Looking to Dispose of your Old Computer? Erase your Personal Data First

The average life of a PC is around three to four years. Most systems are replaced within 4.5 years as the cost of maintaining an older system rises rapidly after its EOL (End-of-Life). Therefore, it becomes necessary & feasible to upgrade your PC after every 4 years and laptops after 3 years; not only because it gets too old but also because, by this time, the hardware becomes outdated; system goes through several OS updates, patches, and whatnot which eventually slows down the system. Also, older hardware does not support or handle most modern software and programs. Security is another big issue with older outdated hardware.

However, what is most concerning about changing the system is proper data sanitization. In several cases, people sell or donate their old PC without sanitizing the hard drive that allows new owners to restore their private data, which they thought was gone after formatting.

According to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) EU directive, companies must ensure their hardware is recycled responsibly. ‘Responsibly’ here means in an eco-friendly manner. After the GDPR implementation, the policy has been stricter than ever as GDPR talks about absolute data sanitization for data protection and privacy of EU citizens. As an individual, you must consider disposing of your old computer or laptop responsibly to safeguard your own privacy and environment. Before selling or replacing your old computer or laptop, sanitize your PC using a reliable data erasure software such as BitRaser for File.

What’s BitRaser for File & How it helps?

BitRaser for File is a data erasure and privacy safeguarding software. Stellar Data Recovery, an organization with decades of R&D in data recovery, has developed this software. They know how data is recovered and hence know how to destroy it beyond the scope of recovery. Besides, BitRaser for File is equipped with 17 International Data Erasure algorithms such as DOD 5220.22-M (3 pass/7 passes), NATO, etc. that destroys data permanently beyond the scope of recovery.

Data from a wiped drive volume or deleted file, erased by BitRaser for File, cannot be recovered by any data recovery software or service including forensics.

The software even generates a certificate of erasure in PDF format that helps small businesses meet regulatory compliances such as GDPR and audits. Some other prominent options and features of the software are as follows :

  1. Option to schedule the data eraser tasks based on time and system boot or shutdown
  2. Helps you wipe empty storage space with desired data erasure algorithm
  3. Wipes your internet activity traces, system traces, and application traces that contain sensitive info such as chat messenger, email apps, browsing history, autofill login forms, transaction history, bank details, etc.
  4. Option to search and destroy individual files
  5. Add Erasure List option lets you create, maintain, and manage a file list or group of files/folders to be erased in one go. Add ‘n’ number of files, no restrictions
  6. Compatible with Windows 10 (up to XP) and Windows server 2012, 2008, & 2003

Once you have sanitized your PC or Laptop drive containing your sensitive and personal data with BitRaser for File, you can confidently change and upgrade your old computer without worrying about your data and its privacy.


Several media reports and studies indicate how easy it is to recover data from a storage drive that has been disposed of or sold off without being sanitized. To avoid identity theft or breach of your private data, it is essential that you sanitize your existing PC or laptop before exchanging or upgrading it with a new one. Data Protection is most critical; especially for organizations that collect data and information from customers and clients. As an individual, you should be aware of the consequences related to data privacy and how a data erasure software, such as BitRaser for File, can help you safeguard your private data. Besides, it also works as your system cleaner app.

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