Error Solved: ScanPST.exe entry point not found

Microsoft Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) is a free-of-cost in-built tool that is devised for the purpose of repairing corrupt or damaged Outlook PST files. However, till date, it has been observed that the Scanpst.exe does not give the desired resultmost of the time it is used. There have been several instances where the tool has been unable to fulfill the purpose it has been built for, i.e. to repair the PST files. In such instance of failure, it comes up with an error message that states: ‘ScanPST.exe entry point not found’ when one uses it to repair the corrupt Outlook PST file. As an Outlook user, you can also encounter this error, and there can be a number of reasons for it. Let’s explore the causes of this scanPST.exe error-

 An insight into Outlook’s ‘ScanPST.exe entry point not found’ error

  • Causes of this error

The several reasons for this error to occur when you use the Scanpst.exe tool in Outlook to repair the damaged PST file are as follows:

  • Missing, damaged, or broken ‘SCNPST32.dll’ file of scanpst.exe files
  • Improper or incomplete installation of Outlook
  • Corrupt or damaged Outlook profile
  • Oversized Outlook PST file
  • Corrupt or damaged Outlook log files
  • Accidental closing of Outlook application
  • PST file infected with virus or malware
  • Missing Scanpst.exe

NoteIn all the above cases, Scanpst.exe may not work in the right way and will give errors. Now that you have got to know the exact causes of  ScanPST entry point not found error, it’s time that you familiarize yourself with the solutions to fix this error. Check the steps to run ScanPST.exe 

  • Solutions to fix this error

The several solutions that you can try to fix this Outlook error have been stated and explained below:

Solution 1: Repair MS Office installation – To start with this solution, you would have to close both the Inbox Repair Tool and MS Outlook. Further, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall Programs
  2. In ‘Uninstall or change a program’ interface, select MS Office and then click on the Change tabUninstall or change a program

Figure: Change the installation of MS Office suite

  1. In the next screen that comes up with ‘Change your installation of MS Office’, select Repair out of the four options and click Continue

Figure: Repair of MS Office suite

  1. Launch ScanPST.exe tool to repair your damaged Outlook PST file. If the error persists, it indicates that repairing the MS Office suite did not help.
  2. Next, reinstall MS Outlook. To do so, you would have to first uninstall MS Office and then install it. To uninstall MS Office, select MS Office in ‘Uninstall or change a program’ interface and click on the Uninstall tab

Figure: Uninstallation of MS Office

  1. Re-install Office suite while still in the ‘Uninstall or change a program’ window.

After execution of all these steps, check if the error has been fixed or not.

Next, let’s go through some of its advantages and disadvantages of the above solution


  • Available for free


  • Requires technical knowledge
  • Manual method
  • May not be able to fix the error

 Solution 2: Move the Outlook PST file to another computer – This solution requires you to move the Outlook PST file to another system that has Outlook installed on it. However, Outlook should be the same version that was used to create the original PST file that became corrupt. Then, run the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) on this system to make sure if the error has been fixed. If the error does not come up, you can run the tool to repair the damaged PST file.

Next, let’s go through its advantages and disadvantages of this solution—


  • Executing the steps is free


  • Requires technical knowledge
  • As it is a manual method, you need to be more careful
  • May not be able to fix the error
  • Requires two systems and hence can be heavy on pocket

Figure: Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

A lot of Data Recovery software manufacturers have come up with repair utilities that can repair the corrupt PST file. The use of such software helps the needy Outlook users when Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) fails or gives errors, thereby, it’s the reliable solution when you are facing the ‘Scanpst.exe entry point not found’ error. However, you need to be sure about the software’s authentication and reliability, before you opt for a software that can repair your corrupt PST. The reason being, as proclaimed, all the available PST recovery tools might not meet the desired results. To make your selection easier, Stellar Repair for Outlook software is suggested through this blog, as also recommended by many MVP’s and MS Outlook Experts: Check Here


 It’s Advantages

  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple GUI with stepped instructions
  • Does not require technical knowledge
  • 100% PST repair results

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is How-Stellar-Phoenix-Outlook-PST-Repair-is-Different.jpg


You are now aware of the three different ways by which you can fix the error: ‘Scanpst.exe entry point not found’ and in turn for PST Repair, and also the advantages & disadvantages of each; you are the best person to judge the solution that would fit your needs and requirements amongst the three. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you opt for Stellar Repair for Outlook software as it offers much more benefits in comparison to the other methods. With this software in use, you will surely fix the ScanPST.exe entry point not found error.

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