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How to Restore or Set Up Your iPhone from iCloud backup

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    Summary: This post shares how you can restore iPhone from iCloud backup. It guides you through the two effective ways — one by resetting your iPhone and the other without reset by using Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone software. You can also download the software here to restore your iPhone from iCloud backup quickly.

    You may want to restore iPhone after iOS crash, jailbreak attempts, failed iOS update, or want to get old iPhone data on the new device. Whatsoever the reason, iCloud backup is a viable option to restore or set up your iPhone and iPad.

    Apple’s cloud backup utility safely gets back your lost data on the iOS device.

    But if you are having problems in restoring the iPhone, read this blog to learn how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup step-by-step. There’s also a software-based method, which is uncomplicated and a faster way to restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

    You can apply the methods to set up the latest iPhones including iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7, 6, and below.

    How to restore iPhone from iCloud backup

    If you have turned on the automatic backup on your iOS device, iCloud backs up your data over Wi-Fi whenever your iPhone or iPad is turned on. You may also be manually taking iCloud backups of your device.

    Every time you take the backup, a new iCloud backup file is created in the cloud storage. This backup file is a boon when you have deleted or lost your iPhone data due to some reason and now want to recover it.

    In such a situation, you can restore the iPhone using iCloud backup and recover the lost data. But here, Apple recommends first to reset your iPhone to regain data from the cloud backup.

    But there are now advanced software available that can restore the device from iCloud backup without resetting your iPhone.

    Methods to restore iPhone from iCloud backup:

    1. Restore iPhone from iCloud backup with reset
    2. Restore iPhone from iCloud backup without reset using software

    Important: Do’s before you set up iPhone from iCloud backup

    1. Backup your iPhone to iCloud so as not lose the current data on your device.
    2. Get connected to a good speed and continuous Wi-Fi network throughout the restoring process.
    3. Ensure your iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest iOS version.
    4. Ensure the iPhone or iPad is fully charged.

    Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup with reset

    You can set up the iPhone and restore data from the available iCloud backups. However, the restore process will erase the current photos, videos, messages, contacts, call log, and other data from your iPhone. Thus, make sure to back up your existing device data to iCloud or iTunes before you restore from iCloud backup.

    Steps to restore iPhone data from iCloud backup:

    1. Open Settings on iPhone.
    2. Navigate to General > Reset > Erase all Contents and Settings.
    Reset options in iPhone
    Figure: Reset options in iPhone
    • Select Finish Uploading Then Erase.
     iPhone Erase confirmation box
    Figure: iPhone Erase confirmation box
    • Follow the prompts until you see the Apps & Data screen.
    • Click Restore from iCloud backup.
    Apps & Data screen on iPhone
    Figure: Apps & Data screen on iPhone
    Onscreen prompts to restore from iCloud backup
    Figure: Onscreen prompts to restore from iCloud backup
    • Choose the latest iPhone backup available in iCloud. Wait until your iPhone is restored from iCloud backup and your iOS device restarts. The process may take time depending on the size of the iCloud backup file.

    Note: To check if the data on your iPhone/ iPad is completely restored:

    Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. If you see the message “This [device] is currently being restored and will automatically back up when it is done, it means your device is still being restored. Wait until the iOS device is fully restored.

    What all you get to restore after you set up iPhone from an iCloud backup:

    • The existing iPhone data is deleted and replaced with the chosen iCloud backup data.
    • All the photos, videos, contacts, messages, Calendar, call logs, FaceTime, Safari bookmarks, etc., from the selected backup are restored.
    • Your settings and accounts are restored from the chosen iCloud backup.
    • The purchased music, apps, books, movies, TV shows, etc., from iTunes Store, the App Store, and Apple Books are automatically downloaded by the iOS device.

    2. Restore iPhone from iCloud backup without reset using software (Fast and simpler method)

    The professional Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is a quick and easier way to restore iPhone with iCloud backup. Further, unlike Apple’s method, it permits you to restore only the desired messages, voice memos, photos, contacts, videos, and other data from the iCloud backup file.

    The software is especially beneficial in the below situations:

    1. You are unable to restore iPhone from iCloud backup using the Reset option.
    2. The restore from iCloud backup process fails.
    3. You receive an error while restoring from an iCloud backup.
    4. You want to restore iPhone without reset, i.e., without deleting the existing iPhone data.
    5. You want to restore only some particular files from iCloud backup.
    6. Your iPhone is stolen/lost/damaged.

    iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

    Steps to restore iPhone from iCloud backup using software (without reset)

    1. Download Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on your PC or Mac.
    2. Connect your iPhone/ iPad to computer.
    3. On the main screen, select Recover from iCloud backup.
    recover from iCloud Backup
    Figure: Select Recover from iCloud backup
    • Select what you want to recover and click Next.
    • Enter your Apple ID and password.
    • From the list of iCloud backup files, select the backup that you want to restore and click Scan.
    • Next, preview your data and click Save to restore. You can also select the specific data that you want to recover from iCloud backup.
    • Select the location to save the restored data from the iCloud backup file. Here to restore or set up the iPhone, choose Save iPhone.


    You can choose to restore iPhone from iCloud either by using the reset option on your iOS device or with the help of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone software.

    The software method to set up iPhone from iCloud backup is simple and quick, unlike the reset method. Further, resetting the iPhone deletes the existing data on the iOS device while restoring iPhone using the software allows you to keep the current photos, videos, contacts, call logs, etc., in the device. Plus, you have the advantage to select and restore specific files on the iPhone from the old iCloud backup instead of replacing everything on your iPhone with the iCloud backup.

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