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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Summary: If you have lost Google Photos due to deletion or other reasons, read on this post further to know how to recover permanently deleted photos from Google Photos.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

‘I was relaxed as my several years of family photos were safely kept in Google Photos. Recently, I accidently deleted the Arizona vacation album on my mobile app. How can I recover deleted photos from Google Photos?’

The photo sharing and storage app, Google Photos is a popular and convenient way to store photos. You can free up your device space by saving unlimited photos in this Google cloud offering, and view them on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Although Google Photos ensures your photos are always with you, there are abundant cases of photo deletions. Read more about how to recover your permanently deleted photos from PC .

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos

recover photos from Google Photos

If you maintain and regularly update backup of your photos, restore the deleted ones from the backup folder created on SD card, pen drive, USB flash drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

In absence of backup, use the below methods to retrieve deleted photos from Google Photos:

  1. Recover photos from Google Photos Trash
    • Trash on computer
    • Trash on Android phone/iPhone/iPad
  2. Recover with Stellar Photo Recovery
  3. Contact Google Support team

Method 1: Recover deleted photos from Trash in Google Photos

Permanently deleted photos from your mobile phones or computer remain in the Trash folder of Google Photos for 60 days. If you had deleted the photos within the 60 days duration, you can restore them from the Trash folder on your computer or phone.

Steps to recover photos from Trash on computer

  1. On your computer, open photos.google.com in your browser
  2. Click on the Menu on the top left corner
  3. Select Trash
  4. Select the pictures you want to recover. Place your cursor over the photo, click on the Done icon
  5. Click the Restore icon on top right

The photos will be restored to your Google Photos library and added back to their respective albums

Steps to recover deleted photos from Trash on Android phone/iPhone/iPad

  • On your phone, open Google Photos app
  • At the top left, tap Menu icon
  • Click Trash or Bin
recover photos from Trash on Android phone/iPhone/iPad
  • Touch and hold the photo you want to restore. Tap Restore at the bottom

The photo will be back in your phone’s gallery app, Google Photos library, and in the original album.

If you can’t see your deleted photo in the Trash/Bin folder, it means the photo is permanently deleted. You may take the help of a Photo Recovery software to get back the permanently deleted photos from phone or computer.

Note: Photos you delete from Google Photos are also removed from:

  • Google Photos albums
  • Google Drive (in case your photos are synced with Google Drive)
  • photos.google.com
  • Any synced devices
  • From shared album, you added them to

Method 2: Recover Photos by using Stellar Photo Recovery

If you couldn’t find your photos in Google Photos Trash, restore your valuable pictures with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery software. It is the best method to recover deleted photos from Google Photos after 60 days. The software approach is quick and safe.

You can recover permanently deleted photos from a phone, laptop, SD card, or other storage media. Since it restores photos with their original date-timestamp and file names, it is also easy to sort the recovered images. You get back the photos without losing their original quality after recovery.

In addition, you can also restore lost videos, music, podcasts, etc. with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery.

When should you use a photo recovery software?

  • No backup of photos
  • You couldn’t find deleted photos in the Trash folder of Google Photos
  • Deleted photos from computer, mobile phone or other media
  • Formatted the drive or SD card in which the photos were saved

You can try the free version of the Stellar Photo Recovery Software here

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

Step-by-step: Recover deleted photos with Stellar Photo Recovery

  1. Download and launch Stellar Photo Recovery on computer
  2. Connect storage drive/media to the computer via a card reader
  3. Select the storage drive from which the photos are deleted. Click Scan
  4. Click Recover
  5. Select the required photos and click Save

You can watch this video to know “How to Recover Deleted Photos with Stellar Photo Recovery:

Method 3: Contact Google Support team

Contact the Google support team and seek their help in recovering the lost images from Google Photos.

How to contact Google Drive support to recover Google Photos

  • Go to the support.google.com/drive/ website
  • Click on Contact us in the top right corner
contact Google Drive support
  • Select any of the three options – Request call-back, Request chat or Email support. A Google support executive will get in touch with you to fix the issue.
Request call-back, Request chat or Email support

To Sum Up

Photos are valuable memories, which you don’t want to lose. So, if you happen to delete your photos from Google Photos app and couldn’t find them in the app’s Trash, and Google support was of no help, trust Stellar Photo Recovery.

Whether you want to recover a single specific photo or an album containing hundreds of photos, the software recovers them efficiently. It works in a variety of photo loss situations like permanent deletion, no backup, formatting or corruption of the drive or memory card of any size and capacity.

Take a free trial of Stellar Photo Recovery to ascertain its capabilities.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

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