5 Tips to Repair InDesign Files on Mac OS X

A number of factors could partially or completely corrupt Adobe InDesign files. The corruption could severely damaged various InDesign elements including – Media Objects, Notes & Footnotes, TOC, Bookmarks, layers, Text, Images, Tables, Standard Shapes Special Characters, Animation, Hyperlinks and Cross-references. Even a single INDD element affected with the corruption would lead to abrupt behaviour of InDesign document. This behaviour may lead to sudden crash of INDD document, unexpected freezing of the InDesign application or loss of InDesign files. Sharing useful 6 tips to repair INDD files on Mac OS X.

1) InDesign Troubleshoot on Mac OS X

InDesign application has a helpful feature know as Document Recovery that helps restores the lost INDD files. This recovery feature can restore files that have been interrupted and damaged by sudden power outage and system issues. Unfortunately, InDesign files corrupted due to other reasons including malware, viruses, disk crash, disk errors, bad permissions, software glitch couldn’t be handled by the Document Recovery feature.

2) Fix Mac Disk Permissions

Through Disk Utility, repair Mac hard drive with options such as – Repair Disk and Repair Disk Permissions. The permission “differs” for InDesign files may be one of the reasons for damaged INDD documents. By repairing the disk errors, corrupt InDesign files can be recovered. Once disk check has been done, re-launch the InDesign application and view your INDD documents.

3) Disk Maintenance

Do check if the hard drive requires maintenance other than disk repair. For instance, the Mac hard drive may be choking due to lack of free spaces. You can check the files storage on Mac hard drive through Storage. To access Storage follow the path:

Apple Logo<<About This Mac<<More Info<<Storage

Do perform disk cleaning by removing junks files from startup drive so that more room for InDesign application is made. And yes, make sure the RAM consumption is honest since low RAM could result in frequent freezing of the application.

User can also choose to try to save the InDesign files to an external hard drive.

4) Re-name & Save corrupt InDesign document

After each applied tip, make sure to close the INDD application and launch it again. To open the InDesign file after fresh launch follow below method:

Goto File << Open << Select the InDesign file << Copy << Rename the InDesign file and check

5) Compatibility

Make sure the version of the InDesign file and the OS X are compatible. Else use software Help << Updates


Hope the blog will be a helpful platform to fix corruption of the InDesign files on macOS. Refer to the blog to recover lost and deleted INDD files from Mac.

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