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How to Reset iPhone without Losing Data?

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    Summary: Sometimes, resetting an iPhone is essential to fix minor issues like iPhone crashing, freezing, or getting stuck at the Apple logo. But the iPhone reset process can delete important data and settings on your device. Read this post to learn smart ways to reset your iPhone without data loss. Moreover, you can also download this quick tool to reset your iPhone without losing data.

    “Yesterday, my iPhone stopped working suddenly. I have been trying multiple ways to fix it since then; even tried the force reboot method. Should I simply reset my iPhone? How do I do it without losing my device data?”

    Resetting an iPhone can sometimes become a necessity, whether due to sudden freezing up of your device, software glitches, or slow performance. Often, when your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo or suddenly crashes, you can reset your iPhone to fix this minor issue.

    A factory reset is also necessary if you want to sell your iPhone and want to start fresh. When resetting your iPhone, it will become an empty slate with no pictures, contacts, videos, downloaded applications, playlists, or anything else. An iPhone reset restores your iPhone to its initial configuration and original factory settings.

    However, be careful with this method as resetting your iPhone deletes all files & settings on the device.  For those looking to reset iPhone without losing their precious data, this blog is the answer. Let’s read on to find some simple ways to do so while keeping our data intact.

    How to reset your iPhone without Losing Data?

    Before starting, it’s crucial to back up your iPhone data to avoid losing important files and folders. You can back up your iPhone using iCloud, iTunes, or Finder on Mac or PC.

    Next, follow the step-by-step instructions on resetting an iPhone using iPhone Settings, iPhone erasure software, and iTunes.

    Method 1: Reset iPhone Without Losing Data via Settings

    To reset iPhone without losing data, you need to use the ‘Reset’ feature in your iPhone. This feature has different options on how you would like to reset- whether through the ‘Reset All Settings’ or the ‘Reset Network Settings’ option.

    The Reset All Settings option will remove or reset privacy settings, keyword dictionary, location settings, etc., to default. At the same time, Reset Network Settings will remove previously used networks and VPN settings. Resetting the Network Settings will turn off the cellular data roaming and remove previously used Wi-Fi settings of your iPhone.

    Moreover, no data or media is deleted from iPhone when choosing the Reset All Settings or Reset Network Settings option.

    Steps to Reset iPhone Using the ‘Reset All Settings’ option

    • On the iPhone, navigate to Settings > General.
    • Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.
    • Click Reset options.
    reset iPhone via Settings app
    • Next, click the Reset All Settings option.
    • Then enter the iPhone passcode.
    • Now, click Reset All Settings. This process will take a couple of minutes to reset the privacy settings, keyword dictionary, location settings to default, but will keep the rest of your data fully secure.
    reset iPhone via Settings app -2

    Method 2: Reset iPhone via Stellar Toolkit for iPhone Tool

    Sometimes, the ‘Reset All Settings’ option doesn’t solve your iPhone issue. In such a case, try resetting the iPhone with the help of trusted software. Stellar Toolkit for iPhone is a secure and professional tool that can help you reset your iPhone to fix various iOS issues without losing data.

    Also, you can also use Stellar Toolkit for iPhone to fix iOS related issues like- iPhone crashing, stuck at the Apple logo, etc.

    This tool’s ‘Repair iPhone’ feature will first download the fresh copy of the iOS version present in your device from the official website. Then it will install the freshly downloaded iOS version on your iPhone after removing the existing one from your device. The software will reset your iPhone, making it seem new without removing or deleting your data.

    Stellar Toolkit for iPhone is compatible with the latest iPhone 14, 13, 12, and below series and even all iPad versions, such as iPad Air, iPad Mini, and others.

    Windows download button Mac download button

    Step-by-Step: How to reset iPhone with Stellar Toolkit for iPhone:

    Step 1: Download Stellar Toolkit for iPhone on your Mac or Windows PC and connect your iPhone to the system using a USB cable.

    Step 2:  Select Repair iPhone module from the launch screen of the software.

    Stellar Toolkit for iPhone - click Repair iPhone

    Step 3: On the Repair iPhone screen, click the Next button.

    Stellar Toolkit for iPhone -  click Next

    Step 4: Click on the iPhone icon.

    Step 5: Click the Download button to download the latest iOS or iPadOS version of the firmware file. If you have already downloaded the firmware before, select Import.

    Stellar Toolkit for iPhone - select Import

    Step 6: After downloading the firmware file, click the Repair button to start repairing.

    Stellar Toolkit for iPhone - click Repair

    Step 7: Once you receive the message —The repairing process of the selected iOS device is completed, click OK.

    Stellar Toolkit for iPhone -repair process gets completed

    Restart your iPhone to see if the iOS issues are resolved.

    Method 3: Reset iPhone Without Losing Data via Recovery Mode

    To reset your iPhone, you can use iTunes or Finder app. You need to use Mac or Windows PC to access the recovery mode of your iPhone and reset the device. This method will erase all your device data, so take a backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

    Steps to reset iPhone via Recovery

    • Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows system.
    • Connect your iPhone to the computer and then put your iPhone into Recovery Mode.
    • Once your device has entered the Recovery Mode, a message ‘you’re in Recovery Mode’ will pop up. Click OK.
    itunes recovery mode
    • Click on your iPhone when it appears in iTunes, then click Summary.
    • Now, select the “Restore iPhone” option on the right pane.
    reset iphone via itunes - click Restore iPhone
    • Click Restore to confirm. It might take a while for your iPhone to reset; don’t disconnect your device from the computer until the reset process is completed.
    reset iphone via itunes - click Restore
    • Once the restore process is complete, set up your iPhone as new or restore it from a backup.


    You can factory reset your iPhone without fearing data loss by trying different methods mentioned in this blog. Reset All Settings/ Reset Network Settings feature of iPhone can reset your device; however, it may not always work. You can even use iTunes to reset your iPhone, but you will lose all your device data.

    Or use the ‘Repair iPhone’ feature of Stellar Toolkit for iPhone software to permanently reset your iPhone without losing data. This tool can repair iOS issues like iPhone crashing, Black Screen of Death, and iPhone stuck at the Apple logo.

    Download the free trial version to evaluate the features of the software.

    Windows download button  Mac download button


    If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can protect your iPhone data from misuse by remotely erasing its data using the iCloud website.

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    Vishakha Singh is a Senior Writer at Stellar Data Recovery with half a decade of experience in writing content in diverse verticals. She's a tech enthusiast who loves creating photo/video recovery & repair tutorials. Vishakha also specializes in writing full-blown iPhone and Android guides.


    1. Hi my AirPods A2031 microphone stops working on my Iphone 14 Pro Max both left and right. But it is working on my android phone. Is resetting my iphone can solve this? I tried resetting network data as instructed by the apple support before, but still did not resolve anything. I tried resetting my airpods also but still not working. Can you help me please.

      1. Hi Bjornborge,

        Thank you for reaching out Stellar.

        Before resetting your iPhone, first I would recommend you to “Forget and Re-Pair” the AirPods. If you have no luck with this, then Check for Updates and make sure both your iPhone and AirPods are running on the latest updates. Still no luck then try to connect by temporarily disabling the Noise Cancellation. The AirPods probably connect at this stage, but if still not able to connect AirPods with your iPhone, then you can go ahead with Factory Resetting your iPhone. The steps to Factory Reset an iPhone without Losing Data are mentioned in the blog above.

        I hope it helps!

      1. Hi Jessica, Thanks for reaching out to Stellar. I understand your concern of facing the issue while trying to reset iPhone without losing data.
        Here are some possible answers to this query:
        1. You can reset your iPhone without losing data by restoring it from an iCloud backup. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Then, choose “Restore from iCloud Backup” and sign in with your Apple ID.
        2. You can also reset your iPhone without losing data by using a third-party data recovery tool. However, these tools can be expensive and not always reliable.
        You may even follow the methods mentioned in the blog which has been captivated our professional editorial team to help users like you.
        I hope it works for you!
        -Team Stellar

    2. hi my whatsapp on my iphone 11 suddenly keeps hanging. i tried to delete the app then reinstall but its still hanging. if i do a factory reset after backing up to icloud, and then get back all my data from icloud, will that solve the problem of whatsapp hanging? could you please reply me by email as i might not see if you reply here. thanks.

      1. Hi Sham,

        Thanks for reaching out. I understand that your WhatsApp is hanging on your iPhone 11. You’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but that hasn’t fixed the problem. You’re wondering if doing a factory reset after backing up to iCloud will solve the problem.

        According to the article you linked, doing a factory reset will erase all of the data on your iPhone, including your WhatsApp data. However, if you back up your iPhone to iCloud before doing the factory reset, you can restore your WhatsApp data after the reset.

        So, yes, doing a factory reset after backing up to iCloud will solve the problem of WhatsApp hanging, as long as you restore your WhatsApp data after the reset.

        I hope it helps!
        -Team Stellar

      1. Hi Jinx, Thank you for your question! I would like to inform you that Resetting just the settings on your iPhone should not sign you out of any accounts. It primarily resets preferences and customizations without affecting your data or logged-in accounts. However, it’s always a good practice to double-check your account settings after the reset to ensure everything is in order.
        -Team Stellar

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