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September 2012 is the Photokina month!!!

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If you are a passionate photographer then Photokina is no strange word for you.  Photokina is a huge event and perhaps the largest trade fair for the lovers of photography and imaging. The event attracts thousands of the people, organizations, skilled photographer and lay customer who share one thing in common that is: possessing strong affection towards the art of photography. This years Photokina is to be held on 18 – 23 September 2012 at Cologne, Germany.

Photkina held’s events which are full of interaction, information sharing and fun. The most talked about activities are the:

  • Photokina Events: Comprising of mobile imaging, movie shoots, Computer-generated imagery, outdoor photography, fine arts and professional imaging.
  • Photokina Pictures: Images speaks for themselves and Photokina pictures are blend of those images that reflects different emotions of life forms. You can not only witness the work of other professional photographers but also let the world see your emotions. What you have to do is submit the form which is available on the website of Photokina.
  • Photokina Contest: No event is a complete event without a contest. If you are an aspiring model or ever dreamed of having cool and trendy photographs then Photokina can let this dream come true. This year event organizes divergent forms of witty, atypical and impulsive participations.
  • Photokina City: Photokina does not limit itself to the boundaries of the exhibition center. Rather, it makes the Cologne city gets involved in diverse range of photography including people and places.
  • Photokina TV: It updates the happenings of the Photokina through WebTV and telecast almost everything in the event.

With so many things to be a part of there is only one question left to be answered i.e. “Have you booked yourself a ticket to the Photokina Event 2012”, if not then you must do now.

How Photokina brings a great value for us?

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Products to be showcased:

  • Stellar Photo Recovery 5.0
  • Stellar Repair for Photo
  • Stellar phoenix PSD Repair

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