Move Mails & Address book from Eudora to MS Outlook

Eudora is supported by both Apple Mail and MS Outlook but due to the fact that its facing end of support, users are forced to move mails and address book from Eudora to MS Outlook. Since the Eudora messages are stored in MBOX format, these cannot be exported directly into Outlook. First, use the manual procedure to export Eudora into Outlook Express and then export these messages stored in Outlook Express to MS Outlook. The lengthy and time-taking process can be shortened and made easier with Stellar Converter for MBOX software.

Difference between Apple Mail and MS Outlook Support

Eudora is known to store the messages in standard ASCII text and each message is available as a separate file. All mails are directly stored in a separate file while the attachments are accessible in a single file, directly. As the email client Eudora no longer uses regular expression for its data management, there is no option to export the messages and only import functionality is viable. It is for this reason that Eudora mails and Address book cannot be exported directly into Outlook. If you try to export Eudora mails into Outlook directly then it results in an error message ‘Mailbox folder cannot be opened’. The next best option is to import Eudora into Outlook Express to MS Outlook.

This option is enabled through:

  1. Export using manual method
  2. Export using third-party tool

Check the two methods below:

  1. Export Eudora Mails into Outlook Express using Manual method

Note: You need to have Outlook Express installed on the system where the manual method of Eudora to Outlook is being carried out.

Steps to import Eudora into Outlook Express-compatible file are:

  1. Open the email client Outlook Express
  2. Click on File menu and select the option – Import a Messages
  3. Find and select the right Eudora version, in use
  4. Click on Browse button to locate the location of Eudora data
  5. Select the location for import and then click on Next button.
  6. Select the folders to be imported in Outlook Express and click on Next button
  7. Click Finish

Eudora mails are imported into Outlook Express.

Drawbacks of using manual method for Import:

  1. You should have Outlook Express installed on your system
  2. All the attachments in Sent folder cannot be retrieved
  3. Outlook Express with Vista replacement does not include Eudora importers
  4. This folder does not work well if Eudora has nested folders

Import Eudora to Outlook Express does not mean that the Eudora emails become accessible. The next step is to export from Outlook Express to other email clients where the data files are easily accessible, hence export data from Outlook Express to Outlook.

Steps to import converted Eudora in Outlook Express to MS Outlook are:

  1. Open MS Outlook and click on File menu
  2. Select Import and Export
  3. Select the option Import Internet Mail and Addresses
  4. Click on Next button and select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
  5. Check and confirm if Import mails are correct or not
  6. Import Address Book, followed by OK button.

Now you are acquainted with the steps involved in moving the mails and address book into Outlook using the manual method. The next procedure involves using the Converter software.

  1. Export Eudora Mails into Outlook using Converter software

Note: Stellar Converter for MBOX software converts multiple MBOX email clients into Outlook importable PST download

  1. Launch the software.
  2. The software interface opens. Select the source mail client which needs to be converted into PST file
  3. Click on Select file to choose the Eudora file. If there are more than two files, then select the “Select Identify Folder”
  4. Software scans and provides preview of the mailbox components.
  5. Click on save button to save the converted file into new or saved file.
  6. Data is saved successfully. Click on Ok button to exit the software.

You can easily access the converted Eudora emails and other components including Calendars, Tasks, Journals, Contacts in Outlook, by importing the PST file in MS Outlook.


You can easily move and access emails and Address book from Eudora to Outlook with the help of MBOX to PST Converter software by Stellar. In case of the manual method, the procedure is long and may not produce desired results hence relying on the Converter Tool is a better approach.

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