How to resolve ‘No Time Machine Backup Found’ Issue

Summary: In this blog, we will share several useful tips to solve the problem of ‘No Time Machine Backup Found’.

Further, we will help you recover data if you have accidentally deleted the Time Machine backup by using Stellar Data Recovery Professional software.

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Resolving – ‘No Time Machine Backup Found’ Issue

Here is a list of advice that we recommend before assuming you have lost your Time Machine backup.

  1. In most cases, the problem may be with the cable connecting the backup drive to the Mac. Make sure you connect the backup disk to the Mac firmly; check the power source.
  2. If you have connected the backup disk to a network, ensure the Mac and the backup disk are still on the same system, the network is working correctly, and the drive is operational.
  3. If you have connected the backup disk to another computer, ensure the computer is not in sleep mode.
  4. In case you have erased the backup disk, reselecting it may resolve the issue. Open the Time Machine Preferences and reselect the backup drive.
  5. If you are using the Time Capsule to take the backup of your Mac, then use Airport Utility to ensure you have connected the Time Capsule to your network.
  6. Open the Finder window and go to the devices section to find your backup disk listed there. Yet, if the devices section does not show the backup disk, then you may have lost your Time Machine backup, or the disk is currently not on the network.

Repair your Time Machine

Running the First Aid on your external drive, Time Capsule, or any other storage device you are using as your Time Machine backup may help repair the Time Machine. Follow the steps mentioned below for running First Aid on Time Machine:

  1. Turn off Time Machine from System Preferences.
  2. Select Time Machine from the Finder Window and double-click on the folder named Backups. If the disk does not mount, click on “Connect As” from the dialogue box that appears. If prompted, provide your credentials.
  3. Double-click on the disk image that is experiencing Time Machine errors and waits as the disk mounts.
  4. Open Disk Utility and select the disk image from the list on the left.
  5. Click on First Aid, then on Repair Disk. Disk Utility will begin examining and repairing your disk.

If the above solution does not help to bring your Time Machine backup drive to normalcy, then the drive is corrupt or deleted; you require a Mac file recovery software to retrieve lost data in such a situation.

Data Recovery on Time Machine

Resolving ‘No Time Machine Backup Found’ could be frustrating; hence, a data recovery software is highly useful in recovering your Time Machine backup. It will salvage your backup from all logical errors in the Time Machine storage disk. The latest version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac includes the feature of recovering Time Machine backup. The software is a handy tool to have as it also supports recovery from encrypted and formatted hard drives.

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Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is the most comprehensive data recovery software as it recovers data from all known data loss scenarios.


If you are having trouble finding your Time Machine backup, this blog is for you as it categorically provides a complete solution to all your Time Machine backup related issues.

We have also provided a Mac data recovery software that can come as a last moment respite if nothing else works.

Recently, Stellar Data Recovery for Mac has added data recovery support for APFS formatted storage drives including 64-bit support. Further, the software is compatible with macOS Mojave and various brands of external storage devices. Avail the Mac data recovery free trial on your affected Time Machine drive now.

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