Advance Repair for Bad and Corrupt Video Files

Updated on January 12th, 2021

Rohit Arora

Stellar Repair for Video has become more powerful and effective after the key inclusion of ‘Advance Repair’ feature in the new version. The upgrade to 3.0 not just improves the overall user experience with the software but significantly increase the success rate of the video repair.

It is a known fact that Stellar Repair for Video is an easy-to-use application to fix corrupt, damaged or broken videos taken from any camera. Be your bad videos from DSLR, GoPro, surveillance cameras, CCTVs, drones or mobile phones, the software is well equipped to repair all. Available for both Windows and Mac users, Stellar Repair for Video 4.0 supports AVI, ASF, WMV, MKV, FLV, DIVX, WEBM, MJPEG, MPEG, AVCHD, MTS, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, and F4V videos repair.

Now with its new ‘Advance Repair’ feature in the 3.0 version, the software makes a remarkable progress in its video repair capability.

This video illustrates how the software functions for different file formats:

What is unique about ‘Advance Repair’ feature?

‘Advance Repair’ feature is added to deliver more power and better performance to the software. It is a feature that makes the application stand out among other video repair tools in the market. Significantly increasing the success rate of video repair, ‘Advance Repair’ is also a relief for those who lose their videos due to severe corruption.

The feature uses the technique of ‘Sample File’ as reference to repair videos that are severely corrupt.

A ‘Sample File’ is a working video file created from the same device and of the same format as your bad video file. For example, a sample file for a corrupt video shot from Canon EOS-1D will be the working file shot from the same camera model. The file can be of any size.

The software uses the information from the sample file as reference and repairs the highly corrupt videos.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

So, when does ‘Advance Repair’ work?

The video fixer’s ‘Advance Repair’ works in all situations. It repairs corruption and errors that occur due to changes in file format or header corruption, video compression issues, virus attacks, incomplete download, bad sectors in storage media, improper system shutdown, or file read and write errors. You can repair all kinds of severe visual and audio distortions in the videos through this application.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repair Severely Corrupt Videos using ‘Advance Repair’

Step 1: On the main screen of the software click on Add File.

Stellar Repair for Video - Add File

Step 2: The added video files are listed in the next window. If you want to add more files for repairing click on the Add File button. Check in Select All for repairing. Click Repair to fix the selected videos.

Stellar Repair for Video - Repair Files

Step 3: Repairing begins showing the progress in two bars – Overall Progress and progress of individual file. A Stop option is also there to stop the process in between.

Stellar Repair for Video - Stop Repair Files

Step 4:  A message box with repair process completed appears. Click OK.

Stellar Repair for Video - Save Repaired Files

Step 5:  You will see the Preview option in front of each repaired video. The Advanced Repair option is visible with status Awaiting Action against any video file that is not repaired. These are your severely corrupt files that require advance repaired. Click on Advanced Repair.

Stellar Repair for Video - Preview Files

Step 6: A box appears asking for a Sample video. A sample video is a working video of any size shot from the same device as the corrupted file. Click Next.

Stellar Repair for Video - Sample File

Step 7: Click Browse and select the required Sample file from the location. Select the option Apply to all files of same format to use the selected sample file for repairing all the bad video files in the list.

Stellar Repair for Video - Add Sample File

Step 8: Click Repair button after adding the sample video. A ‘Repair process completed’ dialog box appears. Hit OK.

Step 9: Click Save Repaired Files. A dialog box gives options to save repaired files either at source location OR at custom location if you want to save the file at your desired location.

Stellar Repair for Video - Save Repaired Files

Once saved, a dialog box appears with Repaired files saved successfully message. Click OK to close the message box.

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    1. Hi Alex, you can try Advance repair feature becuase ‘Advance Repair’ is also a relief for those who lose their videos due to severe corruption. you need a ‘Sample File’ as reference to repair videos that are severely corrupt which created from the same device. Thanks!

  1. i repaired the video but it is showing only voice and there is no preview what issue can this be? the file was made via cellphone but it was corrupted as the cellphone battery died while filming it. while converting the video its informed to use advance option however there is no clear preview. only distorted lines are appearing,

    1. Hi Talha, As the video file is corrupted while filming, then it might be possible the sectors got damaged. Our software works on the preview principle. The demo version of the software allows you to preview the initial 60 seconds of video from your file. If you have tried advance repair and still the file is corrupted then you may contact our technical support from below link:

  2. The preview button isn’t working for me, I have “repaired” some files but when I click “preview” nothing happens. I’m not willing to purchase the full version of the software until I know it’s going to work. Can you help please?

    1. Hi Andy, If preview will not show it means the files severely corrupted or damaged. In our software full version have an option Advance repair to fix this. More information you can contact our support team through email support[@] or call +1-877-778-6087.

  3. Hi i have full version of the video repair software and i have 4gb file and when it repair its only showing 3mb about 2 mins video install of showing full 12 minute video

    1. Hi wasim, Please use the advanced repair option of our software for your severely corrupt videos. If you still have an issue, you can contact our support team through email support[@] or call +1-877-778-6087.

  4. Hi,

    I used the Advanced Repair feature for an MP4 and a WMV file. The program said the repair was successful, but when I pressed “Preview”, nothing played. The output files also did not play. What could possibly be wrong with these two files? And, why is Stellar unable to fix them?

    1. Hi Kyle, We would like to inform you that, the software works on “what you see is what you can repair”. That means the files will be repaired in the same manner as you were able to see them in the preview window after the scanning is complete. If the preview for the repaired file is not available then repair of the file is not possible using the application.

  5. Hi, all the video files I recovered came with a much smaller size: The 20mb came with 2mb, the 32mb came with 3,2mb… Although the size is smaller, and the video only for seconds, the image quality is still very good (during the recovered 5 seconds). Any idea?

    1. Hi Carlos, In case your repaired video file size is less, It means your video files is severely corrupted. I suggest you can use Advance repair option in our software. If the issue is same, you can contact our support through support[@] or call +1-877-778-6087. They will help you to resolve your problem. Thanks!

  6. Tried to repair a 36gb video. Takes like 18 hours. says repair successful but I cannot play. Media player wont even load up. Video saved in the repaired folder is 0 bytes. what is going on. The sample video I used is a sample shot the same day from the same device.

    1. Hi Osmar, There is a possibility that the video is severely damaged and is beyond repair. You can contact our support through email support[@] or call +1-877-778-6087.

  7. I have downloaded the trial and followed all the steps using a video from the same phone same frame rate shot at the same night and it seemed to convert just fine then I watched the preview and it was in slow motion. I located the temp file and checked the details and its repaired at 13.5FPS and not the 30fps that was in the other video and the audio is 27kbps . I’m really not sure why it would get the scale size and the video bitrate correct but not get the FPS or the audio rate correct. If I am to shell out $50 I need it to be correct. Is there a way to adjust the framerate manually?

    1. Hi Spudd, No, you can’t adjust the frame-rate manually Adobe after Effect or Premier Pro CC to resolve missing frames issues.

  8. Awesome, I tried every your solution with Stellar software this worked. It is the most complicated thing I’ve ever done too, in my PC. It was worth it.

    1. If the repaired file less in size, it means the video are not fully recorded or more corrupted. You can contact our support email support[@] or call 1-877-778-6087. Our Support team will help you soon.

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