Wipe Hard Drive before Disposing Your PC/Laptop

So you think that by formatting the hard drive of your computer, you have completely deleted all your crucial files and personal information from it and you now can consider it ready to be sold. If yes, then you are wrong! There are various specialized data recovery tools available by which one can recover your formatted or permanently deleted data and can misuse them for identity theft. At this time, you may think that you should never sell your old PC.

What should you do if you want to sell your old computer without causing criminals to steal your personal information? Use a hammer to smash the hard drive of a computer before disposing of it? Well, no, not at all! There is lots of hard drive wipe tools available online which overwrite entire hard drive content and make its content unavailable for misuse.

However, an obvious question may strike on your mind; even if formatting the hard disk how these data recovery tools recover permanently deleted data. If this is so, then how using wipe hard drive tools we can restrict cybercriminals access our invaluable data.

The answer to the first question resides in the way the hard drive stores data or information. The operating system of your computer maintains an index file on the hard drive. This index file contains a list of the locations of each file stored on the hard disk of your computer. Whenever you delete a file from your system, only its entry from the index is removed, however, the file with its entire data remains at its location. Same is the case with formatting. Efficient data recovery tools are capable enough to find these files with no index entries and thus recover your data. Though data recovery tools are boon in various cases of hard drive crash but can be disastrous, if your hard drive falls into wrong hands.

Now answer the second question. These certified hard drive wipe tools are basically data destruction tools which erase your data completely by overwriting it through secure wipe methods.

Bitraser for File is one such tool. Through easy to use wizard of the software, you can wipe off your entire confidential files and folders from the selected hard drive without leaving an even single chance of recovery. From the list of standard wiping algorithms, including dod wipe (3/7 pass) & NATO, you can select the one and start permanent wiping of your data in one go. Also, the software provides the certification after every eraser which can be used for various audit compliances plus the software provides details of the process during wiping and generates a log report of the entire process. This file wipe software is well compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Some of the prominent software features are:

  1. 100% tamper-proof audit compliance certification after every wipe process.
  2. Permanently wipes application traces like chat messengers and Microsoft applications
  3. Erase traces of Internet activities for all leading browsers- Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.
  4. Securely wipes system traces like recent documents, service logs, system history etc.
  5. Option to search specific file present in the system for erasure.
  6. Supports 17 international wiping standards.

This file eraser utility is also capable of erasing unused space from hard drive which results in better system performance.

So you can use BitRaser for File and wipe hard drive without any fear of data compromise or identity theft!!!

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