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Steps for Memory Card Data Recovery after Formatting

Memory card (Flash Drive) is an electronic data storage device that’s rewritable and reprogrammed, used in several electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, computer or laptops. Memory card uses the NAND type to store and transmit the data from one device to another. With the growing need’s, the storage capacity of memory card’s is increased up to 16 GB, and that’s why the risk of memory card failure is highly increased in these days.

Memory card is mostly used on cameras and mobile to store different type of media such as songs, images, videos etc. There is various type of memory cards are available in the market such as: SD Card, CF Card, XD Picture card ranging from MB’s to GB’s of capacity. Memory card is one of the cheapest and convenient way to store the data and can be easily adjusted to almost any type of cameras or mobile.

Each card will need to use properly and if not, it can be corrupted at any time. Possible reasons behind this could be:

•         Removing the data while the saving or deleting any file.

•         Prematurely inserting/removing the memory card from the camera or mobile phone.

•         Due to of physical or logical damaging of the memory card.

•         Unknown Causes that happen accidentally after taking all the precautions.

Whenever any of the above mentioned condition(s) happen, User will gets the error messages like ‘memory card error’, ‘Read/Write error’, ‘card could not be read’, ‘card is corrupted’ and so on. Best available option to overcome from these situation(s) is to format the memory card but with one drawback which causes to lose the data and user will lose their memorable images or other valuable data that can’t be created back again from anywhere and at any cost. Only photo recovery software can help you with your formatted SD card recovery. To know more about the preliminary fixes to be applied on your SD card, read our next article on SD card recovery.

To avoid the memory card from being corrupted in future and to know more about what actually happens to your memory card and how the data can be recovered please read the full article.

How to avoid Memory Card Error(S)

If user follows the standard ways of using memory card, memory card errors could be avoided such as:

•         Don’t remove the memory cards while the read/write operation is in progress.

•         Don’t insert the memory card into virus infected devices such as computer or laptops.

•         Avoid using any memory cards that get formatted repeatedly number of times.

•         Avoid purchasing any local brand memory cards; always prefer to buy the memory cards from SONY, KINGSTON, SANDISC or similar quality brands.

Fixing Memory Card Error

‘Prevention is better than the cure’, this line is best fit to memory card error problems, because whenever the errors occur, it’s too difficult to fix those. So it’s better to take precautions while using the memory card, however below are the some important steps which help’s to fix minor issues of memory cards:

•         Connect the memory card with proper card reader to the PC or laptops.

•         Make sure that the memory card is readable by PC because if the memory card fails permanently, PC will show the messages like ‘USB Device not recognized ‘.

•         Open My Computer and use the various disk utility option available in the properties of your removal media drive and from those you have to choose ‘check disk’ option which will automatically check the disk and repair it if possible.

•         If this fails to recover, try to look into your PC to check whether any backup of the memory card is stored or not.

•         If none of these can help’ s to fix the problem, then the user have to switch for format option or data recovery by using various memory card recovery software.

In any of the above conditions, the memory card needs to be formatted before taking further pictures or storing any other data. But the user should agree to lose their precious data. However, if someone needs to recover their data even after formatting the memory card, they can switch to memory card recovery software which gives the lost data back after investing the minor cost.

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