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Stellar’s Excel Repair Tool Now Available for Mac Users

Financial planners, accountants, and many others overly rely on Excel spreadsheets for carrying on their business. There are several possibilities that pose a potential threat to these spreadsheets and result in costly losses of data and work productivity. It is no surprise that Excel files carry your sensitive information and are more susceptive to damage. To provide help with all kinds of damages to an Excel files, an all-in-one solution ‘Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair’ has been rolled out for Mac users.
Excel Repair Software for Mac

The software features the same set of capabilities offered by its Windows version. Developed to make it useful for the Mac users, every care has been taken to make it Mac compatible. It features a simplified repair mechanism to turn the process of data recovery into a few mouse clicks. The tool provides a comprehensive repair solution to transform your damaged Excel files into a recognizable format and fetch all the inaccessible data, including tables, charts, chartsheets, cell formulas, internal and external links, conditional formatting rules, and more.

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Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair (Mac):
• Repairs single as well as multiple XLSX files
• Preserves worksheet properties and cell formatting
• Restores Excel file to its original specifications
• Saves recovered objects to a new Excel file
• Supports MS Excel 2008 and 2011
• Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and above

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair Mac works flawlessly on the Mac platform to allow users to cope with various data corruption situations common with Excel files. The software is a comprehensive package of speed, flexibility, and ease of use.

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