Stellar Improves User Experience and Data Recovery Capabilities with its New Windows Data Recovery 5 Professional

Stellar announces its updated version of Windows Data Recovery software to further streamline the recovery process for meeting the customer and market demands. The new version adds two recovery modules to the existing functionality, i.e. ‘Photo Recovery’ and ‘CD DVD Recovery’. This empowers the users and gives them the flexibility to choose their recovery method in the event of a data disaster.

The dedicated ‘Photo Recovery’ module is incorporated to provide improved consistency and precision in recovering valuable photos, videos, movies and other multimedia files. It leverages dedicated mechanisms to scan the storage media for lost or deleted photos and then recovers these photos with the exact name, size, and resolution properties. The ‘CD DVD Recovery’ feature provides users with the ability to rescue their important data from any damaged optical media, such as CD/DVD, CD ROM, CD-RW, DVD, and DVD-RW, and Blu-ray drives.

The software has also optimized its scanning engine to make it faster, snappier, and responsive than the previous version. It has added support for a range of new file types and allows users to include more file types for recovery in the list of supported file formats.

New Features in Stellar Windows Data Recovery 5:

  • Simple and intuitive GUI with faster scanning engine
  • Includes separate module for Optical media recovery
  • Option to perform photo, audio, and video recovery
  • Improved recovery options shown in a smart flying-pane
  • Recovers data from 2 TB+ hard disks
  • On-the-fly detection of any removable media
  • Improved preview of all recoverable files after scanning
  • Advanced Find option to search files in the scanned list

The software is built using advanced, leading-edge technologies to provide ease-of-use and reduce the time and expense required for Windows data recovery. All enhancements are critical and aim to make the software expeditious and well-tuned for some adverse data recovery scenarios.

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