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What is Advance Scan option of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software?

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For the advanced users, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software provides the option of Advance Scan. Through this option, you can perform selective recovery of your required photos, videos, and music files. As well as, you can select a specific region of your hard disk volume, to scan. Thus, the software saves your extra time that is needed to scan your complete storage media for recovery.

Watch this Video on How to minimize recovery time using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

Advance scan option provided the following features:

  • You can select range of your hard disk volumes or other external storage media attached to your computer.
  • To select the specific file type, you can use File List option of the software.
  • To select the specific region for scanning and recovering your valuable photos, videos, and other multimedia files.

Steps to Select Range of the hard disk volume or other external storage media:

  • Open Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software. Click on 'Recover Photo, Audio & Video' then Start Scan. Now select the drive or other storage media from the list of provided at the interface of the software. Click Advanced Setting button provided at the bottom of the interface.

  • In the Advanced Setting dialogue box, go to Select Range tab.

  • Now drag the sliders to define the starting and ending sectors. However, you can also type the starting and the ending sector number in the starting and the ending sector text boxes provided. In addition, you can also select different file types for scanning.
  • Click on  icon to begin scanning the media.
  • After the scanning of the specific region, all the scanned files are listed according to their file types. Therefore, in the left pane, all the folders containing specific files such as Audio files, Image files are grouped. While in the lower right pane the files contained in a specific folder are listed. You can click either of the two panes (i.e. right or left) to see the preview of any scanned file at the upper right pane of the interface.

  • To save all files, click Select All and then Recover.
  • To save individual files, Check the required file name text boxes and click Recover

Steps to recover specific folder and files:

  • Select your required folder by checking the checkbox provided opposite to it and click Recover.
  • Specify the location of the selected files in the Browse For Folder dialogue box. Click OK. Thus, all the files are saved at the specified location according to their file types.

To select specific file types for their scanning and recovery:

Under the scan recovery option of the software, a user can select specific file type and region for scanning. For example, if you have checked the checkbox against JPEG image files in the file list of Advance Option dialogue box, then the software will scan and recover only JPEG files. In addition, you can select the region where these JPEG files are located. Thus, the software will search the JPEG files in this specific region despite the entire volume of hard disk or other storage media.

Steps for the whole process are described below:

To select specific file types for recovery:

  • After selecting Advance Setting of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software, select File List tab. Under this tab all the file types are listed. 

  • Select your required file types by checking the check boxes of file names.

To select the specific region for recovery:

  • Start the software and click on 'Recover Photo, Audio & Video' then Start Scan.
  • Now on the Select Media for Photo Recovery screen, select the hard disk volume or other attached storage media. Click Advance Option. In the Advanced Option, dialogue box select Select Range tab.
  • Drag the sliders to give the starting and ending sectors. However, you can also define the starting and ending sectors in their specified text boxes. Click -Start Scan.

Therefore, above-defined options help you to minimize the scanning and recovery time of your lost photos, videos, and music files.


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July 23, 2012 01:53 pm

when i first saw stellar i connected camera and did a scan. it showed a full list of jpep files to be recovered. i went to the next step and ordered and paid, received password etc. i began scan seeing images as they loaded. part way through the process, a message says stellar has encountered a problem an must close. i have rebooted etc and this continues. what do i do? would it help to uninstall and reinstall?

Amit Pandey
July 24, 2012 09:47 am

Hi Stephen,

It might be possible that your hard drive doesn't respond to the software.
I suggest you to create image of your hard drive with the help of photo recovery software. After creating image you can easily recover you JPEG files.

How to create image of my hard drive using photo recovery software?
You can Read Page No 20 - 21 to create image of your hard drive from the following pdf link:

Amit Pandey

Mickey Davis
August 11, 2012 07:43 pm

I'm checking out PhotoRecover (and a couple of other apps that recover data). Stellar has been running for nearly 24 hours looking for .jpeg files, and seems to be doing a great job, as have a couple of other programs. The problem is, each app finds somewhere in the range of 192,000 .jpeg files, and I'm looking for one specific photo.

I'll be 70 next month, and probably won't live long enough to go through that many images. What I'd like to see (and haven't found yet) is an app that will let me select a date range (I know within a month when the one I'm looking for was processed) so that I can narrow my search to something a little more practical.

Paul Williams
August 12, 2012 11:10 pm


I just bought the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 4.0.

After the software finished scanning the SD card, i can preview the partial jpeg photo. Then click the Recovery button.

But when the software finishes the recovery stage, i can only see like 1 quarter of the recovered photo. The rest of the photo is greyed out.

How do i recover the complete photo?

Please help.

Paul Williams

Amit Pandey
August 13, 2012 09:47 am

Dear Mickey Davis,

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can provide you the functionality to select date range if you are a Windows user. You need to download and install this software by visiting

Once the software completes scanning process, You need to click on button located at the top right corner, just after 'Search File' text box ( see in the image located at the url: ). A popup window will open to ask you 'find files', Click on 'Advanced' option and tick right the 'Date' Check box where you could narrow your search by defining nearby date. After this, enter the desired file type (s) which will be .jpg in your case like this *.jpg in the text box area located at the top of the find files window.

Alternatively, The same option can be found on MAC Data Recovery if you are a Mac user (Download it from here :
at home screen > preferences > Filters (See in the image:

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software doesn't have select date range feature.


Amit Pandey

May 1, 2013 05:10 am

when i start advanced scan to the photos it stays about 24 hrs and at the end at 99% it suddenly restarted my pc what should i do?

Faye Ford
July 26, 2013 09:21 am

I have completed the scan and it has recovered the photographs that I want. When I have opened them they are partially grey or multi coloured ?

Amit Pandey
July 29, 2013 05:52 am

Dear Faye Ford,

The recovered photos might have damaged or corrupted, common reasons could be malware infected your photos or gone corrupted while calling it from the Master boot records. If you need them at anyhow, try repairing them using Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair if your photos is in JPEG format:

See if it can repair the damaged photos. You can have preview of repairable pictures in the preview pane.

Note: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software only recover the deleted photos, videos. It does not repair any kind of corruption if exist in images or in videos.


Amit Pandey
August 26, 2013 07:09 am

Hi Greg,

Please uninstall and reinstall it back again and see if the software starts normally this time. The software may crashes due to virus/trojan infected PC or the system has corrupted registries.

If the problem still persists, even after reinstallation, I'd recommend you to install applications to any other computer and attach the problem drive as a secondary device using USB/SATA/IDE cable.

Good Luck in advance!!

September 9, 2013 07:42 pm

I recovered my photos and I could see them as they were being scanned but after I saved them, I could not open them. The message is "JPEG marker segment is too short( the file may be truncated or incomplete)

Amit Pandey
September 11, 2013 05:54 am

Hi Patti,

Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery software built to recover deleted photos irrespective of the condition whether it's in corrupted state or are in good condition. Though if your photos seems to be inaccessible after recovery please try to repair those using any photo repair tool. In case of JPEG files you can try Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software to repair it.


December 28, 2013 05:54 pm

We had previously scanned the hard drive using your free JPEG repair program. We purchased the combination JPEG repair/Photo Recovery software - but now it is forcing me to scan the hard drive again. Is there any way to simply use the JPEG repair portion? I already have the files extracted from the hard drive.

Amit Pandey
January 2, 2014 03:19 am

Hi Erik,

To repair photos, simply click on the ‘Add Files’ button located at the home screen of JPEG Repair program. Navigate to the location where recovered files are saved and choose any or all of them to repair instantly. For your reference, please visit the link mentioned below (screenshot included):

P.S. Make sure that you’ve already activated the program to save the repaired media files.

JPEG Repair won’t require you to scan the storage media, instead it simply asks for location where damaged photos are located. While in photo recovery program, you can opt for option ‘save scan information’ to save the scanning information and use it to perform recovery later or in convenient time.

Hope it helps!!

January 7, 2014 11:25 am

I did a scan using the trial version and it turned up all of the files i was looking for, then when i tried to save the scan the program froze and i had to close it down. I registered the program and it is no longer showing the video files can you help?


Amit Pandey
January 8, 2014 03:58 am

Dear Brendan,

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

It would be better if you could answer the following, so we could assist you better:

1) On Which OS you're performing the scanning procedure?
2) What is the known size of your hard drive?
3) On which location you're trying to save the scan information?

For the time being, I'd recommend you to do the following and see if the issue is resolved:

1) Seek for an external hard drive and plug it on your computer. Try to save the scan information on the external hard drive instead of local storage device. By default, program won’t allow you to save the scan information on same location from where files has been deleted.
2) If the hard drive size is big, try to scan hard drive for low range using the advanced scan option 'select range' option.

Note: Avoid using the problem hard drive for saving files or installing applications. Don't even leave your system in running state as It may overwrite the deleted files and make it permanently non recoverable.

If that didn't addresses your issue, I'd glad to help you further on this.

Looking forward your progress!!


January 8, 2014 09:28 am

Unistalled and re-installed worked fine.


January 20, 2014 10:59 pm


I just purchased your Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac users for $39.00. I have run the program and are only receiving partially recovered photos. Please help !!


Amit Pandey
January 22, 2014 09:53 am

Hi karen,

Since, the mentioned software is a recovery program, it has located your deleted files and showing you the preview. Now, the reason for partially recovered photos is due to file corruption that occurred after deletion of the images. At times, it happens the deleted files are overwritten by some new files which causes immediate corruption and hence photos are recovered partially.

We suggest you run our Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair software for Mac & upload distorted images for repair. Here goes the link:

If you need any help regarding the JPEG software, then do let us know.

January 24, 2014 03:34 am

Dear Team

When i click on recover my photos i am not seeing any folder in the box. and it doesnt allow me to create a folder as well.


Amit Pandey
January 24, 2014 10:59 am

We’ve not cleared about what you’re asking??

It would be great if you could explain your problem in brief so that we could assist you better.


November 24, 2014 08:50 am

I am trying to recover a video file from Photo Booth on my Macbook. I am under Advanced Scan and am selecting the range. I don't know in what range to scan for the file. The maximum is 974,xxx,xxx, and it is taking too long to scan through all of those sectors. Which section do you suggest I scan?

Amit Pandey
November 26, 2014 07:03 am

Hi Chanel,

Hope you are Well!!

If you are unaware of the drive range then we recommend you to run full scan of the media. Though it will take time but it will preview & recover all deleted or formmated photos from PhotoBooth application. You may also put filter to scan only for images. This will save time but software will run scan for only images, excluding audio-video files.

Hope this helps!!

Do let us know for further assistance.

Stellar Team

April 6, 2017 01:19 pm

What is the quickest way to recover the photos back on my laptop after they have been all found it takes so long recovering each photo I need a quicker way thanks

Amit Pandey
April 7, 2017 09:39 am

Hello Bill,

You can choose your required specific file types by checking the check boxes of file names.after selecting Advance Setting of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. This will certainly minimize the scan time and help to recover your photos quickly. Alternatively, you can also select a specific range in the Advance Option dialogue box.

December 19, 2017 05:49 pm

I have completed scan for deleted photos and the results show all files recovered but they are all checked for recovery. I do not want recover all of the files is there a simple way of having the files unchecked so I can check the ones I want to recover. I do not want to have to uncheck each file one by one because I have thousands,


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