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    9 Solutions For iMessage Effects Not Working

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      Summary: iMessage elevates the texting experience for users by offering dynamic effects for self-expression. Yet, it's not immune to occasional bugs. Simple fixes such as rebooting your iPhone or disabling features like Reduce Motion and 3D & Haptic Touch usually troubleshoot these issues. For persistent troubles, consult experts at Apple support.

      “Every time I try to use iMessage effects, I only hear the sound they make but I never see them actually work on my screen. Does anyone else have this problem?”

      iMessage effects add a playful flair to our texts, enhancing them visually with fun effects like lasers and confetti. Sometimes though, these effects don’t work, leaving end users confused. This guide addresses the typical reasons behind iMessage effects not working on iPhones.

      Here, you will learn how to send and receive these creative messages without interruption.

      1. Turn Off Reduce Motion Setting

      To fix iMessage issues on your iPhone, disable the reduced motion setting. This ensures the bubble motion functions properly, as it’s hindered when reduced motion is active.

      Follow these steps to turn off reduce motion on the iPhone:

      • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion.
      • Toggle off Reduce Motion.
      Disable reduce motion to fix iMessage effects not working.

      2. Check Auto-Play Message Effects

      iOS provides an Auto-Play Message Effects feature. If this option is disabled, the sent or received effects won’t play by themselves; you must select ‘Replay’ to view them.

      Now, follow these steps:

      • Open Settings on your iPhone.
      • Go to Accessibility, then tap on Reduce Motion.
      • Enable Auto-Play Message Effects toggle.
      Enable auto-play message effect.

      3. Reboot Your iPhone

      If your iPhone’s iMessage effects fail to show, it might be due to a software glitch. Say you send a “happy birthday” message, but instead of festive balloons, you’re greeted with just plain text and an effective description. Often, a quick reboot of your device can fix iPhone message effects not working effectively.

      • To Restart your device, press and hold the Wake/Sleep button, slide to Power Off, then turn it on after a moment.
      • For a Reboot, simultaneously hold the Home and Wake/Sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo.
      • On an iPhone 7 or newer model, force a restart by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

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      4. Reset All Settings

      Should your iPhone continue to malfunction, it’s likely a “settings” issue. To address this, perform a reset of all your iPhone’s settings, which frequently resolves these issues.

      • Go to Settings.
      • Press General.
      • Scroll down and hit Transfer or Reset iPhone.
      • Press Reset.
      Reset All Settings to fix imessage effect not working.
      • It will require you to enter your iPhone Passcode for security reasons.
      • Lastly, hit Reset All Settings.

      5. Quit the iMessage App and Relaunch it

      A probable reason behind iMessage effects not working could be a bug within the app itself. To address this, forcefully close the app and then reopen it. This action typically reinstates the app’s functions and fixes minor errors. To exit the messaging app:

      • Double-tap the Home button.
      • Swipe Up the app off the multitasking screen.
      • Then, reopen the app to see if it works.

      6. Sign Out and Sign In to the Messaging App or Use Apple ID for iMessage

      Logging out and then logging back in could resolve issues specifically with iMessage or group chats. Follow the outlined steps to attempt this fix:

      • Go to Settings.
      • Select Messages.
      Go to message.
      • Click on Send and Receive.
      Click send & receive.
      • See and click on your Apple ID > tap on Sign Out and then again Sign In.
      Sign out and then again Sign in.

      For iMessage, it’s best to use an Apple ID since phone numbers often fail to activate. This can happen if the carrier doesn’t support iMessage or if your plan excludes the service. Simply switch to your Apple ID in the iPhone settings to ensure uninterrupted iMessage service.

      • Go to Settings > Messages > Use Your Apple ID for iMessage > Sign in with Apple ID.
      Use apple ID for iMessage.

      7. Update your iOS

      To boost your device’s performance, it’s crucial to update it with the newest firmware. Apple consistently releases iOS updates that bring fresh features and resolve bugs like iPhone message effects not working.

      • To do so, go to Settings > General > Update Software. In case of an available update, download and install it.

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      8. Turn off 3D Touch

      The feature may appear as either 3D Touch or Haptic Touch, depending on the device. The 3D Touch is significantly updated across various apps. At times, its functionality can be toggled off on iPhone from Settings.

      Earlier iPhone models, such as the 6s series, 7 series, 8 series, and the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max offer 3D Touch. On the other hand, newer models starting from the iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and subsequent releases are equipped with the Haptic Touch.

      To disable Haptic Touch, follow these steps:

      • Go to Settings.
      • Scroll down to Accessibility.
      • Select Touch.
      • For Haptic Touch, you can press Touch duration speed and test it. Or, for 3D Touch, Turn it Off using the slider.

      9. Restore Your Device

      If nothing from above works, then restoring your device is the last option. But before doing that, remember to take a backup of your data otherwise, you may risk losing it. In case you do incur a data loss scenario, deploy specialized software like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to effectively recover all your lost files.


      Q. What is the slam effect on iMessages?

      A. The slam effect drops your message down onto the screen, briefly rattling the entire conversation.

      Q. What triggers iMessage effects?

      A. Certain words and phrases, such as “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday” automatically trigger iMessage effects.

      Q. How do I turn off automatic iMessage effects?

      A. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Tap Motion > Toggle off Auto-Play Message Effects.

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