Best 4 Ways to Repair Encrypted JPEG Photos

Summary: Unable to open encrypted JPEG image files? They might be corrupt. Read this post to learn how to repair encrypted pictures using the best encrypted photo repair tool. You can apply the solution irrespective of the encryption tool used to lock JPEG files.

Best 4 Ways to Repair Encrypted JPEG Photos Best 4 Ways to Repair Encrypted JPEG Photos

Encrypting personal photos is the easiest way to maintain privacy and prevent personal photos leak. But the JPEG file encryption doesn’t relieve you from the risk of file corruption. Like any other file, encrypted pictures too can get corrupt or damaged due to various reasons. Nonetheless, you can repair corrupt encrypted pictures with different methods.

In this blog, you will know various ways to repair encrypted pictures. These solutions apply to all kinds of encryption tools used to password-lock the JPEG files, such as Windows BitLocker, Mac’s File Vault, AxCrypt, FolderLock, or others.

Why encrypted JPEG photos get corrupted?

Your encrypted JPEG photos can get corrupt due to any kind of abrupt interruption during file transfer, download, or processing. For example, sudden computer shutdown, OS crash, bad sectors on storage drive, virus infection, etc. Apart from these, a ransomware attack on your computer can encrypt and corrupt the JPEG file header and data making them unusable. 

How to repair encrypted JPEG photos?

It is essential to know the file password or recovery key to repair the encrypted photo. In no way can you repair the encrypted photos if the password is not known. You have to first decrypt encrypted JPEG file and then repair it. The best way to fix encrypted pictures is with the help of a photo repair software. However, carefully pick the repair software as not all tools support encrypted JPEG file repair.

If you don’t know the password, in case the JPEG files are ransomware-encrypted, try a secure online photo decryption tool that can decrypt your ransomware-affected image file. But first, scan and fix your computer by using an efficient antivirus to remove the malicious files.

Method 1: Repair encrypted JPEG file with Stellar Repair for Photo

Once you have decrypted the JPEG file or know the file password or recovery key, repair it using Stellar Repair for Photo. This encrypted photo repair tool can fix corrupted or damaged JPEG files, which are distorted, color damaged, greyed-out or unreadable, etc. Particularly, you can also repair ransomware-affected encrypted JPEG files whose header and data get severely corrupted. Stellar Repair for Photo assesses such corrupt photos, and if required, asks for the sample file (a healthy JPEG file shot with the same camera). It then uses the information of the sample file to repair JPEG pictures damaged due to ransomware or virus attack. Stellar Repair for Photo can fix corrupted JPEG from digital cameras, DSLR, Android, iPhone, other devices.

Main benefits of encrypted JPEG repair software:

  • Batch repairs multiple encrypted JPEG photos
  • Shows preview of photos after repair
  • Creates thumbnails, if the JPEG file is severely corrupt
  • Repairs ransomware-corrupted JPEG photos
  • Offers free trial that helps to check if it can repair encrypted photos
Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step-by-step: Repair damaged encrypted JPEG files

  1. Download and Run Stellar Repair for Photo on computer.
  2. On home screen, click Add File to add corrupt JPEG pictures.
Main interface of Stellar Repair for Photo
Figure: Main interface of Stellar Repair for Photo

3. Click the Repair button.

List of corrupt images in the software
Figure: List of corrupt images in the software

4. As the repair process finishes, Preview the repaired photos.

Preview the repaired images
Figure: Preview the repaired images

5. Click Save Repaired Files.

Method 2: Use online JPEG repair tool

Try to repair corrupted JPEG photos online. There are safe online photo repair tools available that can fix damaged header due to which photos can’t be opened, throw error, and become inaccessible. Simply open the program in your browser. Upload the corrupted JPEG file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Method 3: Fix damaged JPEG in photo editors.

When you know the image file encryption key or password, you can easily fix photo blur, grains, color distortions, etc., using photo editing software. Open the JPEG file in the photo editor, enter the password when asked, and fix the damaged photo using its editing features.

You can try Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo, InPixio Photo Studio 10, etc.

Method 4: Restore encrypted JPG file from backup

Find and save your photos from the backup folders. You may have created photos backup in Google Photos, OneDrive, hard drive, SD card, USB, etc. You may recover encrypted photos from there


It’s necessary to decrypt encrypted JPEG files to repair them. You should be able to unlock the image file using its password. Once decrypted, use the best tool to restore corrupt encrypted photos — Stellar Repair for Photo. The encrypted photo repair software can fix corrupt JPEG files in no time, irrespective of the reason. It is secure, fast, and can quickly repair any number of corrupt JPEG pictures. It’s recommended to take the free trial to assess its JPEG repair capabilities.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

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