How to Fix Access Database Unexpected Error 35012?

Are you trying to import Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports from the existing Access 97 database to your new Access2000 database, then it is quite likely that your database is hit with an “unexpected error (35012)”? As a result, the Access database cannot be opened. Since MS Access is an information management tool to help organize business-critical data for its easy analysis and reporting, it is critical to resolve the database error and start with its normal functioning. But to address the error, you must know the cause of the error and why are you experiencing this error then only you can fix the Access Database unexpected error 35012?

The Cause of Unexpected Error 35012

Corruption in Access Database is the most likely cause for this error. It is possible that the database which you are trying to import contains one or more damaged or corrupt forms or reports.

Due to this corruption, you are unable to import the database from the previous version to the current version.

The Instant Resolution – Restore from the Backup

The most relevant and easy to use solution to recover from unexpected error 35012 is to use an updated copy of the backup and restore the database. The corruption-free backup copy of the database can be placed in the new database to recover the objects.

Remember only the updated backup is relevant in restoring from the previous backup and if it is not available, then the next best solution is to use Access Database Utilities for repair.

Resolve using Access Database Utility

Follow the below mentioned steps to resolve using Access DB Utility:

  1. Open Access Database and click on Database Tools followed by Compact and Repair Database. This Utility works even when you are unable to open the Access Database.

Access Database Utility

  1. Import the damaged database objects as hit with unexpected error 35012. Follow these steps:
    • Create a New Access Database
    • Click on File, followed by Get External data and then select the Import option
    • Import all objects of corrupt Access Database to the new Database
    • The database may or may not get imported, depending upon the level of corruption.

Resolve using Access Repair Tool

The most recommended and easy-to-use solution to repair the corrupt Access Database objects and restore them to the new Database is Stellar Repair for Access software. This Access Recovery Software not only repairs the corrupt objects of the Access Database but also fixes the unexpected error 35012.

Free download

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Launch and open Stellar Repair for Access software.
  2. Click on the Browse option to select the corrupt file. Alternately, click on Search to choose the appropriate file. Next, click on the Repair button to start the repairing process.

Repair Access Database

Note: Ensure that the file type selected is Access files with .mdb or .accdb extension.

  1. If the number of files displayed is more than one, then select the right file and click on the Repair button.
  2. Click Scan for Deleted Records button to include recovery of Deleted Records as shown in the above figure.
  3. Repairing process status is available through the status bar, and Log Report is available on the screen to verify the repaired Database components.
  4. Once the repairing process is complete, a message is displayed: Repairing of selected database completed.

Repair access database successfully

  1. Click on Ok button to preview the database.
  2. Select the Destination and click on Save button.

How is Stellar Repair for Access better than others?

  1. The software is capable of providing the preview and repairing of Tables, Queries, Reports, Forms, and Indexes; in short supports recovery of all Access Database Objects.
  2. Recovers all Objects including Relationships in Database as well as the Deleted Records
  3. Recovers data from the Linked Tables.
  4. Fixes all common errors as encountered by Access Database including “Unexpected Error 35012”


Access Database is important and indispensable, however, this can be corrupt by unexpected errors; due to which these become inaccessible. Placing the trust in a reliable software is the best option to ensure that the job is done smoothly and within no time. Amongst all Access database repair software available online, Stellar Repair for Access is the most viable choice.

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