• Stellar Phoenix Windows Backup Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Backup Recovery

A reliable way to restore inaccessible data from BKF, ZIP and VHDX files

Stellar Phoenix Windows Backup Recovery is a fully automated backup recovery solution, designed to deal with inaccessible backup files created using Windows utilities and help users restore entire content from corrupt or damaged BKF, ZIP and VHDX files.

  • Supports recovery of corrupt Backup files (VHDX, BKF, ZIP) created using Windows backup utilities.
  • Recovers Backup files created using NTBackup and Backup Exec by Symantec
  • Supports backup files created using Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000
  • Restores all the instance of inaccessible data from selected backup file
  • Saves the scanned output in a .DAT file format
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Key Features

This advanced application is capable of dealing with various scenarios of backup file corruption, such as unrecognizable file format, runtime error, CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error, etc. without requiring any prior technical skills.

Restores data from corrupt BKF File icon

Restores data from corrupt BKF File

Stellar Phoenix Windows Backup Recovery has an inbuilt functionality to deal with multiple causes of BKF and ZIP files corruption. It extracts inaccessible information from the damaged BKF and ZIP folder and restores every single bit of data in its original format.

Extracts inaccessible data from VHDX File  icon

Extracts inaccessible data from VHDX File

The tool is well integrated with various powerful algorithms that instantly restore corrupt backup file created in VHDX format using Windows 10, 8.1 backup utilities and brings all the traces of inaccessible files back. This Windows Backup Recovery software supports almost all the scenarios of data corruption.

Successfully Search all the saved Files icon

Successfully Search all the saved Files

The software effectively utilizes its search module and enables you to find the exact location of all the backup files located in the selected folder, subfolder or an entire volume in your system and list all of them. You can select the affected backup file from the display list and initiate recovery operation.

Facilitate Preview icon

Facilitate Preview

The software has been designed in a way that it lets you preview every bit of the file content you are planning to recover after successful scan in a tree like structure format. This module helps you confirm the structure of the resultant data, you can go through the each of the items displayed at the bottom of right pane before saving it on your system.

Impressive saving modes icon

Impressive saving modes

The software is capable enough to provide you various saving options to save an extracted backup file data after recovery. You can either select a particular file or all the files available in the backup folder and save them at any desired destination such as an internal or external hard drive.

Incorporated with efficient recovery options icon

Incorporated with efficient recovery options

This recovery software facilitates number of advance setting that lets you perform all the recovery processes efficiently. Whenever you select a backup file, it automatically starts analyzing the entire content, scan it and list in a tree format. Further, you can select the files you want to recover from this list and save at any desired location.

Save Scanned Information icon

Save Scanned Information

This powerful backup recovery utility comes along with a smart module named "Load Scan Info" that lets you save scanned information as a '.DAT' file format. This process is developed to save your time in restoring data, as saved information doesn’t need any further scan to restore the corrupt backup file again.



Each version of Windows supports different types of backup utilities to create backup of stored digital content. If you are using Microsoft Windows version 2003, 2000 and XP then the supported Backup format would be BKF. Whereas, Backup files created using Windows 8 / 7 / Vista backup utilities follows the ZIP extension to create backup. However, the latest versions of Windows like Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 backup utilities support VHDX file format which can be created from 'Disk Management'.

Yes, the software lets you to extracts the inaccessible information from any corrupt Exchange BKF file.


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