How to Deal With Too Large PST File > 50GB?

This blog is about dealing with oversized PST file of more than 50GB. It is important to know this because an oversized PST file becomes corrupted. Hence, it becomes impossible to open and access the data stored in it. Read on to know, how to restore big Outlook PST file.

Take an instance; a user has a 54GB PST file, but he cannot open the file because of corruption in it. Consequently, he is unable to access the stored data, such as emails, contacts, calendars and other data in his Outlook 2016. In such a situation, his need is to deal with the over-size damaged PST file. But, how to go for it is a challenge without proper guidance.

For dealing with oversized PST file that is damaged, the user needs to proceed in a step-by-step manner that is as follows:

1. Repair the damaged PST file – The first thing that the user needs to do is repair the large PST File. The user can do this by running the Outlook’s inbuilt ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ (scanpst.exe) on the damaged PST file.

2. Reduce size of the PST file – After the user has repaired the large-size PST file and now has a usable PST, he needs to reduce the PST file size so that it does not become damaged again and the Outlook’s performance is maintained. The reason is, a large-size PST file is prone to corruption. Even Outlook 2013 and 2019 supports PST file of maximum 50 GB. The different methods to reduce the PST file size are as follows:

  • Split the large-size PST file – Outlook 2010 does not provide any inbuilt utility or feature to split a large-size PST file into multiple parts. Nonetheless, users can reduce PST file size using its ‘Archive’ or ‘Import/Export’ option. These options do not split PST file but move mailbox data from one PST file to the other.
  • Compact the large-size PST file – In Outlook 2010, use the ‘Compact Now’ feature to remove deleted data space and consequently compact or compress the large-size PST file.
  • Remove duplicate data from the large-size PST file – If duplicate emails are the cause of increased PST file size, remove all the duplicates. The common reasons for duplicate emails are incorrectly configured Rules, short Send/Receive intervals, improper Mailbox settings, incorrect Account setup, third-party anti-virus scanner, etc. Therefore, address these depending on the actual duplicate data causing element.

The manual methods to repair, split, compact and remove duplicate data from PST file are no doubt tedious, lengthy and does not guarantee success, and all that is required while resolving Outlook issues is a time-saving method. Therefore, the user can avoid these and instead go for a complete software solution that can repair the damaged PST file, split the large-size PST file, compact the large-size PST file, merge PST files, and remove the duplicate emails in PST file.

An All-in-one Solution for all Outlook issues

With modules such as Repair Outlook, Split Outlook PST File, Compact Outlook PST and Remove Duplicate Emails, Recover Deleted Emails, Convert OST to PST, Merge Outlook PSTs and Recover Outlook Password, Stellar Toolkit for Outlook is a befitting solution for all Outlook issues. Further, the user need not find different solutions for different issues.  To use any of these modules, select the module and click on the ‘Start’ button.

                                              Figure: The main interface of Stellar Outlook Toolkit

In this case, when the query is how to restore big Outlook PST file that is damaged, use the following modules of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook.

  1. Repair Outlook – This module allows users to repair a damaged Outlook PST file and makes the PST file usable. Further, users can easily access its data items, such as emails and their attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc.
  2. Split Outlook PST File – With this module, users can split a single PST file into multiple PST files by Size, Date, Email Id, and Mail Folder. Choose any of these to split large-size PST file.
  3. Compact Outlook PST – This module allows users to compress the PST file. On using this, size of the PST file reduces, and it becomes less prone to corruption.
  4. Remove Duplicate Emails – Using this module, users can remove duplicate emails from their PST file and consequently make the PST file small in size.



After using Stellar Toolkit for Outlook, users will realize that it is one of the best solutions for dealing with oversized PST file. The reason being, users need not execute the lengthy and complex processes to resolve each issue. With one solution, they can do all: repair damaged PST file, split Outlook PST, compact Outlook PST and remove duplicate emails from the PST file. Apart from this, it can convert multiple OSTs to PST files, recover deleted Outlook emails, merge multiple PST, remove lost password from pst, Use the Outlook toolkit to restore huge PST file and know how it makes addressing Outlook issues easy and simple.

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