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Common Reasons Responsible for Photo Loss from Memory Card

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Undoubtedly, Storing photos of any events or occasion are the best ways to brings joys on your face by refreshing old memories. Though, a digital photo is more prone to corruption and loss than traditional ones. Accidental deletion, memory card corruption, and unplanned formatting of memory card are some very common reasons responsible for digital photo loss.

Though accidental deletion and unexpected formatting of the memory card are generally resultants of your haphazard ways of handling the digital camera, but at times memory card corruption too is caused due to its improper usage. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one of the best software to retrieve deleted photos from memory card.

Photo Loss Reasons Due to Following Memory Card Corruptions:

  • Pulling the memory card out of the camera without switching the camera off can corrupt its memory card.
  • Clicking photos very rapidly without giving them sufficient time to be written over on the memory card corrupts the card.
  • Clicking photos when the batteries of the camera are dying down interrupts the ongoing photo writing process and thus, corrupts the memory card.
  • Ignoring the warnings like memory card full causes memory card corruption.
  • Using one memory card in various digital cameras without formatting the card according to that camera causes severe corruption on the card.   
  • Improper ejection of the memory card from the computer while its contents are open to the computer or being transferred over also corrupts the memory card.

So, you must have noticed that most of the aforementioned reasons are caused due to your improper ways of handling the digital camera and its memory card. Therefore, if you use the digital camera and its memory card properly, then for sure you can avoid corruption to some extent. However, if you have lost your photos due to any reason then you can use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to get back your precious photos. This reliable tool supports almost all major digital cameras and memory card or SD card recovery. Moreover, this software is special graphics and navigation to use it more efficiently.

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6 User Comments

October 16, 2012 07:04 am

I am wondering if it is worthwhile downloading the program as my husband accidentally r.ecorded over my photos by using the sd card in the video camera. Do you think they are recoverrable

Amit Pandey
October 17, 2012 02:42 am

Yes of course you can recover your photos... I would suggest you to download the demo version of the software and see if you can preview your deleted photos. If it shows your photos then go for purchase the software.


November 21, 2012 11:46 am

After recovering deleted photos from my camera, when I tried to open the files there is no image and I receive a message read "Invalid Image." That is on all of the files recovered. How can I get them back? I am working on a time sensitive project, and I'm very disappointed this does not seem to be working. I've tried saving the photos in other ways but nothing works.

Amit Pandey
November 22, 2012 03:12 am

Didi, it might be possible that your pictures are corrupted, that's why this message "Invalid Image" is popup.
Did you find this issue with all the images?

April 21, 2014 08:37 am

I have tried the jpeg recovery on an sd card containing 127 photos and I believe the jpegs are corrupted so ran the software and it has come up with invalid file is there anything else I can do #desperate

Amit Pandey
April 23, 2014 05:32 am

Hi fifi,

We are deeply regretted for the problem you are facing. But as I earlier mentioned, software does not repair or recover JPEG files those having similar error types.
I recommend you to save those files for which software able to repair.



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