Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

Summary: This post mentions the best three alternatives to Mozilla Thunderbird. It also mentions the features of all the three email clients to help you choose the best alternative as per your requirements. You’ll also find about an MBOX to PST converter software that can help you convert MBOX file to PST, if you want to move from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client and is loaded with rich features. But they are not as promising as the need of current digital users. The existing users need more incredible features that would enhance their emailing experience and help them maintain their calendar, tasks, etc. with a less complex interface. In this post, we have mentioned some email clients that can serve as the best alternatives to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Best Alternatives to Thunderbird

There are many alternatives to Thunderbird. Some of them are:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mailbird
  • eM Client
  • Opera Mail
  • Sea Monkey
  • Postbox
  • Proton Mail
  • Evolution
  • Zoho Mail
  • Mailspring
  • Zimbra

Top 3 Thunderbird Alternatives

Although there’s a big list of Thunderbird alternatives, there are three top alternatives to Thunderbird that users can choose. Let’s explore these alternatives one-by-one:

1. MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, owned by Microsoft, is an incredible email client. It is available as a part of MS Office suite. Configuring this email client does not require much technical expertise. You can begin using it quickly right after installation. Furthermore, you can configure MS Outlook with the IMAP and POP3 accounts. The default file size of Outlook data file is 50 GB (Outlook 2010 and later versions). It offers many amazing features, such as spam filtering, smart lookup, etc. It allows you to attach the documents directly from your cloud storage.

MS Outlook also allows you to filter emails and set rules for managing your emails. You can also categorize the emails. Thus, automating the workflow. The notes feature in Outlook allows you to add pictures while in Thunderbird, you get only the plain text feature.

Some top features that you get with Microsoft Outlook are:

  1. Email Scheduling
  2. Quick Sharing of Calendars
  3. Flagging of Emails and Categorization
  4. Mailbox Rules
  5. Simultaneous view of different mailbox items

Amongst other email clients, MS Outlook is the most preferable one due to its easy-to-use user interface and features. If you’re already using Thunderbird and want to move to Outlook, you need to convert the Thunderbird MBOX file into Outlook importable file format. For this, you can use a third-party tool, like Stellar Converter for MBOX. 

2. Mailbird

Mailbird is an email client that seamlessly works with POP, IMAP, and Exchange accounts. You can also integrate this email client with third-party applications, which makes it an amazing all-in-one communication application.

You get the featured apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter with Mailbird. Mailbird provides a ‘Snooze’ feature that helps to move message to a snooze folder. You can later retrieve the email message at a specific time that you set for its retrieval.

Some top features that you get with Mailbird are:

  1. App Integrations
  2. Snooze option to view messages at later time
  3. Powerful Attachment Search
  4. Customizable Layout
  5. Single Click LinkedIn Lookup

3. eM Client

eM Client provides some unique features to enhance your workflow and lets you efficiently organize your emails. eM Client is compatible with different platforms, like Windows and Mac. This email client is easy to setup and you need not to follow typical technical steps. You just need to select a theme, enter your email address, and the rest is taken care of by the application.

You get user-friendly interface and some exclusive features, such as the ‘send later’ option, removal of duplicate emails, contacts, tasks, etc. You can also set the automatic reply option. Additionally, you can organize your emails based on certain rules such as setting up rules on incoming/outgoing emails, words found in the header, sender/recipient of emails, etc. Some top features that you get with eM Client are:

  1. Quick Data Import
  2. Unique Quick Access Sidebar
  3. Language Localization Up to 20 Languages
  4. Compatibility with Different Email Services
  5. Chat within the Application

Trying to Access Thunderbird Files in MS Outlook?

The Mozilla Thunderbird email client uses MBOX format, whereas MS Outlook uses PST file format. If you have to migrate from Thunderbird to MS Outlook, you can use an MBOX to PST converter software, such as Stellar Converter for MBOX. Not only Thunderbird, this robust tool also supports many other MBOX email clients, such as Spicebird, Eudora, Netscape, Evolution, Entourage, and more. It converts the MBOX file into various file formats, such as RTF, PDF, Office 365, HTML (Technician version). You can also convert multiple MBOX files using the software.

You can explore more about the software through this video:


In this post, we have mentioned top three alternatives to Thunderbird. You may consider any of these based on your preference. If you choose MS Outlook as an alternative, you would need to convert the MBOX files into Outlook importable format (PST). For this purpose, you can use the best-known MBOX to PST converter tool – Stellar Converter for MBOX. The software extracts all the MBOX file items and save them into new or existing PST file, with 100% integrity.

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