Steps to Recover PST File from Crashed Windows PC or External Hard Drives

Summary: This problem-solving tutorial identifies the possible methods to recover Outlook Data file from hard drive formatting, corruption, and lost partition. Further, it also acquaints you with free data recovery software to recover PST File up to 1 GB, regardless of whether it is lost from Windows system or an External Storage Media.

Provided by Microsoft, MS Outlook is the most widely used and reliable office email communication source.  This email communication application is an ideal option for sending as well as receiving emails, both for Individuals and Enterprises. In general, all Outlook Files and items including emails, contacts, attachment files, journals, to tasks are stored in PST files. These personal storage files have enormous benefits for end users, whether we talk about providing access to the data offline or enhancing data storage capability. Adding more, these automatically created files require limited assistance.

We all use Windows. The secret is its intuitive GUI, multitasking options, advanced virtual memory management capability, and ease of operability in both general and advanced tasks. Undoubtedly, it is very user-friendly in nature but is not resilient to errors. Therefore, its users may face challenging situations such as corruption or damage. These challenging situations result in loss, deletion, or inaccessibility of data. Since Outlook PST Files are also stored on the system hard drive, therefore, this ultimately affects them too.

Hard Drive Corruption or Damage is a Commonplace

If we mishandled or misused the hard drive, not only the hard drive will be affected, but the data stored in it including PST files will also be hindered too.

Prior to discussing how you can recover Outlook Data file from a damaged hard drive, let us first know the causes of data or file loss, mentioned below:

Case 1 – Lost PST Files Due to Formatted Hard Drive

In the safe mode, hard drive formatting is usually done after taking a proper backup. However, there are scenarios where accidental hard drive formatting happens, and it results in data loss. These situations are as follows:

  • Most common bad sectors, system errors, and virus attack
  • While upgrading or installing Windows Operating System, you accidentally format any other hard drive.
  • Suppose you connected your external storage device for formatting but inadvertently you formatted the built-in system drive.
  • During multiple operating systems installation in your system, you mistakenly formatted the wrong drive.
  • While typing some command in command prompt, you inattentively typed something wrong
  • During re-partitioning, you selected the wrong drive.
  • During a failure of formatting of the selected partition, sometimes “Format errors” message generates and this makes all files inaccessible though did not format the partition.

In all these formatting circumstances, the result is data loss.

Case 2 – Deleted Outlook Files (.pst) Due to Hard Drive Crashing

Similar to other units, Hard disk is also prone to damage. The hard drive can crash anytime and at any point. Several reasons cause Hard Drive crashing. Few are as follows:

  • Most common are virus attacks, bad power supply, and damaged block and sectors
  • Operating system files corruption such as NTLDR, msdos.sys, boot.ini, etc.
  • Faulty CPU or improper ventilation
  • Firmware fault in which hard disk does not function properly
  • Improper power supply or electronic failure
  • Hard drive parts degradation
  • Improper shutdown of the system

All these corruption scenarios eventually data is lost.

Case 3 – Outlook Files Deletion Due to Lost partition

We usually make the partition in our hard drive to separate things as well as for easy accessing. If somehow that partition is deleted, the data stored on it also gets deleted eventually. Several factors cause partition loss. Some are as follows:

  • Hardware issues
  • Partition header corruption
  • Hard drive logical structure corruption
  • Power fluctuations or surges during partition read/write access
  • Bad RAM and large number of bad sectors

These factors also lead to data loss eventually.

Apart from these, other certain factors cause hard drive damage such as OS failure, OS malfunction, and water damage. Therefore, regardless of whether you have an internal hard drive or external storage media such as Pen Drive, USB, or Memory Card, data loss can happen in both due to any of the above-stated reasons.

Economic and Unfailing Hard Drive and Data Recovery Utility

Now, let’s step ahead and learn how we can recover the lost or deleted data including Outlook PST Files from Crashed Windows Computer as well as External Storage Media. The best practice to recover any data without any challenge is the usage of third-party software. The only reason is it is free from manual intervention, so there are fewer chances of compromise.

Inevitably, there is a heap of data recovery software available in the market. Each year, several new data recovery software is introduced, but only a few can uphold a strong position. Based on this and several experts’ analysis, we have figured out one effective freeware solution – Stellar Windows Data Recovery. This Free Data Recovery Software is capable of repairing lost, accidentally deleted, or inaccessible data.

A Brief Synopsis of  Stellar Data Recovery Free

Stellar Windows Data Recovery—Free is an easy, efficient, and powerful data recovery software. This smart utility ensures recovering all files at a very fast rate. Using this quick recovery software, you can easily restore computer’s drives deleted files, formatted drives data, external hard disk data, and data from removable media such as pen drives or memory cards. This simple 2-step recovery process simply searches and scans for lost hard disk volumes and recovers data from it in a fraction of minutes; however, it is important to note that you can only recover 1GB data from this free software.

Wondering what if you have a large size data. You simply have to switch to the paid version and recover as much data as you want efficiently.

Some of the Key Qualities of  this Free data recovery software are as follows:

  • Powerful scanning engine
  • Scanned Tabbed Tree View
  • Drive scan status report option
  • Option to search lost partition
  • Simple 2 steps recovery procedure
  • File preview option before recovery
  • Improved and user-friendly GUI
  • On the Fly Removal disk/drive Detection
  • Capability to recover from all Storage Devices
  • Supports NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and exFAT file systems
  • Compatibility with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

With this reliable and powerful data recovery software, you can easily recover all types of files including PST File. However, there can be a possibility that the recovered files might be corrupt. In those scenarios, you require software that repairs your files efficiently as well as effortlessly.

Note : 

Apart from PST file, it also recovers other email files like EMLX, MBOX, NSF, GWI, EML, MSG, EDB, DBX, DCI and VCF.

How Can You Rescue Emails from Corrupt or Damaged Outlook Data Files?

The straightforward answer is Stellar Repair for Outlook Software. It is the best bet for all those users who are looking forward to a sure shot solution to repair corrupt or damaged PST files.

This innovative utility not only repairs damage or corrupt files but also efficiently reinstates mail content such as attachments, emails, contacts, journals, notes, and tasks.

This is the best bet for all those users who are looking forward to a sure shot solution to repair corrupt or damage PST files. This innovative utility not only repairs damage or corrupt files but also efficiently reinstates mail content such as attachments, emails, contacts, journals, notes, and tasks.

This cutting-edge PST Repair Software follows a simple recovery process. It simply scans corrupt or damaged PST Files, extracts the data from it, repairs it, and restores it to new usable PST File. All you have to do is simply import data from there to MS Outlook and the process is complete.

Powerful Algorithms back this sure shot solution. Owing to these improved algorithms only, recovery from severely corrupted PST Files is also feasible. Using this software, you can also recover accidentally deleted e-mails. Not to forget its intuitive and user-friendly design that enlist the recoverable items into a logical three-pane structure. This simplified structure not only enhances readability but also makes understanding easier.

Exclusive Characteristics of Stellar Repair for Outlook Software

  • Support for Find option
  • File Preview option prior to recovery
  • Support for Selective Mail Recovery
  • Ability to recover files larger than 2GB
  • Easy and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Can easily export repaired PST file into Office 365 format
  • Ensures RTF as well as HTML messages formatting restoration
  • Recovers both Encrypted and password protected PST files
  • Can save recovered emails in RTF, PDF, MSG, EML, and HTML formats
  • Compatible with MS Outlook versions—2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000

Final Thoughts

Now you are aware of the fact that Outlook PST Files are also prone to accidental loss or deletion. Moreover, you also are clear that their Repair and Recovery is not at all tedious task as it may appear. Just like other data recovery process, you can also recover it with ease using a third-party recovery software. It is because the professional utility is free from physical interference. Here, you also have learnt about the most renowned perfect solution for recovery and reconstruction needs. Based on your requirements, you can choose and employ the solution that would serve the purpose. Here, you also have learnt about the most renowned perfect solution for recovery and reconstruction needs.

Free Download

This software uses standards of data safety policy to ensure that your data will remain intact i.e. there will be no modification in the incorporated data items original format and structure. These practical ways help salvage your lost, deleted, or inaccessible files at a fast rate. Above all, these Do-It-yourself software tools are hassle-free in nature and ensure flawless recovery of your lost or deleted data.

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