How to Restore SQL Database Successfully

Summary: Have you encountered errors and failed to restore database objects from a corrupt SQL database? Here, this blog introduces you to simple methods on how to restore a SQL database successfully from backup or by using SQL database repair software.

How to Restore SQL Database Successfully

The one thing that organizations dread is the sudden breakdown of power supply. Most of the time, it leaves a greater impact than anticipated. Let’s take a situation when a SQL administrator in an organization is trying to update the SQL database and the power suddenly went off. Quite possible that database entries that the database admin was working on are not saved and hence there will be an urgent requirement to restore the SQL database from backup but a bigger problem which he or she could not anticipate at that moment was that the corrupt database has the backup file also corrupted– a critical situation not foreseen initially.

In case of SQL Database is not restored properly, you can try to recover it from backup manually or restore the database using a SQL database repair software.

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Restoring SQL Database Manually

You can try to restore the SQL database from backup by using T-SQL or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

How to Restore SQL Database using T-SQL

Restore SQL database manually using following steps-

This command will help to restore the database from .BAK file:

RESTORE DATABASE AdventureWorks FROM DISK = ‘C:\AdventureWorks.BAK’


Note: Transact-SQL or T-SQL resolves SQL issues by resolving a hostname in T-SQL, but resolving the hostname may not prove to be beneficial as the database will still remain corrupt, besides, database resolves to multiple IP addresses. Resolving hostname may further create conflicts. Though round-robin option DNS may provide different IPs but the procedure is not the sure-shot solution to restore SQL-database successfully.

How to Restore SQL Database using SQL Server Management Studio

If the above method doesn’t work, use SSMS which configures, manages, and administers all components within the SQL server. SQL server management studio is part of the licensed SQL database version and consists of script editors to act upon the corrupt database and resolve possible errors.

Follow the below-listed steps to restore SQL database backup:

  • Connect to the instance of MS SQL server database and go to Object Explorer. Expand the server tree by clicking on the server name
  • Go to Databases and right-click on databases, followed by Restore Database
 Restore database SQL Server
  • Click on Device and select the backup file.
 Restore database SQL Server
  • Once you were done, Click OK
 Restore database SQL Server
  • The following message will display
 Restore database SQL Server
  • Refresh the database. Now you can see the restored database in Object Explorer
 Restore database SQL Server

Note: Since the process of restoring database SQL Server from BAK file using SQL Server Management Studio can abort in the middle, there is no other solution but to use SQL Database repair software.

Restoring Database using SQL Database Repair Software

One of the efficient and most used SQL Database Repair tools is Stellar Repair for MS SQL Repair which enables users to fix all corruptions of SQL server database and recover inaccessible objects from MDF and NDF database files.

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Below features explain the working of this tool:

  • Resolves Database Corruption Problem: Corruption due to hardware problems, bugs in SQL server, unexpected system shutdown and other related issues keep hitting SQL database. SQL recovery tool scans the entire database for corruption in MDF and NDF files, corrects the BIT pattern to eliminate file corruption, and brings the database to a consistent state.
  • Recovers Deleted Database Files: Repair function also includes recovery of deleted records of a corrupt database. There is no modification in the original hierarchy. Option to save a newly created file just under the original file helps in determining the right file.
  • Validates Database Objects: Scanned Database objects are available for review. Review all objects along with their authenticity and validate each database file.
  • Connects Automatically: Possibly, power shutdown happens again. In that case, SQL recovery software connects with the database again and starts the repair process without disruption.
  • Interactive GUI: Graphical user interface enables users to choose the right options and perform recovery process with ease.

To Summarize

Corruption in SQL databases is always upsetting. It entails a potentially high-pressure problem striking the Support Engineer who is not equipped enough to perform a sophisticated recovery with no prior intimation. Database and backup file corruption due to the disrupted power supply is an example of the high-end problem which can be resolved by deploying Stellar Repair for MS SQL software which deals with all sorts of corruption to ensure complete and faster recovery and save recovered database in the original or new file at preferred location. Database administrators and SQL database users can install and run this software using simple steps, to restore the SQL server database successfully.

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