Error Solved: Slow to Receive Emails on Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

Is your Outlook taking forever to receive emails and download attachments?

There could be problems with your hard drive’s writing mechanism. This post covers solutions to fix this delay/slow email loading problem.

While Outlook works butter smooth on a new computer, on systems that have been used for a few years, it often shows signs of degraded performance. A common recurring Outlook issue on such systems is the application taking quite a few minutes to receive emails and download attachments.

Expert’s Opinion: Outlook experts also suggest to review the health of Outlook PST file using a trusted PST Repair Software. In most cases, error/damage in Outlook PST file is responsible for delay in receiving Outlook emails. 

Unable to find out the reason, why an application as efficient as Outlook struggles with a simple task such as email receiving (known to be the primary task) and requires almost all your CPU power while the same operation can be performed on your Smartphone or tablet within milliseconds?

Read on to discover the answer to that question and solutions to fix Outlook slow to load emails.

Why is Outlook slow to receive emails?

Whenever an email is received in your inbox, Outlook takes the default action of writing it to the PST file. So naturally, if Outlook is taking the time to properly receive emails, the “writing to the PST” part is the first place to look for possible problems. Could it be that your Outlook PST is too full, or it’s fragmented or damaged?

If it is, Outlook could be spending all its time not in downloading the email but in trying to save it within the faulty PST. So you should focus your efforts on trying to fix Outlook PST in order to resolve this error.

How to resolve the problem Outlook slow to load or receive emails?

To get rid of the “Outlook slow to receive emails” problem, you can try the following things:

  1. Check your hard drive for bad sectors

In case your hard drive has developed bad sectors and your PST file is stored in a location that includes one of those sectors, it could very well become the target of problems. Thus as a first step, run CHKDSK command with the /r switch to find out and repair hard drive errors.

  1. Defrag your hard drive

If your hard drive has been in use for some years without being properly cleaned up or defragmented, chances are your PST file has become fragmented too. That means it is saving information in distributed memory locations instead of at one contiguous memory block. And that is making Outlook do a lot of work when trying to update it since it has to run around everywhere. So defragmenting your hard drive would be a good idea here if you haven’t done it recently.

  1. Compact Outlook PST

While defragmenting your hard drive would take care of much of the need of defragging your PST, initiating a manual defrag operation on it wouldn’t hurt. That would essentially squeeze out unnecessary empty spaces from within the PST that might have been created due to regular email deletion/moving. Compacting Outlook PST would also keep a check on growing PST size which is one of the leading causes of PST file corruption. So to compact Outlook PST:

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. Right-click on Personal Folder or Outlook PST
  3. Click on Properties -> Advanced -> Compact Now

Compacting of the PST is a time taking procedure depending upon the PST file size. You might have to leave it to run overnight.

  1. Repair PST

If none of the above work, to fix Outlook PST you would have to explicitly repair it. Microsoft ships an Inbox Repair Tool called ScanPST.exe with its MS Office suite. This utility is designed to find and repair minor faults within PST file and make it workable again. You can find this utility within your Outlook installation folder. Double-click on it and point it to the faulty PST. Then let it work its magic.

However, if for some reason ScanPST.exe cannot fix the faulty PST, you don’t need to despair. We recommend that you give reliable tool Stellar Repair for Outlook- Technician a try. This automated and user-friendly software is equipped with algorithms dedicated to resolving minor as well as major PST issues and get it up and running within no time. It can even let you perform advanced tasks such as compressing PST, splitting it, etc.

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Final Words 

Once you have tried out everything to fix Outlook slow to receive emails using mentioned above, defrag your system once more. This is to ensure that whatever data was moved around in order to rectify the PST error is placed back where it belongs safe and sound. If you still face issues, contact MS Office support.

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