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Common Reasons Responsible for Photo Loss from Memory Card

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Supported by DSLRs, digicams, smartphones, drones, laptops, etc., memory cards are the most preferred storage media for saving photos. However, it is difficult to store digital photos for long time in them. Accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection or corruption in the memory card etc., can result in loss of image files stored on them.

Reasons that cause Photo Loss from Memory Card

There are several reasons from improper handling to technical glitches that can cause loss of photos stored in memory card.

Below are some of the common reasons that you can avoid to preserve your photos for longer duration in memory card

  •      Accidental deletion
  •      Formatting of memory card
  •      Virus infection in the memory card
  •      Improper insertion or removal from the camera, card reader, computer or other devices
  •      Removing the memory card from computer while its contents are open or being transferred
  •      Clicking photos when the camera is low on battery, which interrupts the ongoing photo writing process
  •      Pulling out the memory card without switching off the camera
  •      Clicking photos rapidly without giving sufficient time to the camera to write over the memory card
  •      Ignoring the warnings like ‘memory card full’ and continue storing photos
  •      Sudden power cut while transferring files to computer
  •      Using the same memory card in different devices, without formatting

How to recover lost photos from memory card

Stellar Photo Recovery is the recommended and the safest way to recover lost or deleted photos from memory card. Regardless of the reason, the software can restore the lost photos of all image file formats from any brand of memory card.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac


Tip: Always maintain multiple backups of photos to avoid catastrophic loss situation. You can choose to save the photos in different memory card, SD card, hard drive, pen drive or cloud storage like Google Drive and iDrive.


Most of the aforementioned reasons of photos loss from memory card are because of improper handling of the camera and its memory card. Therefore, always carefully use a memory card to avoid corruption and loss of stored image files.

Nevertheless, if you have already lost your photos from memory card use Stellar Photo Recovery. The reliable tool supports almost all major digital cameras and memory card recovery.



6 User Comments

I am wondering if it is worthwhile downloading the program as my husband accidentally r.ecorded over my photos by using the sd card in the video camera. Do you think they are recoverrable



Yes of course you can recover your photos... I would suggest you to download the demo version of the software and see if you can preview your deleted photos. If it shows your photos then go for purchase the software.



Amit Pandey

After recovering deleted photos from my camera, when I tried to open the files there is no image and I receive a message read "Invalid Image." That is on all of the files recovered. How can I get them back? I am working on a time sensitive project, and I'm very disappointed this does not seem to be working. I've tried saving the photos in other ways but nothing works.



Didi, it might be possible that your pictures are corrupted, that's why this message "Invalid Image" is popup.
Did you find this issue with all the images?


Amit Pandey

I have tried the jpeg recovery on an sd card containing 127 photos and I believe the jpegs are corrupted so ran the software and it has come up with invalid file is there anything else I can do #desperate



Hi fifi,

We are deeply regretted for the problem you are facing. But as I earlier mentioned, software does not repair or recover JPEG files those having similar error types.
I recommend you to save those files for which software able to repair.



Amit Pandey


User Comments




Stellar Photo Recovery Stellar Photo Recovery is a Do-It-Yourself software to recover media files lost due to deletion, corruption or accidental formatting. It works with all major camera, drones, pc, memory cards, USB Flash Drives and more.

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