download/ transfer of file
  • Virus in the system
  • Improper conversion of video file

Nevertheless, you can repair them with a corrupted video repair software. If your videos have minor visual issues, you can also fix them with the help of video editing tools.

How to Repair Corrupt WEBM Video Files

  1. Use video repair software
  2. Use noise reduction applications

Method 1: Repair WEBM files with video repair software

The corruption in WEBM videos might have occurred during editing, transfer, conversion to a different format or playing them on a virus-infected system. Regardless of the cause, Stellar Repair for Video fixes damaged, broken, flickering, jerky or any kind of playable issue in WEBM videos. It is a corrupted video file repair software that not only restores WEBM videos but also other video file formats like MP4 and MOV etc.

Unlike many video repair software, Stellar video repair fixes the sound, slider and frame issues in the videos. Inclusion of ‘Advanced repair’ feature that uses correct sample videos ensures severely corrupt files are also made playable.

The software is available for both Mac and Windows users.

Why choose Stellar Repair for Video

  • Repair a vast variety of video formats
  • Fix multiple videos, simultaneously
  • Repairs ultra HD 4K videos
  • Previews the repaired videos before saving
  • Easy to use

You can always try the free demo version of Stellar Repair for Video and preview the repaired files. The leverage also quashes the confusion and helps in the buying decision.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

Steps to Repair WEBM Files with Stellar Repair for Video

Method 2: Use noise reduction tools

To an extent video noise, grains, color loss, brightness issues etc., can be managed with the help of noise reduction applications such as video editors and plugins.

Premiere Pro, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro X, and FFmpeg are some of the advanced video editors that can greatly reduce noise and enhance video quality.

Video plugins such as Magic Bullet Denoiser or Neat Video also considerably reduce visual noise and grains.

However, a dedicated video repair software can always tackle any serious video corruption issues like video errors, slow playing, choppy, black screen, jerky, no sound, freezing videos or sound lag etc.

WEBM Videos are Not Playing! Are they corrupt?

If the videos are not playing in your media player or browser, it is not always due to corruption. Sometimes, the support system required to play WEBM files is not in place. It could be anything from the outdated browser, computer, or absence of the required codec pack.

Dos’ when WEBM video files are not playing in browser or media player

  1. Get the compatible codec

If your chosen media player lacks the supporting codec, it will not play the WEBM files. Ensure that you have the compatible codec in your system or playing the files in a media player that supports WEBM files.

  1. Download videos again from source

Sudden power cut, loss of internet connection, or server issues can make the videos sluggish or turn them non-playable. Simply wait for some time for the server or the Internet connection to be up, and then try downloading the videos again. If the video file was copied or transferred from any drive/ storage card, do it again.

  1. Update the web browser

‘I’m building a website with full-page videos and converting my MOV videos to WEBM (vP8) for Chrome and Firefox. For some unknown reason, I can’t play the WEBM video file in Firefox though it loads just fine in Chrome.’

If you are facing such issues, remember, outdated web browsers also hampers the videos from playing or loading properly. Whether you are using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer, ensure that it is updated to fully support WEBM videos. Also, make sure Adobe Flash is enabled on your browser.

  1. Delete the cache and temporary files

Often, the video problems like playing very slow or taking longer buffering time get fixed by removing cache and temporary files on the system. This helps your browser and computer to work better and load videos faster.


Video repair software like Stellar Repair for Video provides an effective solution to fix corrupt WEBM videos. However, if the damage is minor, you may also try out a video editing software and plugins to do the task. The applications reduce noise and manage to give acceptable results.

In case you are not proficient in using video editing software or find the plugins an expensive pick, a video repair application is better in terms of convenience and overall value. They are fast, easy-to-use, offer better repair results in terms of fixing even severely corrupt videos.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

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