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Fix “Fatal Error: 80040900” in MS Outlook While using ScanPST.exe

Take for an instance; you have a damaged Outlook PST file with significant data such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, journals, etc. In addition, you need the data on an urgent basis. What do you do in such a situation? The first thing that comes to your mind is using the free-of-cost Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) provided by Microsoft. Consequently, you download the tool and run it on the damaged PST file to repair the file. However, the tool prompts up with “Fatal Error: 80040900“. You try again, but continue to get the error while repairing the PST file. Every attempt that you make to repair the corrupt PST file, you receive the same error message repeatedly. In such a situation, all that you have to do is to fix “Fatal Error: 80040900” in MS Outlook. However, why the error while using Inbox Repair Tool that is devised to repair PST file? Well, this may happen due to the limitations of the tool.

Limitations of scanpst.exe

  • It fails to repair damaged PST file of large size, i.e., close to or more than 2 Gigabytes
  • It does not repair PST file successfully if the level of damage is too high

Other limitations are:

  • It does not fix the directory structure and headers of the PST file
  • Does not fix the PST file which is severely affected by virus or malware
  • Terminates in between the repair process in several situations

Inbox Repair Tool returns the fatal error: 80040900, what next?

When Inbox Repair Tool returns the fatal error: 80040900 instead of repairing the PST file, it is better to look for an adequate solution. This solution can be the use of software that works automatically and is easy and safe to use. Prefer using software that does not require technical expertise and you get the task done quickly without much hassle. A prominent software with proven results along with good reviews and ratings is Stellar Repair for Outlook – Technician. The software repairs damage and related errors in large PST files

Know all about Technician version of Stellar Repair for Outlook

The recommendation is to use Stellar Repair for Outlook-Technician. The reason being, it not only surpasses the scanpst.exe limitations of not repairing large PST files (2 GB size or more) or exceedingly damaged PSTs, etc. but also provides various features and benefits.

Software Features

Main Feature – Along with PST file repair, it has provision for splitting and compacting PST file at the time of saving the repaired file.

Other features

  • Performs error-free, risk-free and easy recovery of mailbox data
  • Allows users to compress repaired PST before saving
  • Provides option to split the PST file based on mail ID, size, and date
  • Facilitates to export all the mailbox data into Microsoft Office 365 environment
  • Enables to save email with EML, MSG, PDF, RTF, HTML, DBX, and MBOX extension
  • Compatible with the latest MS Outlook 2019, 2016 as well as older versions

All about Split PST and Compact PST features

The software facilitates to split/compact PST at the time of saving repaired PST. Saves all the mailbox data in a new PST file. The software provides both Split and Compact options to prevent corruption in PST files by reducing their size as large PST files are prone to corruption.

Split PST – The software can split PST file by Size, Date Range, and Email Id.

  • Split PST file by Size – The software provides multiple options to split by Size. The different sizes that it provides to split PST file are 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, or 50 GB; here, the software creates multiple PST files having the selected size.
  • Split PST file by Date Range – If you split by Date Range, the software creates a single PST file containing data within the selected date range.
  • Split PST file by Email Id – To split by ‘Mail ID,’ it is necessary to select at least one Email Id.

Compact PST – The software can compress PST file in four ways. These are:

  • Compress all Attachments contained with emails in a new and empty PST file
  • Extract and save all Attachments attached with emails to a folder wherein there is no loss of interlinking
  • Extract, compress and save all email Attachments to a folder wherein there is no loss of interlinking
  • Remove all the email Attachments in a newly created PST file
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With a simple and easy-to-use GUI matching the interface of MS Office 2019 and 2016, Stellar Repair for Outlook-Technician repairs large sized PST effectively, Consequently, if the PST file is severely corrupt and you are not able to fix it with the Outlook’s inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool, the advice is to use the advanced PST Repair software by Stellar software. In this way, you fix the fatal error 80040900 in MS Outlook while using scanpst.exe. The best part of using this software is that you need not to have technical expertise. With a few clicks, you can repair large PST file and prevent further corruption using the compact and split feature.

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