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    How to Fix 360-degree Video Not Working Problems

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      Summary: This post shares how to fix 360-degree videos not working in different situations. The video issue can emerge in computer, Android, iPhone, etc. Read on to know how to fix them as per your case.

      Action sports, documentary, or music, Virtual Reality (VR) or 360-degree videos bring immersive experience for viewers. The technology excites, as you can experience real-time video content and choose what and where to look in a video.

      Google introduced 360-degree in YouTube videos and so have Vimeo and Facebook. Companies like Amazon are also bringing it to enhance the shopping experience of its users.

      However, not every computer, smartphone or browser can play 360-degree videos. There are specific device and platform required to upload and play them. But, mostly users are ignorant about this. This is apparent from the fact, that since the advent of 360-degree VR videos, there are several complaints of these videos not working.

      This post, shares how to fix 360-degree videos not working in different situations. The video issue can emerge in computer, Android, or iPhone….Read on to know how to fix them as per your case.


      1. 360 video not working on computer
      2. 360 video not working on phone
      3. 360 video not working on YouTube

      fix 360-degree video not working problems

      360-degree video not working on computer

          1. Use a 360-degree video repair software

      You recorded 360 degree VR video with your GoPro. However, when you play it on computer, it is jerky, shaky, lagging, blurry or not opening at all. It’s so because your video has turned corrupt and needs a repair. Read more on how to repair blurry video 

      You can repair such corrupt or damaged 360-degree videos by using a video repair software.

       How to repair corrupted 360-degree videos:

      • Download Stellar Repair for Video software on your PC or Mac
      • Add the corrupt 360-degree VR video file
      • Click Repair and save

      Video Repair Video Repair Mac

         2. Update PC graphics card drivers

      Ensure your graphics card drivers are updated. There are chances your system has old graphics card drivers, which don’t support 360-degree videos playback.

      Steps to update the graphics card driver on PC

      1. Open Device Manager
      2. Under Display Adapters, find your graphics card
      3. Right-click on your graphics card, and select Update driver
      4. If a new version of a card driver is available, it is installed
      5. Once the process finishes, restart your computer

      Read more on how to fix NVDIA graphics cards problem.

          3. Turn on hardware acceleration in PC

      Are you trying to watch 360-degree videos on Windows computer? Check if the Windows’ hardware acceleration is turned on.

      • Go to Control Panel> Display> Change display settings> Advanced Display Settings.
      • Click on Troubleshoot If the hardware acceleration slider bar is far left move it to full, towards right.
      • Next, click OK and restart your computer.
      • Now play the 360-degree videos on your PC.

          4. Play in a compatible browser

      A 360-degree video can only play in browsers that support HTML 5 format. If you are able to watch YouTube videos in other browsers, it indicates the current browser doesn’t support 360-degree videos format. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera can play 360-degree videos smoothly.

          5. Update your browser

      Even if you are using the supporting browser, ensure it’s the updated version because older versions don’t support HTML 5 format. Thus, they won’t be able to play 360-degree videos.

            6. Add Metadata before uploading 360-degree video to YouTube

      Does your 360-degree video fails to upload on YouTube?

      Probably the video is not enabled for YouTube upload, i.e. it doesn’t have a required metadata for 360° playback. Use a 360 Video Metadata App to enable the video for YouTube.

      How to upload 360-degree videos on YouTube?

      360-degree video not working on Phone

      1. Check your Internet connection

      May be your mobile data or Wi-Fi is not working properly. So check your Internet connection in first place, when YouTube 360-degree videos are not playing.

      1. Restart your phone

      Turn off and on your Android or iPhone. Sometimes a simple restart also fixes video playability issue in YouTube.

      1. Calibrate Gyroscope on Android

       YouTube videos not working on Android is a common complaint. But do you know an Android phone should have a Gyroscope sensor for watching 360-degree videos?

      Gyroscope sensors sense angular velocity and detect the orientation of the phone. If the VR videos are not working on phone, check if your device has a Gyro sensor or not.

      Use apps like Google Cardboard and VR Checker that check devices for Gyroscope sensors and 360-degree videos support.

      1. Calibrate Gyroscope sensor

      If your Android phone has Gyroscope and still the 360-degree videos are not working on it, calibrate the sensor. This should fix 360-degree VR videos not working in YouTube or other channels.

      To calibrate Gyroscope on Android phones, go to Settings > Accessibility. Select Gyroscope calibration option. Now try playing the videos on your Android device again.

      1. Update your Android smartphone / iPhone

      Whether you use an Android device or iPhone, update it to the latest version. Updates help to fix bugs and ensure the device plays VR videos smoothly.

      360-degree video not working on YouTube

      1. Update YouTube Video app

      Are your 360-degree videos not working in YouTube App on phone? Update the app from Play Store.

      • Open Google Play Store
      • Tap Menu > My apps & games
      • Apps with an update available are labeled ‘Update’. Find YouTube App and tap Update
      1. Reinstall YouTube App

      If both your phone and YouTube app are updated, try once reinstalling YouTube App.

      • Go to Settings on your phone
      • Select Apps & Notifications
      • Scroll to YouTube app. Tap Uninstall
      • Click OK

      You can next reinstall YouTube from Google Play Store.

      1. Clear cache data in YouTube App

      The temporary files in your YouTube app may be interrupting smooth play of 360-degree videos.  Clear the YouTube’s cache to delete these temporary files.

      Under Settings on your Android or iPhone, select Apps folder. Click to follow YouTube > Storage > Clear cache. The location path may differ with your phone model.

      Next play your videos in the app. The 360-degree videos not working problem should be resolved.

      Video Repair Video Repair Mac

      Hope you found this post helpful. Do share with our readers in the comments section below, how you were able to fix the ‘360-degree videos not working’ issue.

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      About The Author

      Sumona Chatterjee linkdin

      Sumona is a tech blogger, avid photographer, & technogeek with vast experience in writing about media file recovery tips and tutorials. She has over 10 years of experience in media file recovery/media file repair technology. She is passionate about Photography, Creative Designing, Music, and Exploring lesser-known destinations.


        1. Hi Niku,
          Thank you for reaching out to us. Many of the users have come across the same issue while uploading a 360 video and most are uploaded over YouTube. As per YouTube, you’ll need to modify the 360 video file with an app like Adobe Premiere or script before uploading. The metadata will need to specifically identify the video as being in 360 formats otherwise YouTube will try and upload it as a normal video which will get confusing and messy. If your video doesn’t automatically have that metadata you’ll need to inject it. You may find various ways to inject metadata over the web.
          I hope it helps!

      1. I can view 360 video on my computer. My problem is that when I upload 360 video from my computer onto YouTube, the videos do not show in 360.

        1. Hi Aaron,

          If you have already checked with the methods provided in this blog and still facing the issue. Try these additional methods:
          1. Check Browser Compatibility
          2. Check Browser HTML 5 Support
          3. Update Your Browser
          4. Switch on Full Hardware Acceleration in Windows
          5. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

          Hopefully, it will work for you.

      2. Hi Paul,

        When I download 360 vr videos, particularly at better resolution, it frequently saves it as disjointed panes… Any suggestions.


      3. Hi, When I play a 360 degree video on my iPhone it can’t load on my iPhone iOS 13. Is there any suggestion how to fix for this?

        1. Hi Paul, Follow the given steps w describe on our blog. Turn off and on your iPhone. Sometimes a simple restart also fixes any video playability issues in YouTube. Also, update your iPhone to the latest version. Updates help to fix bugs and ensure that the device plays VR videos smoothly. Under Settings on your iPhone, select the Apps folder. Click to follow YouTube > Storage > Clear cache. Please note that the location path may differ with your phone model. Thanks!

        1. Hi Dimitri, If you are a brave user I have a solution, In a wepage where there 360 degree video, Clicked on Brave shield icone and firstly tried to disable it all and it worked! 360 video were working but if you tried without disable it all it can’t help to play 360 video. So you can re enabled brave sheild (main button) and just follow the given steps:

          1. Device recognitoin attempts blocked to cross site device recognition blocked and it works.
          2. Brave shield is not disabled and 360 video are working.

          I hope this infromation will help you! Thanks!

      4. I had a Samsung gear 360 and I use a 200 GB micro SD card. And I record 13 hours video recording of my trip Las Vegas to keep my memories safe. Unfortunately, I found the micro SD card get corrupt due to virus on my Windows PC. May I know your software repair the file before purchase?

        1. Hi Paul, You can try our software demo version before purchase and see the preview of the repaired file. More information you can contact through email support[@] or call at +1-877-778-6087.

      5. I had download some of 360 video on YouTube and save on my windows pc. Unfortunately, when I play on WMP it’s can’t play missing codec error. How can I play the videos? Anyone please help!

        1. Hi Andrew, You can try to play these files to other media player or you can install the Microsoft latest video codec on your PC and update the drivers then play the files in WMP. Thanks!

      6. It’s happen to me when I formatted my computer and play 360 video on chrome in YouTube, the 360 degree video won’t load on YouTube. I didn’t think what the issue on my computer was then I found your blog on internet and found the solution. Thanks for provide such a knowledgeable information!

      7. I had the same issue when I tried to watch 360 video on YouTube on my Phone, Unfortunately it’s not working. I change the frame and update the YouTube but still getting this error. Any idea would be appreciated.

        1. Hi John, It’s happening because your video has turned corrupt and needs a repair. I suggest you can try our software demo version and see the preview of the repaired file.

      8. I fix my 360-degree video. This information is helpful for me. Thank you so much for informing Sumona.

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