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    Considerations before you make your choices of data recovery services for Hard Drive, RAID, SSD

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      Even in today, data recovery from hard drive is an unknown concept for many of the computer operators. It only becomes a familiar term when users become a victim of severe data loss due to what so ever reason. Due to lack of appropriate knowledge in this area, the matter becomes worse and ultimate makes the computer user to panic. This not only leads to further complications but kill the ability to think in the right direction. You won’t believe that even after a hard drive failure or accidentally formatting any volume, users may still run or use those particular hard drive/volumes. However, data recovery experts strongly recommend to stop using the hard drive, memory card etc. after accidental formatting or drive failure.

      No arguments that data recovery is much technical term and require proper technical knowledge of the occurred problem and its right solution. On the other hand, it is equally sensitive because even a small-scale error or delay in recovering data can prove to be hazardous for the user or a business house. It is also said that loss of data from your system can cause you a serious loss of reputation. During a drive failure situation be known that there are various reasons for a hard disk drive failure and you can’t jump to a conclusion immediately until and unless the problem have been diagnosed by an expert data recovery service provider. Find out a trusted data recovery company operating locally and globally both, that has more to show up with real life data recovery cases rather than just its own word of mouth appreciation.

      Invest some time to find out the reputation of data recovery service provider in terms of its technology and client tale. It must not be still recovering data from obsolete methods. The next big things to look out for are the data recovery labs facility. Then there are CLASS 100 Clean Room labs, which assures that not even a single piece of dirt can makes it entry into the lab. It is also to be noted if the services are highlighting any specialized form of data recovery like raw recovery through signature search, recovering lost and deleted files with original filename, RAID recovery, HFS+ partitions recovery etc.

      If your case requires you to courier your failed hard drive into the laboratory then do some intensive research on the reputation of the company in dealing with such matters. Read reviews from clients, make sure you don’t miss any negative review.

      Check out the best in-house R & D infrastructure of CLASS 100 Clean Room labs to recover back your data from Windows, Mac OS X and others. Earlier file recovery has never been so reliable and hassle-free, thanks to Stellar Data Recovery Services.

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      Oliver Powell linkdin

      Oliver Powell is a Data Recovery Expert at Stellar®. He is a passionate technology blogger & content creator, He explores new applications and has deep understanding of data recovery. He has experience in Windows & Mac data recovery domain.


      1. On the recommendation of my colleague, I opened my hard drive in the home environment ( honestly viewing some you tube videos ). Still not able to recover any data. Can data recovery services help me in such scenario?

        1. Hello Arana,

          Although, we always strongly oppose opening any storage device under normal room temperature. Since even the minute dirt particles can enter the drive and further reduce the chances of data recovery. Still there are cases where data is successfully recovered by our experts. Please contact us by email – support[@]

      2. I have an old hard drive which is severely broken while shifting the house. Since it contains all my childhood images, please suggest how I could retrieve it now.

        1. Hello Brandford,

          Thanks for contacting us. Please contact us by email – support[@]

          We know that childhood memories are very close to everyone. You need to send the hard drive to our service labs.

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