How Worth it is to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

Lately in June, Microsoft released the preview version of Windows 8.1, an advanced version of Windows 8. The new launch offers a lot more in terms of interface and functioning. Surprisingly, large improvements have been noticed in Windows 8.1 as compared to its predecessor Windows 8. Although Windows 8.1 is not perfect, yet Microsoft has managed to refresh users’ experience in a short time with the new development since Windows 8 was debuted late in October 2012. The firm has not yet announced the final release date of Windows 8.1, but it is supposed to be launched by this year-end.

Windows 8.1 logo

Since folks are always crazy to get hands on the latest releases, they try hard to know what is new and what is better. The craze accentuates to have a deep understanding and proper knowledge about why one should go for the higher version. The post is promised to provide all the advantages that Windows 8.1 offers over Windows 8. Go through the detailed description on the reasons that give a great popularity boost to the new operating system.

Modern UI Experience

The new release offers better UI experience, such as a major change you will notice is return of ‘Start’ button that is available when you switch to the desktop mode; however, the button does not work the same way it did in the older Windows versions. When you left-click the ‘Start’ button, it toggles between the start screen and the desktop. On the other hand, right clicking the button displays a menu consisting of a long list of options. Moreover, the button is on the desktop; however, you will be able to see it on the Metro interface start screen. Since the Start button does behave as before, it may be the reason for critics. Who knows!

win 8.1 start button

The UI also offers a good experience to the users who prefer using keyboard and mouse to access applications. Microsoft has integrated configuration options with Windows 8.1 that will allow users to boot to desktop directly, which was missing in Windows 8.

windows 8.1 boot to desktop

There are various ways you can try to view multiple apps simultaneously on the screen. You can also adjust the size of apps, keep maximum three apps on one monitor, and share the screen between two apps.

customized app size in Windows 8.1

Better App Snapping

If you loved app snap function on Windows 8, you are simply going to be crazy about it on Windows 8.1 that provides much more flexible app snapping. The Windows 8 vanilla imposed a limit of opening only two apps at a time, where one covers 75% of the whole screen and the second app takes the rest area. Windows 8.1 has just got rid of such annoying limitation, as you can have four apps on one screen. You can also change the size of snapped windows; this is how Microsoft brings usability improvements to Windows 8.1. It is especially great when you use the new edition of Internet Explorer 11 in more than one window simultaneously.

win 8.1 app snapping

Search Results

Admittedly, users just raved about the Search charm of Windows 8, but the Smart Search on Windows 8.1 performs out of the box. When you search for something, Windows 8.1 displays the search results in a single page instead of categorizing search results into Files, Apps, and Settings. This ability of search makes it more helpful, flexible, and useful. Let us consider an example, if you search for a particular music group or band, it will display the picture of it, the documents that contain the search key, the songs of the group, Bing search results, biographical info, etc. It is for sure that if Windows 8.1 had only possessed Smart Search, it would have been a feasible reason for you to install it. Yeah, Smart Search is actually that great.

smart search

Enhanced Apps

Microsoft has also brought enhancements to the native apps, such as Xbox Music, Mail. Moreover, the new apps, such as fitness and food related, are also introduced in Windows 8.1 as well as a modern version of MS Office is also there. The new features for editing in Photos app allow you to adjust or edit images in a few minutes. While Mail features various options for filtering.

Extended Windows Store

In Windows 8.1, it is now easy for you to find the apps that you want, which has become possible owing to the new look of Windows Store. Moreover, the updates for apps are automatically installed in the background and there is a search option on the upper-right corner that you can use to find the desired apps. In addition, the Windows Store in Windows 8.1 provides more information via a list of free apps and new releases, which is somewhat better than Windows 8. It is also noticed that the provided list of apps is more detailed and informative.

apps suggestion

Apart from the above-mentioned notable features, there are more improvements in Windows 8.1, such as you can now store the files on SkyDrive directly, and have direct access to all the settings via the updated PC Settings without browsing to the Control Panel. This includes changing display resolution, product key, and setting power options, etc. With PC Settings, you can also manage SkyDrive. The changes to the Windows Explorer include no automatic availability of file libraries in Explorer. Furthermore, on the devices with small drive, such as tablet, the Pictures folders and Documents from the SkyDrive are provided by default. Besides, there are improvements to all programs in addition to the Desktop.


According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 is a blockbuster. So now is the time for all the freaks to leave the older version and try out the latest innovation. The user response for Windows 8 was substantial, though the firm claims that the new release is going to create a lot of buzz. The great news is that the users who have Windows RT or Windows 8 installed will not be charged for upgrading to Windows 8.1.


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