BitRaser Drive Eraser

Secure Drive Wiping Software

BitRaser® Drive Eraser is a certified software for secure erasure of sensitive & confidential data across drives, devices & platforms. The software permanently erases data from all kinds of storage media & generates tamperproof audit trails. It offers automated reporting to attain compliance with global data privacy laws - EU GDPR, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, PCI DSS etc.

  • Securely erases data on HDD, SSD, SATA, PATA, SAS, SCSI, IDE, & USB drives
  • 100% tamperproof certificate of erasure to meet compliance with data protection laws
  • Cloud console to create users, manage license & maintain repository of reports & certificates
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BitRaser Drive Eraser

Case Studies for BitRaser Drive Eraser


BitRaser® helps a leading ITAD company achieve automated, scalable, and ERP-integrated data erasure facility.

Based in Huston, Texas, CompuCycle is an ITAD and electronics recycling company that provides end-of-life IT asset management services through secure data destruction and focus on eco-friendly e-recycling. The company uses both data erasure and physical shredding for it's data destruction needs and to comply with eco-friendly data destruction services for computers, hard drives, servers, etc.


BitRaser® helps Brass Valley achieve e-Stewards compliance with its hardware diagnostic & secure erasure features.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Brass Valley LLC is an ITAD and IT Lifecycle management services company serving Fortune 2000 companies globally. It offers compliant data erasure and data destruction services, end-of life IT asset recovery and compliant recycling along with de-installation services for industries in the banking and finance, broadcasting, healthcare, retail, and pharmaceuticals.


BitRaser® helps Brazilian ITAD Company deliver secure & sustainable data destruction

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, EcoTecno is an ITAD and electronics waste recycling company. The company offers secure management of IT assets that is certified and compliant with environmental security and data protection regulations. It provides secure disposal of electronic wastes including computing devices and drivers, mobile devices, printer, monitors, etc.


Certified Erasure for All Type of Storage Media icon

Certified Erasure for All Type of Storage Media

BitRaser Drive Eraser can securely erase all types of storage media including hard disk drives, solid state drives, servers, and rack-mounted devices. It’s the most comprehensive data erasure software that erases SATA, PATA, SSD, SAS, SCSI, IDE, & USB drives with ease and effectiveness.

It can simultaneously erase up to 100 hard drives and provides you certificate of erasure with 100% tamperproof audit trails to meet regulatory compliance. It supports 520 block size drives, with successful erasure of hidden areas including DCO, HPA, and remapped sectors. BitRaser Drive Eraser also supports Raid Dismantling.

Cloud Integration for Flexibility & Management icon

Cloud Integration for Flexibility & Management

BitRaser Drive Eraser brings cloud-based erasure utility, best-suited for enterprise service providers, government institutions & SMBs. Cloud integration provides flexibility to create users, manage license distribution, and maintain central repository of reports & certificates.

Further, it allows to customize report and automatically saves all reports & certificates on cloud. These vast number of tamper-proof reports located centrally on the server can be easy searched in a matter of seconds.

Data Erasure as Per International Standards icon

Data Erasure as Per International Standards

BitRaser Drive Eraser implements 24 International data erasure standards including NIST 800-88, DoD 3 & 7 Passes, HMG, etc., with provision to add 5 customized erasure algorithms. These advanced erasure standards ensure that drive once erased with BitRaser Drive Eraser is 100% secured from any kind of data privacy threat. BitRaser Drive Eraser completely sanitizes IT assets for secure disposition, in compliance with data security & privacy regulations viz. GDPR, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, and PCI DSS etc.

Scalable, High-Performance Erasure of Drives icon

Scalable, High-Performance Erasure of Drives

BitRaser Drive Eraser can simultaneously erase up to 100 hard drives. Further, BitRaser drive Eraser with Admin Console allows erasure of up to 65000 hard drives over a network. Best suited for ITADs, refurbishing vendors and large companies, BitRaser Drive Eraser with Admin Console offers hassle-free media sanitization of storage devices. It mitigates risks of data breach, offers scalability and helps reduce the total cost of ownership for storage devices.

More Awesome Features

Offline and Online Erasure Variants Available icon

Offline and Online Erasure Variants Available

Apart from cloud-based console where BitRaser Drive Eraser allows to create bootable USB by using downloadable ISO image from Cloud, there is another variant available that allows to erase data without the need for internet. Leverage cloud to erase drives at multiple internet-enabled locations worldwide or choose Offline variant to wipe drives at facilities without internet. The software is shipped in USBs to erase single & multiple HDDs or SSDs.

Configuration & Automation icon

Configuration & Automation

BitRaser Drive Eraser helps automate erasure process across IT assets with the ability to customize erasure process as per international erasing standards. Drive Eraser supports one click wiping with ISO customization of standards, verification, certificate type, etc., and allows to preconfigure settings for easy deployment. BitRaser cloud console helps manage users, licenses and maintain central repository of reports.

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Technical Specifications

About Product

BitRaser Drive Eraser


Release Date

March, 2022


Single/Multiple User(s)

Version Support

USB PORT: 2.0 / 3.0 / CD-ROM





Language Supported


System Requirement

System <span>Requirement</span>


x86 or x64

Operating System



4 GB Recommended

Hard Disk

CD-ROM: Optional

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Data erasure is a software-based media sanitization process to securely erase data from data storage devices. The data is rendered unrecoverable by using data wiping algorithms which overwrite the media with zeroes.


BitRaser is a plug-and-play software to permanently erase data from storage devices. By using this software, you can erase data from multiple storage drives, PCs, servers, and rack-mounted devices. The software also supports RAID dismantling.

The main features of BitRaser are:

  • Certified and secure data erasure
  • Erases data from IDE, SATA, PATA, SCSI, SSD, SD Card and USB drive
  • Equipped with 22 global wiping algorithms
  • Facilitates 3 options of data erasure verification – No verification/Random verification/Total verification
  • Supports 24 internationally recognized erasure standards
  • Erases data from multiple drives, simultaneously
  • Provides customizable tamper-proof data erasure certificate which can be saves in HTML, PDF and XML formats
  • Boots from a USB dongle or CD/DVD


Yes, BitRaser supports data erasure from 32 drives, simultaneously.


No, BitRaser is currently available in English language only.


Yes, BitRaser notifies the presence of dead drives with the help of LED notification.